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Posted by Scott Holstad on February 10, 2014

Boy, I’ve been busy since I last wrote! Lessee….

We had the house closing. That went pretty well. The sellers were nice. It didn’t take too long. I immediately went to the house and had the locks changed, though, which is something I always do. I’ve made arrangements to have a handyman start working on some projects the inspector pointed out in his report, the alarm security company we have to come out and find out what they’ll need to do to install it in the new house, a garage door opener installer, who needs to install two new garage door openers, a roofer, an electrician, a tree man to cut down a tree that’s too close to the house. I’ve had to call the utilities, the insurance company, and I just made arrangements to have our Internet/cable installed the Monday after we move in. The cleaning agency is coming to our house next Monday to do a survey to see what it will take to clean it for showing when we put it on the market, and I’ve got a painter to paint the interior walls. Our current place is hardwood floors. The new place is carpeted. I prefer hardwood floors and we talked about getting some, but we just didn’t think we could afford it, so we’re not. We did order a new china hutch, since we have two sets of china and no place to put it, and two matching recliners for the den. They’ll all be delivered on Sunday. We also got a nice rug for the dining room. We don’t want to spill stuff there and ruin the carpet.

The handyman met me at the house today and started working in the garage on some projects, but it started snowing and sleeting and since the house is high up on a mountain, we left early, worried about getting snowed/iced in. We may try again tomorrow, but as it’s supposed to snow overnight, I doubt we’ll do it. I do want to get all of the projects out of the way before we move next Friday though. The handyman was able to get a couple of necessary things done in the garage before we left though, so that’s good.

Meanwhile, last weekend I went on a vestry retreat. It was at a convent in the Tennessee mountains and it was pretty good. This weekend, we went to Knoxville to attend the diocesian convention, which was also pretty good. Last night, however, we had a long vestry meeting and now I’m feeling churched out.

My Penguins are having a great year and I’m very excited. I’m thinking Stanley Cup. This has to be the year! Even with all of the injuries. Go Pens!

We’re packing now and it’s coming along. The movers are going to pack the kitchen and the pictures/paintings, so that will be helpful. However, while it’s easy to pack books, DVDs, and clothes, it’s the miscellaneous stuff that’s tough. Not sure how to handle that.

I’ve been reading a lot of books and writing book reviews, as you know. Most have been science fiction recently, but I’m reading a bio of Frank Sinatra — which is huge — and I hope to finish that in a bit and write a book review on that. I have other books lined up. We have a nice, big used bookstore here and we love to go there and find bargains.

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged much outside of writing reviews. I’ve been pretty busy. Plus I haven’t been overly motivated. Sorry. I have 266 followers here now, but only one of you leaves comments, so that confuses me. Still, I’m glad for the followers.

We’re going to miss our current house, but you may remember that it’s haunted, so we’re really not going to miss the ghosts. We hope the new house won’t be haunted, though we know at least two people died there. Hopefully their spirits will have departed. The new house looks great and we’re eager to move in already and be done with it, start the unpacking process, begin our new life.  It’s all very exciting. Cheers!

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Ghosts Revisited

Posted by Scott Holstad on July 5, 2013

As you know, I’ve written about our ghosts several times now. Well, I’ve noticed that one of the four YouTube clips of our paranormal team’s investigation into our house has been getting a lot of hits lately, and I wanted to repost the links here so you can visit them (again), if so inclined.

Here’s part of what I wrote on June 20th:

When we met with them, they gave us a DVD of six audio clips and showed us several video clips. The audio clips are of a man saying “Bye. On the dirt. No.”; odd breaths; a woman saying “30″; a man saying “Get the hell out”; an older woman saying “85″; and something that sounds like growling. The video recorder caught a man swearing, a woman wailing or moaning, a shot of a tripod-mounted camera in our kitchen bobbing slightly, and a shadow passing on the hallway wall. Don’t believe me? Here are some links:

Man cussing
Female moaning or wailing
Camera bobbing
Shadow in hallway

So, visit the links again and let me know what you think. We don’t like to listen to the female spirit wailing or moaning because it’s too spooky. I mean, it’s really eerie. The camera bobbing doesn’t bother me, but seeing that shadow pass over the hallway door is a little odd too. Check it out! Leave a comment. Cheers!

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More On Our Ghosts

Posted by Scott Holstad on July 3, 2013

I’ve written about our ghosts before and I’m just writing a brief update now. Monday night, we were supposed to have our second paranormal investigation and we were going to be included in it — but we cancelled it. My wife is apparently what they call a “sensitive” and she sees and hears things that I don’t — and I don’t think she’s crazy. Ever since the first investigation, it seems that the paranormal activity has picked up around here. Gretchen’s seen a shadow on the wall, she’s heard voices, we’ve heard things creaking at night, the cats are doing their staring into the corner act, and a couple of days ago, Gretchen spoke to the ghosts, asking them to make a noise if they were present and heard us. Sure enough, there was an odd noise in the kitchen almost immediately after she said this. Also, our living room coat closet has been opened at night. Turns out it might be a cat, but we set up my iPhone to record the activity one night and when I checked it the next morning, it had been shut off after five minutes. Weird. Gretchen thinks having people in with equipment to find the ghosts sort of riled them up after the first time and she doesn’t want that to happen again, and I concur, so that’s why we called it off. She asked the paranormal investigator some questions. We’ve been advised to have a sage cleansing and perhaps even a priest come in, although I’m not too thrilled with that second suggestion. So far, the things that go on here are just kind of creepy, but nothing bad has happened — yet. The audio of that female spirit moaning or wailing that I put a link to in my last post is mega-creepy though, you know? Gretchen asked how many ghosts they think we have here and they said two. I think it could be four, because the two female voices caught on tape sound very different from each other, and I think the two male voices sound different too. We could have four. But we have more than our one named Zachary, that’s for sure. I really want to tell my parents about this, but I think they’d overreact, so I’m not. I read online that quartz can be protection from ghosts. How? I have no idea, but some people think this is true, so we bought an amethyst stone to place in our den, where much of the activity takes place. I’m also wearing a quartz cross around my neck on a necklace a friend bought me last year. I bought Gretchen a small amethyst necklace to wear. Gretchen is especially freaked out — still, somehow, while remaining somewhat skeptical — because she definitely hears things, especially at night — and she’s a light sleeper, so while I’m zonked out, she’s trying to protect herself from spirits. I can understand why that might unnerve her. As before, I’m often up in the middle of the night or I get up quite early and I listen, but I rarely hear anything, if at all. I almost feel like I’m being cheated. Still, I suppose that’s better than seeing an apparition, right? That would seriously freak me out. I’m still a little freaked out by that video of the shadow crossing our walls the paranormal team caught and posted on their YouTube site. Truly bizarre. Well, I guess that’s it for now. Nothing serious to report. We’re going to try to co-exist with the spirits, although we might also try a sage cleansing. I’m not holding out hope for that, though, because we did that last year and nothing really happened as a result….

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Our Ghosts

Posted by Scott Holstad on June 20, 2013

I’ve written about our ghost we’ve named Zachary before. I now have an update. It appears that we do indeed live in a haunted house and we may have multiple ghosts. The paranormal team we got to investigate our house came by two nights ago with their evidence. The stories they told were unusual and the audio and video evidence they collected was also unusual — and convincing.

First, even though the temperature in the house was set at 74 degrees, they found spots in the house where it read 92 degrees, for no apparent reason. Then, they experienced total and utter silence for awhile. That’s odd, because we live near train tracks, near the airport, cars are always driving by blasting their radios, there are animals outside, and they should at least have been able to hear the electricity humming. They heard absolutely nothing. They said it was eerie. Now, EMF readings are very important in ghost hunting, and they had EMF measuring equipment. Our EMF baseline was 0.1. (It should be between 0.0 and 0.3.) Then it went up to over 20 when they started investigating! That’s a crazy figure, apparently. “So what’s a ‘normal’ EMF level in your average home? Depending on which sources you consult, they range from 0.0 mG to 0.3 mG, with anything above a 0.7 mG being considered unhealthy, to anything above 2.0 mG being considered too high and unhealthy.” That’s from their website. Ours was over 20.

The team started hearing lots of noises, walking in the hallway, voices, and they spotted many shadows in the rooms — moving shadows. And they got one on video!!! When we met with them, they gave us a DVD of six audio clips and showed us several video clips. The audio clips are of a man saying “Bye. On the dirt. No.”; odd breaths; a woman saying “30”; a man saying “Get the hell out”; an older woman saying “85”; and something that sounds like growling. The video recorder caught a man swearing, a woman wailing or moaning, a shot of a tripod-mounted camera in our kitchen bobbing slightly, and a shadow passing on the hallway wall. Don’t believe me? Here are some links:

So, what do you think about that? It sounds like there are two women and two men. One of the male ghosts spoke directly into the microphone. It was bizarre. The paranormal team is going to come back in a couple of weeks and conduct another investigation, but this time we’ll be a part of it. We’re hoping to ask the ghost(s) questions. People have asked about our getting rid of them. We’re not sure we want to. We’ve been living here 22 months without incident. They haven’t been violent or rude. We are not really scared. We just want to know what they want, how we can co-exist with them. I don’t dare tell my parents, who are very religious, or they’ll think it’s demons and will want to do a house cleansing. I don’t think it’s demons, personally. My only concern is Gretchen. She seems much more attuned to them than me. She’s seen a shadow. She hears male voices. She hears noises at night (and even during the day), like someone walking in the hallway. I rarely hear these things. In fact, I got up twice last night in the quiet of the night so I could observe such sounds being made, but nothing. It was disappointing. I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens with the second investigation. It’s kind of exciting and kind of creepy at the same time.

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A Zachary Update

Posted by Scott Holstad on May 18, 2013

On April 30th, I wrote a post about Zachary, our “ghost.” I mentioned various things that have been happening ever since we moved into our house in August of 2011. Well, last night we had a paranormal team come do an initial investigation. We had to vacate the premises at 5:30 PM while the four person team began setting up their equipment. They claim to do investigations based upon scientific evidence only, so we’ll see. We went elsewhere and watched my Pens beat Ottawa before going back home late. I asked how it went, but couldn’t get them to spill the beans. They only said they have to go through the evidence and will be back in touch. However, one of the investigators wrote on their Facebook page this morning: “Cool investigation tonight, can’t wait to get to evidence review.” Huh. I wonder what that means…. Now we’re especially curious.

We weren’t happy about having to vacate the premises and leave our house in the hands of strangers. Not happy at all. But we did it. If/when there’s a second investigation, we’ll be encouraged to stay and participate in a near-all night event. That might prove interesting. The leader of this team is friendly and seems competent. One of the investigators, though, sort of gave off an odd impression which kind of freaked my wife out a little. Hopefully it was nothing.

I was worried that doing this might upset Zachary and there would be hell to pay once we got home and were alone, but nothing happened last night. In fact, nothing much has happened for a few days, which is odd. Normally, there’s something for the cats to stare at for a half hour or Gretchen’s hearing voices or the lights are flickering or we hear odd sounds. But nothing. I guess that’s good. Either Zachary is a figment of our imagination, or he didn’t mind the intrusion. I guess we’ll find out. I actually kind of like having Zachary around. He clearly means no harm and seems to be a harmless guest and the cats seem to like him, so I guess it’s cool. We just want to know details. I don’t know if we’ll ever know the details we’re after, but anything would be helpful. I guess we’ll just have to wait to hear back from this paranormal team. I hope their equipment was in top form last night. Cheers!

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Posted by Scott Holstad on April 30, 2013

We think we have a ghost. We’ve named “him” Zachary. Don’t know why. We’re not sure if it’s a spirit or not — I tend to not believe in such things — but some odd things do happen. For one thing, both of our cats will stare at a certain spot near our den’s door for lengthy periods of time without moving. We think he’s there then. They’ve also done this in front of the fireplace a couple of times and twice in the dining room. For another thing, lights often flicker on and off, especially in the kitchen area. Don’t know why. It’s not the wiring. The bulbs are new. Also, at night we often hear strange sounds that we can’t account for. Hard to describe, but we hear things. Gretchen also misplaces things constantly. Now that could just be her, or according to the things I’ve read, it could be a ghost. Lastly, Gretchen saw a shadow form by the fireplace last year, just for a moment. Who knows? She has a rune something or other and broke it out recently to ask some questions. I don’t know how much stock I place in such things, but it indicated we do have a spirit here, just one, and male. We don’t know anything else. Our house was built in 1960, but it’s in a nice residential neighborhood, so I doubt it was built over an Indian burial ground or anything. The previous owner’s husband died 16 years ago, but we don’t know if it was here or in a hospital or where. Other than that, we don’t know anything about the house. We think Zachary is a “good” ghost. Nothing bad or evil has happened. But we’d like to find out. I’m considering bringing in a paranormal team to see what they come up with. In the meantime, I took a funny little online test. Here are the results:

Certificate: Test results
Is There A Ghost In Your House?

You might have a ghost. Try to communicate with the ghost, such as asking it yes/no questions and telling it to do something for yes and something for no. Tell it to do something to prove that it is in that room. Whatever you do, be nice! If you don’t have any more signs that you have a ghost, then it is gone. If the ghost doesn’t do anything bad, it is most likely good, so try to be its friend! If anything really serious happens, get help! Good luck!

You have correctly answered 5 of 10 questions.

On average, 21342 of users who took the quiz gave 4.63 right answers.

Take this quiz: Is There A Ghost In Your House?

What do you people think? Do we have a ghost? Is there a way to find out legitimately? Cheers!

Huh. Apparently my wife has heard voices and felt touches, as well as experiencing disappearing items. I didn’t realize that when I wrote this. I have retaken this quiz and here are the results:


Certificate: Test results
Is There A Ghost In Your House?

Yes, you have a ghost. Is it good… or bad? Try asking it yes/no questions and tell it to do something for yes and something for no. Ask it to do something to show that it is in the room. Be nice to it! If it doesn’t do anything bad it is probably a good ghost, so try to be its friend! If it causes serious problems or frightens everybody, you should get help. Good luck!

You have correctly answered 7 of 10 questions.

On average, 21348 of users who took the quiz gave 4.63 right answers.

Take this quiz: Is There A Ghost In Your House?

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Happy Halloween!

Posted by Scott Holstad on October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, everyone! I have to admit, though, that I’m not up for it like I was last year. Last year I was out of a lengthy relationship where Halloween was forbidden due to religious reasons. That sucked ass. Last year was my first year free from this in a decade and my now-fiance and I planned a nice holiday. We bought a pumpkin to carve. It’s the first pumpkin I’d carved since college, and that was a long time ago! We carved a really nice pumpkin and put a candle in it before placing it on our front porch. It looked really nice. I also bought myself a scary mask to “trick” all the kids who’d come by for candy. Gretchen dressed like a hippie. She looked pretty good. I also bought tons and tons of candy. Enough to fill several bowls with plenty left over. We were living in a nice sized new residential neighborhood and were anticipating lots of trick or treaters coming by. I also bought some glow in the dark window decorations — spiders and spiderwebs, etc. They looked pretty cool on our windows. When evening came, I hid our cats — especially Henry, our all-black Halloween cat. Then we waited for the tons of kids to come.

You know how many times our doorbell rang last year? Three times! That’s right — THREE damn times!!! We had virtually no kids at all. We had a ton of candy left over. The kids across the street didn’t even come to our house. WTF? I didn’t get it and I still don’t get it. I did scare one little kid with my mask, which I had to quickly take off, but Halloween was a bust last year, so we’re not doing a damn thing this year. Yeah, we have a little bit of candy in a bowl by the door in case the doorbell rings at all, but I’m not holding my breath and we’re not dressing up. We didn’t even get a pumpkin! That’s kind of disappointing. I haven’t seen a single pumpkin at anyone’s house in this large neighborhood. It’s like we’re in the Twilight Zone. Things are weird. At least we’ll have our ghost. Yeah, we have a ghost. I named him Zachary. Henry and Toby can see him all the time and stare at him for long times. Gretchen saw a shadow on our fireplace hearth last year. I guess that was Zachary. It actually could be a female ghost. I don’t know why I named him Zachary. It just seemed to fit at the time. Henry will stare at the corner in the den for 15 minutes, at nothing. Nothing’s there. Then Toby will go join him. They always look at something really intently and nothing’s ever there. They do the same thing by the fireplace. Last week it happened in the dining room. We hear odd sounds at varying times of the day. Strange things happen. I guess we’re haunted. I think my religious mom wants to do a house exorcism, but I’m kind of used to Zachary now and I don’t think he’s going to do anything bad, so I guess we’ll be spending this Halloween with our ghost. Cheers!

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