PNAS: Neuroscience

I realize that I'm likely the only person looking at this page who will find this topic interesting because it seems to matter what the platform, as soon as I dive into either 1) neuroscience or 2) quantum gravity, etc., any conversation dies and people try to creep away unnoticed. And I get it, truly …

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Naming. Power. Writing. Power. Naming is such a buzz phrase these days. Current hot topic, especially with the feminists. Because it's true power. For instance, I am writing a story. Even now, as we speak. Even now, as you read this. I will write a character into the text. I will name him. What? I'm not sure yet. But I will create him and he will owe his very existence to me. Pretty God‑like, don't you think? Power. Naming. I'm a writer. Or at least I think I am. Well, I speak as a writer.