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TODAY: 65 Halloween quotes that are sure to send chills down your spine

Posted by Scott Holstad on August 11, 2022

On Monday, August 8, 2022 — just three days ago — the TODAY Show had a themed party atmosphere for its show: a holiday celebration of Halloween. Aside from the minor confusion of this show preceding the holiday by over two months, I was all in because it’s always been one of my favorite holidays, like it is for so many others. I watched some of it. It felt like they went big and most of the studio time was spent with a lifestyle expert showing us what we apparently “need” for the best Halloween party and yes it was food-centric and yes everything looked festive and delicious but also, yes, I’d probably suffer horribly at my age if I were to eat half of that! Hey, I thought you got past that “after eating so much Halloween candy that you were sick for a week” kid’s problem as you got older.

Anyway I inadvertently found something very cool I certainly wasn’t expecting and thought I’d share it because not only is it fun and exciting, but it very oddly coincides with some research I’ve been doing on several of my old, rare out-of-print books, and particularly the one that has always remained in highest demand for the highest market prices and which has often been nearly impossible for people to locate. (It’s also one of my more ripped off books that Pirates sell illegally. This book’s original retail price was $7 in 1999 when published. A couple of months ago I found a pirate site allegedly “out of physical” copies, but happily offering a PDF for download at the starting price of $100. Which doesn’t come close to the highest prices I’ve seen for this book.

A Pirate site openly making PDF versions of the rare SC Holstad book SHADOWS BEFORE THE MAIMING available for $100/download! For a book that originally retailed for $7 and for which I get nothing. Because it’s ILLEGAL!

In any event, I ran across a fun article that was part of that overall Halloween themed-show on Monday and I found something unexpected. This article is titled “65 Halloween Quotes That Are Sure To Send Chills Down Your Spine” and it’s on the TODAY website.

TODAY: 65 Halloween quotes that are sure to send chills down your spine
TODAY: 65 Halloween quotes that are sure to send chills down your spine

I’ve actually had a lot of quotes of my own appear around for many years, mostly taken from my books, sometimes from somewhere else. I’m used to these kinds of lists and while I don’t get much out of the inspirational ones, I do like many of the theme ones because they’re usually a lot more fun and I know (or know of) more of the authors being quoted. The writer stayed with the holiday spirit theme of the show and made some good suggestions about using these in some fun ways like including them as Instagram captions and she made a point also that it was a diverse mix — funny, scary, goofy, clever — and the “famous figures” being quoted were coming from books, movies and songs rather than the standard isolated book. So, fun!

[Interjection. I later found this referenced on other websites with some stating they were all taken from movies — not true — and that some of these other sites were labeling or viewing them as the 65 BEST Halloween quotes. Impressive. I’d normally just expect some of the usual — King, Poe, etc. Which is cool, because I’m a horror fan.]

I started rapidly perusing the list because it was about 2 AM and I was tired. Thought I’d take a quick glance and maybe look in more detail the next day. I was happy to find the mix of the quotes was even more diverse than I expected. So not only King, Poe, Shelley, etc., but the author was right in the other sources because I found some I hadn’t anticipated. One that should have been easily guessed was “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Others were quotes from “Monster Mash,” “Beetlejuice,” the theme song from “Ghostbusters,” and two especially seemed so cool that I couldn’t decide which was best so maybe you readers could weigh in and help: Linus, saying practically anything out of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” or the iconic Vincent Price with his spooky part in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” It’s a tough one…

Now, jumping to authors and their books there are some great quotes from Poe, King, Shakespeare, Bradbury, Grafton, HP Lovecraft and Anne Rice (of course). But something niggled at my mind while I was scanning the list so I ran down it again, all 65. And then a third time because I couldn’t place it, but there was something… And then, BAM, there it was! I was surprised to see the 13th quote was an excerpt from Shadows Before The Maiming by Scott C. Holstad, published in 1999, fittingly by Gothic Press in Baton Rouge, LA. Um, that would be me. I’ve actually kind of done some big stuff before, like national syndicated radio and tv in very large markets like L.A., and I’ve been published with hundreds of “actual” stars, but I hadn’t known about this, wasn’t expecting it, so it was a nice surprise.

(Incidentally, I’ve been working on creating and expanding a list of some of the “famous” writers with whom I’ve been published. My “Famous” Writers webpage lists over 300 poets, novelists, essayists, artists, actors, musicians with some real legends. Many US Poet Laureates, a Nobel winner, many Pulitzer winners, horror and sci fi writers, other authors and some big names like King, Gwendolyn Brooks, Seamus Heaney, William Burroughs, Bukowski, Rice and many more. Check it out.)

A couple of final things on my end. If interested, you can find a few reviews of Shadows on my Scott Reviewed page. You can also find it in the ISFDB database, Google Books and many other places. It did very well as a “horror poetry” book, something I hadn’t planned to write nor known I’d written until it starting appearing in Best New Horror-type books and annuals, etc. Its Goodreads description includes a small article about my experience writing a “horror poetry” book without intending to or knowing it. It’s been out of print for years, is considered by many sellers and readers to be a collector’s item and I was lucky enough to run across a long buried box in my basement with some new, never-opened copies of some of my books I thought I’d never see again, so I’ve made some available on this site, though most extras will go to special collections libraries. They’re on my MINT SIGNED RARE HOLSTAD BOOKS FOR SALE page.

I thought it’d be fun to mention this article and its list, and it might be fun for some of you to read that list of 65 Halloween quotes for yourselves. I also wanted to give a thank you to the author of the piece, Sarah Lemire, as well as to TODAY. The final piece of this story is that the topic, and Ms. Lemire’s article, has been so well received that other groups have picked it up and published it on their websites, including YahooLatest Movs and Flipboard. Since then I’ve seen more sites “review” (gently and delightedly) this piece as well, so good fun.

Oh, and my quote? One of the 65? Well, you really should go to the article to see for yourself. You’ll find Scott Holstad, “Shadows Before the Maiming” in the 13 spot below Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub and HP Lovecraft and above Joseph Conrad, John Steinbeck, Lovecraft and more. Though I’m quite sure it’s not in that spot due to merit. It’s up to the graphic designers, no doubt. My quote is merely a tiny clause from a very long, somewhat notorious poem that’s frankly more fitting for a brutal holiday — ya know, horror. The ending is rather vicious so I’m glad that didn’t stop the writer from using this rather whimsical small part of the poem because at the risk of sounding a bit narcissistic, I think my little quote fits in very nicely with the others. Cheers!

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The Times, They Are a Changing

Posted by Scott Holstad on August 2, 2022

The times, they are a changing. The physical transformations that FIVE (5) DECADES of writing have forced upon Scott C. Holstad. 1988 – 2021.

A slideshow of the path my career and journey as a writer has taken me over a FIVE DECADE span (which is really hard to believe).

All of these photos representing 1988 – 2021 appeared in books of mine, publications I had material in, articles or reviews written about me, profile shots accompanying me in various locations I or my work have appeared. These are not necessarily exhaustive, but represent an interesting time of physical changes to correspond with what time and age has produced to the present. They’re not all flattering (if any are), but represent a fairly wide spectrum. Cheers!

  • Scott Holstad in Washington DC late 1980s-HelterSkelter-1991
  • Scott Holstad, Phoenix alleyway, 2 weeks after living homeless in his car while the Bush 41 recession was about to hit.
  • Scott C. Holstad standing in some desert brush outside the Phoenix city limits. Photo taken in 1991, appeared on the cover of the 1992 book, Dancing With The Lights Out.
  • Scott C Holstad in a 1992 photo taken outside the city in the South Phoenix area. Its only use in publication was inside his 1993 book, Junction City.
  • A professional photo of Scott C. Holstad taken in 1994 on the Sunset Strip & appearing on the back of his 1995 book, Places, which was nominated for a Pulitzer.
  • A professional headshot of author Scott C. Holstad, used for an article on Holstad published in a 1996 issue of Higher Ground.
  • Scott Holstad on the Hollywood party circuit, 1996.
  • Scott C. Holstad immersed in the Beverly Hills party circuit, 1997. I *think* I was at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.
  • A rather mysterious photo of Scott C. Holstad in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.
  • Scott Holstad in Santa Monica in 2001 to meet an editor & an old author friend to "talk shop."
  • A 2003 photo of Scott Holstad taken in Greenville SC. Later used in a 2005 issue of My Favorite Bullet.
  • A professional photo of Scott C Holstad taken in Knoxville TN during 2003 photo shoots for his 2004 book, Cells. Used in articles published on Holstad in a variety of publications.
  • Scott C. Holstad on the party circuit circa 2008, slumming it with some NYC superstars.
  • A photo of Scott Holstad taken sometime around 2011 in the home of some friends he was visiting.
  • Scott C. Holstad & Chris Duncan, Poetry & Fiction editors for Ray's Road Review, in Atlanta, 2012.
  • A 2017 picture of Scott C. Holstad looking unusually presentable. Taken on Maryland's Eastern Shore, it has been used for both his consulting business & as a pic for his author profiles on Goodreads, Amazon, the Authors Guild & more.
  • A very unusual late 2021 photo of Scott Holstad looking like an old 1960s hippie burnout reject. It appeared on Medium & other places.
  • Scott C Holstad's most frightening picture, taken during 2021 & somehow appearing throughout Quotes.net & other similar websites.

If you enjoyed that slideshow, or perhaps suffered through it, here are a few more random pics and a plug to let you know that I’ve been working all year on a webpage on this site called Hankrules2011: A History-by-Pics. It has its own tab on the menu at the top of this website. It’s ever-growing as I come across more things and it’s got a TON of pics ranging from book and magazine covers, art-poetry collaborations, letters, articles, books autographed to me, screenshots of pirates ripping me off and selling my stuff brazenly, library archives, encyclopedia articles, fan mail, catalog and directory entries, stuff in German, Chinese, Finnish, and a lot more, and you’ll find combinations of tiles and stacked galleries, other slide shows, collages and more. Feel free to look at it because there’s always more showing up there.

One of my "grammar nazi" shirts. Used to be funny but now people don't seem to have a sense of humor.
One of my “grammar nazi” shirts. Used to be funny but now people don’t seem to have a sense of humor.
Gerald Locklin's The Firebird Poems - Autographed and continually used as letters to me
Gerald Locklin’s The Firebird Poems – Autographed and continually used as letters to me
Scott C. Holstad, official Amazon Author page
Scott C. Holstad, official Amazon Author page
Minnesota Review Vol 39 1992 with Scott C. Holstad's "Phoenix" published within
Minnesota Review Vol 39 1992 with Scott C. Holstad’s “Phoenix” published within

Flipside 84, 1993. Rodney on the Roq with Paul & Linda McCartney & the poem "nothing" by Scott C. Holstad
Flipside 84, 1993. Rodney on the Roq with Paul & Linda McCartney &; the poem “nothing” by Scott C. Holstad

Scott C. Holstad 1992-93 correspondence in Folder 248 of the Diane Di Prima Papers collection at UNC's Special Collections Library
Scott C. Holstad 1992-93 correspondence in Folder 248 of the Diane Di Prima Papers collection at UNC’s Special Collections Library

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