Dad’s Birthday, the Power of Positive Thinking & Some Perspectives Offered

Today was my late father’s birthday and I feel down. He’d be 84 today. Dad loved books and especially ones like Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking. He and I disagreed on much, including this type of book. But in honor of his birthday, I reread this book and am going to write a few words on it. However, true to form, just because I read it in honor and memory of my father doesn’t mean I’m going to treat this with kid’s gloves.

We Just Bought A New House and We’re Moving!

We have been house hunting all year in another primary region of the country for several different reasons, and I initially thought it would and should turn out to be quick and easy, but it's been the most hellish house buying/moving experience of my life! Because of things like my poor health and my wife's …

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“Project Dumbphone”

I'm sharing an article written/published today about her hopes, intentions, actions and results in going back to "dumb phones," aka, good old flip phones. I intend to write a piece of my own about the same subject sometime, because I've recently done the exact same thing, although I've not yet come to any definitive conclusions. …

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CT Myleogram and Emergency Procedure

I’ve had a rough time of it lately, especially the past few days. A couple of weeks ago, I somehow injured my back. It locked up and I had incredible back pain to go along with my very severe head pain. I went to my orthopedist, had a lot of x-rays taken, was told I …

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Ace’s Birthday

Today is our kitten, Ace's, first birthday. It's really hard to believe. He's grown so much. Yet he still behaves like a kitten and still kind of looks like a kitten, especially compared to our older, bigger cat Henry. Henry has always been "my" cat. He's always been loyal to me. He likes/loves Gretchen, but …

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