Happy Birthday to my Incredible Wife, Gretchen!

Before I begin, I have to acknowledge today’s date is April 16, 2023, yet my wife’s birthday is April 15! So apologies are in order for being a tad late, though there have been many valid reasons and I actually have been working on this for awhile now. I’ve tried to do some unique things, or give unique gifts, etc., to make Gretchen’s birthday a little cooler than my health has permitted most of the year. One thing I’ve often done in the past was make her birthday cards, but this time I decided to make a slide show that I hope will both mean something and will represent moments in time that have been special for her or us, etc., since we first met some time ago. Bearing in mind I have over 50,000 digital photos and I wanted to keep this slide show to maybe 20, THAT has been the time-consuming aspect of the project (though fun). As I’m unable to go through that many photos, I feel pretty good about what I’ve compiled, and I hope Gretchen appreciates seeing these moments again. Not only some good memories for her/us, but also possibly a couple of interesting surprises for anyone who may see this.

I could write endlessly about Gretchen, but that’s the problem — once I’d start, I might not resurface for a week, so aside from this intro — and what we’ve exchanged, said and done at home — I’m just going to launch into this slide show, meant to be in her honor.

  • Scott and Gretchen, September 2011. A house divided? Only twice each year.
  • Gretchen and Scott, celebrating Fat Tuesday, 2013
  • Gretchen enduring "beach wind" on our honeymoon in Gulf Shores, AL.
  • Gretchen is an animal lover & wanted a new kitten around Thanksgiving 2014 – & got Ace, looking up at us.
  • Ace, the adorable little “alien,” has been Gretchen's baby since they first saw each other in the shelter. 2014.
  • Gretchen discovers she LOVES to shoot. (At this point in early 2015, she’s a better “natural” rifle shot than me & prefers a good rifle over most handguns!)
  • Scott & Gretchen in her old stomping grounds of Havre de Grace MD, circa 2015
  • Gretchen in her new Barry Manilow concert tour t-shirt - "one of the best Christmas gifts she ever received." [Atlanta, 2015]
  • Scott and Gretchen outside their former house in September 2016
  • Gretchen looks radiant while visiting Maryland’s Eastern Shore for a major family event. Fall 2017
  • Gretchen, looking especially lovely at the Asheville Botanical Gardens, Christmas 2017
  • Gretchen, wearing a jersey of one of her favorite Pens, Geno Malkin. Didn’t take long for Baltimore native, Gretchen, to become a hockey fanatic! Photo late 2018
  • Gretchen, looking beautiful, sitting on a bench in an Asheville park, August 2019. One of my favorite pics of G.
  • A photo of us while in Knoxville visiting my mother in 2019.
  • Gretchen's sweet message to me in November 2019. TS3.
  • Gretchen's tantalizing (sneak peek) look, York PA, Summer 2021. Utterly adorable!
  • One of my two favorite photos of Gretchen and myself -- in Asheville NC for Christmas, 2017
  • Gretchen and myself at a Pens hockey game in Nashville in 2016. The Pens won!

Barry wishes you a Happy Birthday, Gretchen! (And so does your loving hubby, Scott)

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