My Discogs List of Bands I’ve Seen in Concert

How many bands/artists have you seen live in concert? Since I'm "old" now, I've seen a few dating back to about 1981, actually the 1970s, but while I've seen a decent number, I pale in comparison to many other people I know. That said, not only have I seen obscure, unknown bands, but I've seen some legendary ones too, and everything in between. What about you?

Happy Birthday to my Incredible Wife, Gretchen!

Before I begin, I have to acknowledge today's date is April 16, 2023, yet my wife's birthday is April 15! So apologies are in order for being a tad late, though there have been many valid reasons and I actually have been working on this for awhile now. I've tried to do some unique things, …

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Pet Shop Boys Tickets!

Wednesday, my favorite DJ, Richard Blade, on my favorite radio station, SeriusXM's First Wave, announced one of my very favorite groups would be going on a world tour and it had just been announced the day before. He read off some of the cities for where the Pet Shop Boys will be playing: four cities …

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End of the Year Post 2015

I wrote this blog post quite early this morning and didn't post it. I wasn't sure about it. Since then, I've reread it twice and have had second thoughts about posting it. I usually post an End of Year post on the last day of the year, but this one is too depressing, too negative. …

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