My Discogs List of Bands I’ve Seen in Concert

How many bands/artists have you seen live in concert? Since I'm "old" now, I've seen a few dating back to about 1981, actually the 1970s, but while I've seen a decent number, I pale in comparison to many other people I know. That said, not only have I seen obscure, unknown bands, but I've seen some legendary ones too, and everything in between. What about you?

What we do for “likes”

I wonder how many readers of Hankrules2011 can relate to this. Anyone?


I took this picture last night. Immediately afterward, I wanted to post it online. I’ve deactivated my Facebook account and don’t use Instagram much, so I didn’t post it anywhere until now.

Why, I wondered, did I feel compelled to seek affirmation for my photo? It’s really not that special. It’s just that after almost 15 years, I’m conditioned to share things to an online audience.

We humans are affirmation seekers, and it’s not always a bad thing. I try to show appreciation for the blogs I follow so that the writers will know I appreciate the effort.

So, please admire this average photo, but remember that I appreciate every like and comment. 😁

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Book Review: James Loewen’s Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong

It's always been stunning to me how much American history is left OUT of our history books, though I'm not so naïve as to wonder at the reasons -- there are many and most are predictable. But when I've asked people if they knew how Hawaii became a state or why Puerto Rico is not....