A Zachary Update

On April 30th, I wrote a post about Zachary, our “ghost.” I mentioned various things that have been happening ever since we moved into our house in August of 2011. Well, last night we had a paranormal team come do an initial investigation. We had to vacate the premises at 5:30 PM while the four person team began setting up their equipment. They claim to do investigations based upon scientific evidence only, so we’ll see. We went elsewhere and watched my Pens beat Ottawa before going back home late. I asked how it went, but couldn’t get them to spill the beans. They only said they have to go through the evidence and will be back in touch. However, one of the investigators wrote on their Facebook page this morning: “Cool investigation tonight, can’t wait to get to evidence review.” Huh. I wonder what that means…. Now we’re especially curious.

We weren’t happy about having to vacate the premises and leave our house in the hands of strangers. Not happy at all. But we did it. If/when there’s a second investigation, we’ll be encouraged to stay and participate in a near-all night event. That might prove interesting. The leader of this team is friendly and seems competent. One of the investigators, though, sort of gave off an odd impression which kind of freaked my wife out a little. Hopefully it was nothing.

I was worried that doing this might upset Zachary and there would be hell to pay once we got home and were alone, but nothing happened last night. In fact, nothing much has happened for a few days, which is odd. Normally, there’s something for the cats to stare at for a half hour or Gretchen’s hearing voices or the lights are flickering or we hear odd sounds. But nothing. I guess that’s good. Either Zachary is a figment of our imagination, or he didn’t mind the intrusion. I guess we’ll find out. I actually kind of like having Zachary around. He clearly means no harm and seems to be a harmless guest and the cats seem to like him, so I guess it’s cool. We just want to know details. I don’t know if we’ll ever know the details we’re after, but anything would be helpful. I guess we’ll just have to wait to hear back from this paranormal team. I hope their equipment was in top form last night. Cheers!