More On Our Ghosts

I’ve written about our ghosts before and I’m just writing a brief update now. Monday night, we were supposed to have our second paranormal investigation and we were going to be included in it — but we cancelled it. My wife is apparently what they call a “sensitive” and she sees and hears things that I don’t — and I don’t think she’s crazy. Ever since the first investigation, it seems that the paranormal activity has picked up around here. Gretchen’s seen a shadow on the wall, she’s heard voices, we’ve heard things creaking at night, the cats are doing their staring into the corner act, and a couple of days ago, Gretchen spoke to the ghosts, asking them to make a noise if they were present and heard us. Sure enough, there was an odd noise in the kitchen almost immediately after she said this. Also, our living room coat closet has been opened at night. Turns out it might be a cat, but we set up my iPhone to record the activity one night and when I checked it the next morning, it had been shut off after five minutes. Weird. Gretchen thinks having people in with equipment to find the ghosts sort of riled them up after the first time and she doesn’t want that to happen again, and I concur, so that’s why we called it off. She asked the paranormal investigator some questions. We’ve been advised to have a sage cleansing and perhaps even a priest come in, although I’m not too thrilled with that second suggestion. So far, the things that go on here are just kind of creepy, but nothing bad has happened — yet. The audio of that female spirit moaning or wailing that I put a link to in my last post is mega-creepy though, you know? Gretchen asked how many ghosts they think we have here and they said two. I think it could be four, because the two female voices caught on tape sound very different from each other, and I think the two male voices sound different too. We could have four. But we have more than our one named Zachary, that’s for sure. I really want to tell my parents about this, but I think they’d overreact, so I’m not. I read online that quartz can be protection from ghosts. How? I have no idea, but some people think this is true, so we bought an amethyst stone to place in our den, where much of the activity takes place. I’m also wearing a quartz cross around my neck on a necklace a friend bought me last year. I bought Gretchen a small amethyst necklace to wear. Gretchen is especially freaked out — still, somehow, while remaining somewhat skeptical — because she definitely hears things, especially at night — and she’s a light sleeper, so while I’m zonked out, she’s trying to protect herself from spirits. I can understand why that might unnerve her. As before, I’m often up in the middle of the night or I get up quite early and I listen, but I rarely hear anything, if at all. I almost feel like I’m being cheated. Still, I suppose that’s better than seeing an apparition, right? That would seriously freak me out. I’m still a little freaked out by that video of the shadow crossing our walls the paranormal team caught and posted on their YouTube site. Truly bizarre. Well, I guess that’s it for now. Nothing serious to report. We’re going to try to co-exist with the spirits, although we might also try a sage cleansing. I’m not holding out hope for that, though, because we did that last year and nothing really happened as a result….