Boy, I’ve been busy since I last wrote! Lessee….

We had the house closing. That went pretty well. The sellers were nice. It didn’t take too long. I immediately went to the house and had the locks changed, though, which is something I always do. I’ve made arrangements to have a handyman start working on some projects the inspector pointed out in his report, the alarm security company we have to come out and find out what they’ll need to do to install it in the new house, a garage door opener installer, who needs to install two new garage door openers, a roofer, an electrician, a tree man to cut down a tree that’s too close to the house. I’ve had to call the utilities, the insurance company, and I just made arrangements to have our Internet/cable installed the Monday after we move in. The cleaning agency is coming to our house next Monday to do a survey to see what it will take to clean it for showing when we put it on the market, and I’ve got a painter to paint the interior walls. Our current place is hardwood floors. The new place is carpeted. I prefer hardwood floors and we talked about getting some, but we just didn’t think we could afford it, so we’re not. We did order a new china hutch, since we have two sets of china and no place to put it, and two matching recliners for the den. They’ll all be delivered on Sunday. We also got a nice rug for the dining room. We don’t want to spill stuff there and ruin the carpet.

The handyman met me at the house today and started working in the garage on some projects, but it started snowing and sleeting and since the house is high up on a mountain, we left early, worried about getting snowed/iced in. We may try again tomorrow, but as it’s supposed to snow overnight, I doubt we’ll do it. I do want to get all of the projects out of the way before we move next Friday though. The handyman was able to get a couple of necessary things done in the garage before we left though, so that’s good.

Meanwhile, last weekend I went on a vestry retreat. It was at a convent in the Tennessee mountains and it was pretty good. This weekend, we went to Knoxville to attend the diocesian convention, which was also pretty good. Last night, however, we had a long vestry meeting and now I’m feeling churched out.

My Penguins are having a great year and I’m very excited. I’m thinking Stanley Cup. This has to be the year! Even with all of the injuries. Go Pens!

We’re packing now and it’s coming along. The movers are going to pack the kitchen and the pictures/paintings, so that will be helpful. However, while it’s easy to pack books, DVDs, and clothes, it’s the miscellaneous stuff that’s tough. Not sure how to handle that.

I’ve been reading a lot of books and writing book reviews, as you know. Most have been science fiction recently, but I’m reading a bio of Frank Sinatra — which is huge — and I hope to finish that in a bit and write a book review on that. I have other books lined up. We have a nice, big used bookstore here and we love to go there and find bargains.

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged much outside of writing reviews. I’ve been pretty busy. Plus I haven’t been overly motivated. Sorry. I have 266 followers here now, but only one of you leaves comments, so that confuses me. Still, I’m glad for the followers.

We’re going to miss our current house, but you may remember that it’s haunted, so we’re really not going to miss the ghosts. We hope the new house won’t be haunted, though we know at least two people died there. Hopefully their spirits will have departed. The new house looks great and we’re eager to move in already and be done with it, start the unpacking process, begin our new life.  It’s all very exciting. Cheers!