Ghosts Revisited

As you know, I’ve written about our ghosts several times now. Well, I’ve noticed that one of the four YouTube clips of our paranormal team’s investigation into our house has been getting a lot of hits lately, and I wanted to repost the links here so you can visit them (again), if so inclined.

Here’s part of what I wrote on June 20th:

When we met with them, they gave us a DVD of six audio clips and showed us several video clips. The audio clips are of a man saying “Bye. On the dirt. No.”; odd breaths; a woman saying “30″; a man saying “Get the hell out”; an older woman saying “85″; and something that sounds like growling. The video recorder caught a man swearing, a woman wailing or moaning, a shot of a tripod-mounted camera in our kitchen bobbing slightly, and a shadow passing on the hallway wall. Don’t believe me? Here are some links:

Man cussing
Female moaning or wailing
Camera bobbing
Shadow in hallway

So, visit the links again and let me know what you think. We don’t like to listen to the female spirit wailing or moaning because it’s too spooky. I mean, it’s really eerie. The camera bobbing doesn’t bother me, but seeing that shadow pass over the hallway door is a little odd too. Check it out! Leave a comment. Cheers!