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I’ve written about our ghost we’ve named Zachary before. I now have an update. It appears that we do indeed live in a haunted house and we may have multiple ghosts. The paranormal team we got to investigate our house came by two nights ago with their evidence. The stories they told were unusual and the audio and video evidence they collected was also unusual — and convincing.

First, even though the temperature in the house was set at 74 degrees, they found spots in the house where it read 92 degrees, for no apparent reason. Then, they experienced total and utter silence for awhile. That’s odd, because we live near train tracks, near the airport, cars are always driving by blasting their radios, there are animals outside, and they should at least have been able to hear the electricity humming. They heard absolutely nothing. They said it was eerie. Now, EMF readings are very important in ghost hunting, and they had EMF measuring equipment. Our EMF baseline was 0.1. (It should be between 0.0 and 0.3.) Then it went up to over 20 when they started investigating! That’s a crazy figure, apparently. “So what’s a ‘normal’ EMF level in your average home? Depending on which sources you consult, they range from 0.0 mG to 0.3 mG, with anything above a 0.7 mG being considered unhealthy, to anything above 2.0 mG being considered too high and unhealthy.” That’s from their website. Ours was over 20.

The team started hearing lots of noises, walking in the hallway, voices, and they spotted many shadows in the rooms — moving shadows. And they got one on video!!! When we met with them, they gave us a DVD of six audio clips and showed us several video clips. The audio clips are of a man saying “Bye. On the dirt. No.”; odd breaths; a woman saying “30”; a man saying “Get the hell out”; an older woman saying “85”; and something that sounds like growling. The video recorder caught a man swearing, a woman wailing or moaning, a shot of a tripod-mounted camera in our kitchen bobbing slightly, and a shadow passing on the hallway wall. Don’t believe me? Here are some links:

So, what do you think about that? It sounds like there are two women and two men. One of the male ghosts spoke directly into the microphone. It was bizarre. The paranormal team is going to come back in a couple of weeks and conduct another investigation, but this time we’ll be a part of it. We’re hoping to ask the ghost(s) questions. People have asked about our getting rid of them. We’re not sure we want to. We’ve been living here 22 months without incident. They haven’t been violent or rude. We are not really scared. We just want to know what they want, how we can co-exist with them. I don’t dare tell my parents, who are very religious, or they’ll think it’s demons and will want to do a house cleansing. I don’t think it’s demons, personally. My only concern is Gretchen. She seems much more attuned to them than me. She’s seen a shadow. She hears male voices. She hears noises at night (and even during the day), like someone walking in the hallway. I rarely hear these things. In fact, I got up twice last night in the quiet of the night so I could observe such sounds being made, but nothing. It was disappointing. I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens with the second investigation. It’s kind of exciting and kind of creepy at the same time.

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  1. I’ve been living with a haunting now for 13 years, I had 2 investigations.. If you go to my page I have a YouTube video of myself taking about what happens.. I would never have another investigation again!!!


    1. Thanks for visiting and for your comment. I’ll go visit your YouTube video. Thanks for telling me about it. I’m interesting in finding out why you’ll never have another investigation again. Cheers!


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