A Poll: Which Group of the Following Experiences is NOT True About Me?

Click on one of the above to vote and see what others have chosen. If people participate, I’ll reveal the “fake” group of facts about myself in a few days or so.

Just felt like doing something a little different and perhaps odd as well today. Oh, I could have added two dozen more groups and not run out. I’ve had a crazy, weird life. Cheers! — Scott

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3 thoughts on “A Poll: Which Group of the Following Experiences is NOT True About Me?

    1. No, it’s not cheating. And even though you may *think* you know all of ’em, I’m willing to bet there may be one or two in there you don’t know. (I didn’t even put the hard stuff in! Yet… Hahaha!) Please vote, by all means. I hope it’ll be interesting to see what the results are. So far, two of them are leading the others, but just by one vote each… Cheers!


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