On Thomas Ligotti’s Book, Death Poems

I'd been told I would love this book, I guess because I’ve had some “horror poetry” books published over the years. I do like the themes, tone, morbid world view, but that doesn’t make this guy a good writer nor this poetry remotely good, professional or successful in accomplishing what the author appears to be attempting. It fails, but is salvageable. Read to discover one area Ligotti falters in while successful authors with some similarities are mentioned as differentiations that could inspire Liigotti to up his game, improve his writing and hence his poetry and become more effective at what he does without losing "his voice."

Some More Book Reviews

Being There by Jerzy Kosiński My rating: 5 of 5 stars Postmodern brilliance. Stunning in what is says in what it doesn't say. I actually prefer Kosinki's The Painted Bird, which is a little more brutal, but I honestly think Being There is the author's best truly "postmodern" work, translated well to the screen, and …

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