Good Happenings

I had a good weekend. Where to begin? I guess I could start with my getting my girlfriend concert tickets for Crosby, Stills & Nash here in Chattanooga this summer. She’s a big fan, and while they’re not my favorites, I was tickled to make her so happy and we’ll have fun together. I was especially pleased because two days before she complained a little about my going to the Dead Can Dance concert later this year, and she gets nothing. Hee hee!

We also went to the grand opening of a new second hand store which specializes in outdoors-type stuff. And we found a decent used bike for my girlfriend. Cost? $20! We got a new seat for it, cleaned it up, and she’s ready to rock and roll. Now I have to find a new bike for myself. I had a good Mongoose, but my ex gave it away, so I’ve got to find something else. I’ve been combing Craigslist with little luck. Might be forced to buy a modestly priced new one. We have to go for rides together now. I’m very excited! I’ve already ordered a two bike bike rack for the back of the car. It should arrive in a week or so.

My girlfriend’s a Baltimore Ravens fan. I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so it makes for some fun rivalry during football season. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the Steelers play live several times, but my girlfriend’s never seen the Ravens live. I knew she’d love to. Well, I discovered they’re playing a preseason game in Atlanta this August, so I got us two tickets. They’re on the 30 yard line, on row 11. Decent seats. Again, she was pretty excited, and this made me happy.

Friday night, we ate some excellent food from Choo Choo BBQ, a sweet little dive here in town. Indulged in an adult beverage. Cuddled. It was nice.

Also, got some good reading in this weekend. I’m reading more Philip K Dick short stories, but also started another sci book which looks somewhat promising. I’m kind of surprised at how quickly I’ve moved from nonfiction back into sci fi, a genre I loved a lot as a younger man years ago. I’m really enjoying it!

Last night was pretty big. After 18 years of listening to my friends bug me about this, I finally went to my first yoga class! I went with my girlfriend, who’s been taking classes for nearly three years. I felt like an idiot, but the teacher was very nice and helpful and made me feel relaxed there, even though I endured some physical pain. LOL! I actually did well enough for my teacher to tell us that I “hit a home run” at the end of class. That was awesome! It was really cheap, and the class is a mixed class — not just for beginners — that meets on Sunday nights, so I suspect we’ll return again. Good times…

Sadly, I did watch my Pittsburgh Penguins lose in the Stanley Cup playoffs, but they had a good year, and with all of the injuries they had this year, I feel like they did well. I am disappointed, though, that they didn’t get further.

The weather has been beautiful, albeit a touch chilly the past few days. Still, our flowers are blooming so beautifully out front. I should post a pic sometime.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I’m deliberating about posting some more entries from my ancient diaries, but am not sure. Many of them are R rated at best, and I don’t want to embarrass my girlfriend by posting sordid tales of my past back in the ’80s. Still, there are some interesting entries, so I might — we’ll see….