I’m Going To See Dead Can Dance!

You know how my last post was about my favorite group, Dead Can Dance, reuniting, going on a world tour, and coming to Atlanta in September? Well, guess who’s going to see them? That’s right — ME!!! Their tickets were to go on sale March 31st, but I’m on their mailing list and I found out presale tickets were to go on sale this coming Wednesday. So Friday morning, I was working on a contract job and sometime around 10:15 AM, an email popped up from DCD stating the presale tickets had just gone on sale! I nearly panicked. See, I always buy presale tickets when possible, and when I bought tickets over the past few years for Morrissey, Nine Inch Nails and The Cure, they flew out of there. If you didn’t snag your tickets asap, they were all gone. So I was thinking of this as I pondered what to do. I hadn’t even decided if I was going yet, or who I was going with. My girlfriend wouldn’t mind seeing them, I knew, but my old grad school pal, Chris Duncan, up in Virginia would probably want to see them even more and he and I had talked about his going with me. So, I called him up. He got equally excited when I told him what was happening, but we had to make a quick decision, so we decided I would try to get the best tickets possible for he and I to go together. I got on the website right after we hung up. There were four kinds of tickets on sale at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, and the best — and priciest — were the Pit tickets. And they were shockingly expensive! Even more expensive than originally listed when I first heard about this concert. In fact, they’d be the most expensive concert tickets I’d ever purchased! This kind of surprised me, cause I can remember DCD playing smaller venues back in the early 1990s for something like $25…. Anyway, so much time had elapsed, I didn’t think any Pit tickets would still be left. But I tried anyway. And I’ll be damned if two tickets didn’t pop up on my screen waiting for me to buy them in the Pit, which I believe is the first four rows in the middle. So I quickly filled out all the info, put in my credit card number and clicked Submit. And I’ll be damned if I didn’t get those tickets!!! Unreal. Unfortunately, they’re Will Call tickets, which I hate, but still, Chris and I will be in Atlanta to see Dead Can Dance this September and it’s awesome. I’ve been waiting to see DCD since 1988, when I first started listening to them. When they broke up in 1998, I never thought I’d ever get a chance to see them again. So this is huge. I’m so excited! When I called Chris back to tell him we had the tickets, I thought he was going to cry. LOL! We started joking about being close enough to Lisa Gerrard to catch her sweat. LOL! This is going to be amazing. I listened to DCD albums for the rest of the day and even went to sleep listening to a DCD album. This is very, very sweet!

Here’s a picture of the Pit seats where we’ll be sitting to see Dead Can Dance:

Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

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