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Sinking feeling in Pitt’s stomach

Posted by Scott Holstad on June 6, 2013

Stanley Cup playoffs 2013 — Boston Bruins grab 3-0 lead despite Pittsburgh Penguins’ best shot – ESPN Boston.

Watching last night’s Pens game was horrible for me. Down 2-0 in the series and playing in Boston, we had to win. And we came to play. We played brilliantly at times, outshooting and outhitting Boston while winning the vast majority of the faceoffs. Our goaltender, Tomas Vocoun, stopped 38 shots. The problem was, we couldn’t score, once again! After three periods, it was tied 1-1 and went into overtime, where Boston won in double overtime 2-1, thus basically wrapping up the series and killing the Pens’ chance at another Stanley Cup. It’s really frustrating.

Pittsburgh assembled perhaps the best team the NHL has ever seen this year, with numerous all stars and future Hall of Famers. We had last year’s MVP, Malkin, and this year’s MVP candidate, Crosby. We had Neal, Letang, Dupuois, and so many others. Our goaltending was a bit iffy, but our offense was so much better than anyone else’s in the NHL, that we could overcome that. We were built to win the Stanley Cup. This is/was our year! Once we lose this Boston series, I think there’s a good chance the coach will be fired, our former starting goalie will be traded away and the team will be dismantled. What a tremendous disappointment.

Boston’s defense is stifling. I’ve never, ever seen such a good defense and such great goaltending. Their goaltender stopped 53 shots last night, many from point blank range. Against an average goaltender, we would have scored 12-15 times. This guy is unreal! I think we should trade for him. That’ll never happen, of course, but one can wish. Our offense, which averages four and a half goals a game and led the league in scoring this year has scored two goals this series. Two. And we have the best players in the world. It’s unforgivable. I’ll never forget this 2013 series against Boston in the conference finals, and for all the wrong reasons. It’s a real pity.

One Response to “Sinking feeling in Pitt’s stomach”

  1. southernhon said

    Darn those Pens. They did play pretty well last night, but it just wasn’t enough.


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