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I just HATE the new iTunes 11! I’m a longtime iPhone (and iPod) user, and after decades of owning PCs, two years ago I bought an iMac and have loved it. iTunes has been OK. Perhaps a bit better than Windows Media Player. I’ve learned to live with it, although it creeps me out knowing this is the only way I can synch my phone. What if the app gets corrupted?

Well, with the release of the new version of  iTunes a few days ago, it sure seems to have been corrupted. It used to take me 5 minutes to synch my iPod, 10 for my iPhone. Yesterday it took me 3 1/2 hours! That’s right, nearly four hours. That’s freakin’ ridiculous!!! It wouldn’t install new versions of downloaded apps to my phone. I had to try three times to install eight apps. One never did and I had to delete it. I tried downloading and installing from the phone’s app store, but it simply showed the apps were already installing (i guess via iTunes) and nothing was accomplished. At one point, iTunes just hung for over 30 minutes and I was forced to close out the program, thus endangering my phone. Thankfully, it seemed OK afterwards.

I’m trying again right now, hoping it’ll be better. It’s not. I started the process 40 minutes ago and it’s been hanging on Step 5, “waiting for items to copy,” for the past 25 minutes. Nothing’s happening. If I close out now, I will risk damaging my phone, but I can’t have my phone inoperable for hours. That’s just stupid and unrealistic! If this continues, I’ll be forced to buy a damn Android phone, although I don’t know how that would work on my Mac. Does anyone out there know the answer to that? How would I synch an Android phone on a Mac? Oh, and when it does get around to copying my new apps to the phone, it takes 10 to 25 minutes per app. It used to take one. It’s copying Google+ right now. I promise it’ll be copying the same app at 6 AM, 22 minutes from now.

What the hell happened to iTunes, Apple??? Why and how did you break it? Why did you think you were improving it when you destroyed it? I’m just bitching about how it works. I haven’t even touched on the changes to the interface, which I hate, as well as the changes to the store, which I also hate. I used to be able to see how many times I’d listened to certain songs by clicking on the album’s icon and looking. No longer. Now I have to find that particular song in the long list of songs, listed in alphabetical order. I guess I can do that, but it’s now a hassle. I have nearly 1,000 albums! I don’t know how many songs I have, but it’s a lot. Now I have to work to find stuff. Now I have to work to synch, to buy, to find, to download, to listen. It’s a nightmare! Why break something that’s not broken? Apple — you suck!!!

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