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A Review of Steve Jobs

Posted by Scott Holstad on January 12, 2015

Steve JobsSteve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a wonderfully written book on a very complex individual, Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple and of Pixar. Apparently, he’s one of the greatest geniuses in history, revolutionizing entire industries and changing billions of lives. Among his revolutions include the personal computer (Macs), graphic design, the music industry and how we get our music (iTunes and iPods), cell phones, and tablets, as well as computer animated films. I mean, he was an amazing genius, a once in a century person. However, at the same time, he was the most narcissistic, entitled, ASSHOLE in the history of the universe, with a monster temper, no filters for other people, and the greatest DICKWEED on the planet. I couldn’t believe what I read about him. He screwed countless people over, including Steve Wozniak, his partner at Apple and one of the nicest people around, his CEOs, his board members, tons of his employees, his enemies — everyone. He viewed himself as a counterculture revolutionary, yet become a monstrously rich multi-billionaire with his own jet plane and mansions. He got pulled over for doing 100 one day on the highway. The cop told him if he got pulled over again, he’d go to jail. As soon as the cop left, he resumed doing 100. He never had a license plate on his cars. He thought he was above that and that standard rules didn’t apply to him. Instead of parking in the CEO spot at Apple, he parked in not one, but two (straddling) disabled parking spaces, just to be a jerk. When he was getting his liver transplant at a hospital in Memphis, he ordered something like 18 smoothies for him to taste test before finding one that was decent and sending the rest back. He’d order fresh juice at a restaurant and send it back relentlessly because it wasn’t fresh enough. He screwed some of his original Apple employees over (and best friends) by giving some stock options and others none. He’d go to restaurants when they were closed and demand they open and serve him and then he’d order something that wasn’t even on the menu. He was a bulimic, lifelong vegan who made everyone cater to his tastes. He drank carrot juice for months and ate nothing but carrots and turned orange. He initially thought his fruit diet was good enough to ward off body odors and didn’t use deodorant or anything like it and stunk like crazy until Apple went public and the board forced him to start showering once a week. He thought in terms of black and white. Everything was either a winner or total shit. Most everything was total shit and he would tell you that to your face. No filter. He was envious of Woz and was responsible for him leaving the company. He fought with people all the time. He was given up for adoption as a baby and always felt abandoned, but when he and his girlfriend had a baby girl, he turned his back on them completely until the state of California forced him to take a paternity test which proved he was the father and then forced him to start paying alimony. He was an obsessive design freak who believed in completely closed and integrated systems, which made for great products, but hurt his market share and his company’s bottom line. He had to have the best of everything. He never did anything people told him, not even as a child. His educators gave up trying to force him to do his schoolwork and let him do whatever he wanted. He went ballistic when Bill Gates ripped Apple off with Windows and then with everything else (like the Zune — remember that?), yet he himself ripped off the geniuses at Xerox PARC, getting from them three things — the graphical user interface (GUI) look of the operating system, the mouse, and networking, which he put into the Mac, transforming personal computers forever. I could go on and on, but I don’t have to. Isaacson already did. Just read his book. Jobs was a fascinating person and he created amazing things, but at what cost? Burned, tortured lives, careers thrown away, people discarded, no rules observed. I felt sad upon reading of his early passing, but if there is a hell, he’s definitely in it now. And I don’t feel too badly about that. I, for one, won’t say “RIP” to Steve Jobs. I’m glad to have and use and enjoy his creations, but I’m also glad he’s no longer on earth. Highly recommended book.

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iTunes 11

Posted by Scott Holstad on December 19, 2012

I just HATE the new iTunes 11! I’m a longtime iPhone (and iPod) user, and after decades of owning PCs, two years ago I bought an iMac and have loved it. iTunes has been OK. Perhaps a bit better than Windows Media Player. I’ve learned to live with it, although it creeps me out knowing this is the only way I can synch my phone. What if the app gets corrupted?

Well, with the release of the new version of  iTunes a few days ago, it sure seems to have been corrupted. It used to take me 5 minutes to synch my iPod, 10 for my iPhone. Yesterday it took me 3 1/2 hours! That’s right, nearly four hours. That’s freakin’ ridiculous!!! It wouldn’t install new versions of downloaded apps to my phone. I had to try three times to install eight apps. One never did and I had to delete it. I tried downloading and installing from the phone’s app store, but it simply showed the apps were already installing (i guess via iTunes) and nothing was accomplished. At one point, iTunes just hung for over 30 minutes and I was forced to close out the program, thus endangering my phone. Thankfully, it seemed OK afterwards.

I’m trying again right now, hoping it’ll be better. It’s not. I started the process 40 minutes ago and it’s been hanging on Step 5, “waiting for items to copy,” for the past 25 minutes. Nothing’s happening. If I close out now, I will risk damaging my phone, but I can’t have my phone inoperable for hours. That’s just stupid and unrealistic! If this continues, I’ll be forced to buy a damn Android phone, although I don’t know how that would work on my Mac. Does anyone out there know the answer to that? How would I synch an Android phone on a Mac? Oh, and when it does get around to copying my new apps to the phone, it takes 10 to 25 minutes per app. It used to take one. It’s copying Google+ right now. I promise it’ll be copying the same app at 6 AM, 22 minutes from now.

What the hell happened to iTunes, Apple??? Why and how did you break it? Why did you think you were improving it when you destroyed it? I’m just bitching about how it works. I haven’t even touched on the changes to the interface, which I hate, as well as the changes to the store, which I also hate. I used to be able to see how many times I’d listened to certain songs by clicking on the album’s icon and looking. No longer. Now I have to find that particular song in the long list of songs, listed in alphabetical order. I guess I can do that, but it’s now a hassle. I have nearly 1,000 albums! I don’t know how many songs I have, but it’s a lot. Now I have to work to find stuff. Now I have to work to synch, to buy, to find, to download, to listen. It’s a nightmare! Why break something that’s not broken? Apple — you suck!!!

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Mac External Hard Drives

Posted by Scott Holstad on June 28, 2012

I’m so ticked at manufacturers of external (backup) hard drives made for Macs! All I want is a portable hard drive to back my system up on. Is that too much to ask for? Macs have Time Capsule, but it’s not really portable, and even though it does backups, it’s more of a wireless router. It’s expensive and heavy. I have one and don’t use it.

Yesterday I went to Best Buy and bought a 500 GB Seagate external hard drive for $90. I brought it home, looking forward to using its built in software to back up my system and do automatic backups whenever changes are made. That’s the whole point. The packaging said it was for PCs and Macs. It also said you don’t have to reformat it for Macs like you do with some products. Well, first, I DID have to reformat the hard drive because it was a Mac! I then installed the software and there was no place at all in the software’s interface which would have enabled me to back up my computer, let alone schedule any, etc. I was ticked. I called Seagate. They told me I needed Time Capsule, that their product couldn’t do what I wanted it to do. Um, false advertising, misleading packaging, whatever — I was TICKED!!! I took it back to Best Buy. I then bought a My Passport from Western Digital. I bought it because it was specifically for Macs. Same size, same price. I brought it home, hooked it up, and looked for a software interface to appear. Nothing. I downloaded the user manual and it said I should have gotten a screen about Time Capsule. I didn’t. I called Western Digital. The person I spoke with barely spoke English and had such a thick accent, I could hardly understand him. I did understand the following though: My Passport only works with Time Capsule — another external hard drive. Why the hell would I need two? I mean, what the hell is wrong with these people? I said that it said nothing on the packaging about that and that if it had, I wouldn’t have bought it. The rep was pretty speechless to that. I mean, what do you say, right? So, basically I have a hard drive that I can drag and drop folders and files onto and it will save them, but it can never update anything on its own and I have no way of tracking this stuff, so I wouldn’t know when to replace a file or folder with an updated one. It obviously can’t automatically back up my system. It’s pretty damn useless. I’ve moved some things on to it today, but really, if/when I ever update the stuff I moved, I won’t know if/when to update the hard drive because I won’t have remembered it. Isn’t that stupid as hell? I swear, isn’t packaging regulated? Shouldn’t both manufacturers have put on their packaging that their products couldn’t work without Apple’s own Time Capsule? What a joke. See if I ever buy another one of their products….

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How to securely delete files (for a Mac) – MacWorld

Posted by Scott Holstad on April 2, 2012

Reader Steve Carter would like his deleted files to be really, really gone. He writes:

How do you delete a file completely and forever? I thought the original still remains on the hard drive until it is overwritten. And is there a way to go back and permanently erase old previously deleted files?

We’ll start with the basics. When you toss a file into the Trash and then empty it, the file isn’t really gone. It’s simply removed from your Mac’s file directory. With the proper recovery tools (Prosoft Engineering’s $99 Data Rescue 3, for example) you can recover it provided that you haven’t added other files to your Mac that have overwritten the portion of the drive that file once occupied.

To delete a file so that it’s unrecoverable by all but those who make their living recovering data, toss the file into the Trash and instead choose Finder -> Secure Empty Trash. When you do this not only is the file removed from the Mac’s directory, but the hard drive space it occupied is overwritten with junk.

via How to securely delete files | Macworld.

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