Glad the Election’s Over

Hi. Has everyone survived? I’m so glad this election is over! And, yes, I’m so glad Obama won. I have been disappointed in some of the things Obama has done — and not done — during his four years in office, but Romney/Ryan scared the hell outta me! I really believe if they had won, this country would implode. I’m also glad that Obama won the popular vote, the electoral vote, and the most states. In my mind, that’s a mandate! Still, what I might be most happy about is not having to see and hear thousands of stupid, insulting political ads, dealing with all of the left and right pundits on air every day and night, and constant bickering among friends, family, and acquaintances. Oh yeah, I’m also thrilled that Karl Rove blew $400 million to get a 1% rate of return on his investment. That was awesome! I do hope America can move forward now, and I also hope there will be less Republican obstructionism in Congress. Surely the Republicans have seen that the majority of Americans don’t like that BS and want change! By the same token, I hope Obama will have more backbone in this term to stand up to the Republicans in Congress and ramrod some good liberal policies down their throats.  🙂

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    1. Boy, that’s hard to say. There’s so much! This isn’t one of his plans, but I’d love to see him repeal Bush’s Patriot Act, which I think is about the most unpatriotic act I’ve ever seen. I’d love to see stricter regulation of Wall Street. I don’t think we need to have millionaire/billionaire hedge fund managers destroying the world’s economy due to idiotic financial bets. I’d like to see more help with the housing crisis, as well as the student loan crisis. What that help consists of, I’m not sure. (Glad I’m not a politician.) I’d also like to see more done with healthcare. Insurance premiums for individuals such as myself are insanely high, or the deductibles are — you can’t win — and drugs cost too much, so I’d definitely like to see us be able to buy our medications from Canada and other countries due to lower costs. I’m for anything to lower healthcare costs. I’m also not a big fan of Bush’s No Child Left Behind, which Obama has made worse with his Race To The Top. Love to see that repealed. I think our honorable vets need more help than they’re getting, due to the horrible casualties of two wars. I’d like to see a balanced budget, but Lord only knows how that’ll happen…. I guess that’s about all for now. I can probably come up with more if I think about it some. What about yourself?


      1. Seeing as Obama already signed his name once to extend the “Patriot Act” I don’t see him doing anything about that.

        Then with Goldman Sachs having people in his administration, not much going to happen to wall street. It would be nice to see Obama take on billionaire hedge fund managers like George Soros and Warren Buffet, but the gave a lot to his campaign.

        I don’t remember him offering any solutions to housing or student loans, but maybe he was keeping secret.

        More done with healthcare? I thought Obamacare was supposed to fix that problem.

        “I’d definitely like to see us be able to buy our medications from Canada and other countries” So you’re in favor of outsourcing more jobs out of the country?

        Obama did have a habit of making bad Bush policy worst, no child left behind and the patriot act to name two.

        Going to be hard to help the vets as Obama has pledged to cut military spending.

        I wouldn’t hold out much hope for a balance budget as the President has not presented a single balanced budget in four years and the Senate has not presented any kind of budget in three.

        Man, now much to hope for in his second year. But I pray he was just keeping his big plans secret and he does improve any one of those things you listed.

        If I could ask the president to do one thing in the next four years it would be to pass an amendment to create term limits on both houses of congress so we can get rid of career politicians. I am holding out hope of that since Alan Grayson is back in congress and he signed a pledge to do just that.


        1. I think that Obama has discussed at some length the need to help people with their student loan debt. What that amounts to, I don’t know. I’m in total agreement about term limits. Two Senate terms and three Representative terms sound just about right to me. I’m sick of these people being lifelong politicians. I think they lose touch with many they’re chosen to represent, left or right.


        2. Good to hear you support term limits, spread the word about

          I do remember the President saying that something needs to be done about student loans, but do not recall any policy suggestions or solutions to the problem. Hopefully he comes up with something soon, it is a travesty that these colleges are forcing students to go so deep in debt just to get an education.


  1. southernhon

    I’m excited about the next four years. I do hope; however, that Obama does develop that backbone that is really needed in this day of partisan politics.


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