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America’s Baffling Historical Amnesia

Posted by Scott Holstad on April 23, 2013

America’s Baffling Historical Amnesia: Suddenly President Bush’s Approval Ratings Are the Same As Obama’s | Alternet.

Stunning. How can America forget the president who lied to get us into the Iraq war for dubious purposes? How can America forget about Hurricane Katrina? How can America forget about how the economy tanked under Bush? How can they forget torture, the Patriot Act, Cheney and his influence, blood for oil, and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians on his head? How?

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Obama leads Democrats out on a limb – CNN.com

Posted by Scott Holstad on February 11, 2013

Obama leads Democrats out on a limb – CNN.com.

This disgusting opinion piece ensures that I will forever view CNN as little more than Fox News Lite. What a crock of BS! It makes me sick to even read it. The Republicans are decimating themselves and this guy is blaming Obama for the nation’s ills. What a moron. Who needs Fox News when you have CNN?

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Virginia KKK Uses Obama’s Presidency As A Recruiting Tool | ThinkProgress

Posted by Scott Holstad on January 9, 2013

Virginia KKK Uses Obama’s Presidency As A Recruiting Tool | ThinkProgress.

More right wing craziness!

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Glad the Election’s Over

Posted by Scott Holstad on November 8, 2012

Hi. Has everyone survived? I’m so glad this election is over! And, yes, I’m so glad Obama won. I have been disappointed in some of the things Obama has done — and not done — during his four years in office, but Romney/Ryan scared the hell outta me! I really believe if they had won, this country would implode. I’m also glad that Obama won the popular vote, the electoral vote, and the most states. In my mind, that’s a mandate! Still, what I might be most happy about is not having to see and hear thousands of stupid, insulting political ads, dealing with all of the left and right pundits on air every day and night, and constant bickering among friends, family, and acquaintances. Oh yeah, I’m also thrilled that Karl Rove blew $400 million to get a 1% rate of return on his investment. That was awesome! I do hope America can move forward now, and I also hope there will be less Republican obstructionism in Congress. Surely the Republicans have seen that the majority of Americans don’t like that BS and want change! By the same token, I hope Obama will have more backbone in this term to stand up to the Republicans in Congress and ramrod some good liberal policies down their throats.  🙂

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Why Obama Could Win Without a Majority And the Electoral College Fight That Would Ensue – ABC News

Posted by Scott Holstad on October 27, 2012

Why Obama Could Win Without a Majority And the Electoral College Fight That Would Ensue – ABC News.


Could we possibly see a repeat of the 2000 election when Gore won the popular vote only to have the Supreme Court give the election to Bush, who then went on to have the most disastrous presidency in history? Signs are pointing to Romney winning the popular vote, while Obama maintains a slim lead in the electoral voting polls. Hard to tell. Personally, I’m biased of course, but I don’t see how anyone who had a problem with Bush and his disaster would want to vote for Romney. I think it’s just a case of voting for anyone who will get the “liberal” black Democrat out of office. Which is frustrating. Obama has frustrated me at times, but Romney/Ryan scares the hell out of me, and if I were a woman, black, Latino, progressive — anything but a rich, white evangelical voter — I’d be running for the hills. Speaking of, if Romney actually does win, Toronto seems awfully appealing now. Although it’s a bit too cold. I never could have imagined a Romney victory, especially after Obama beat the hell out of him in those last two debates, but polls indicate otherwise. It’s truly depressing. I’m hoping that America will see that Romney has no plan, offers no numbers, his tax plan makes no mathematical sense, he’s anti-woman, anti-poor, pro-big business — he’s not good for the country, dammit! Please, America — come to your senses and give Obama four more years of continued, albeit slow, growth. Let the growth grow some more. Let’s not regress to the Bush years. Please….

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A Review of The Little Blue Book

Posted by Scott Holstad on October 5, 2012

The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking DemocraticThe Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic by George Lakoff

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I finished this book and I’m not really satisfied with it, although I can’t quite place my finger on why. I had really looked forward to receiving this book, assuming it would teach Democrats how to go toe to toe with conservatives in rhetoric, debates, etc. To a very minor degree, the second half of this book provides some terms and examples one could use, but that’s not really the gist of the book. It’s subtitle is “The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic” and I guess it might be partially accurate, but it left me feeling pretty empty and hopeless. I think most of the terms suggested here to replace commonly used terms in public discourse border on ridiculous and won’t ever come into play.

First, though, conservatives like to accuse Democrats of being “liberal elites,” which makes me wonder why Republicans want to be known as stupid dumb asses. Anyway, the first half of this book did nothing to make me think that the stereotype did not hold true for the book. It’s a scientific, linguistic explanation of morals, moral contexts, using “basic-level” words, neural logic and “cascades,” a “network of neurons that links many brain circuits…. the brain does not handle single ideas as separate entities: a bigger context, a logical construct within which the idea is defined, is evoked in order to grasp its meaning…. Language triggers cascades.” Confused? I bet Joe Six Pack would be if he picked this book up. This book is designed FOR liberal elites and feeds right into the stereotype so many of we Democrats fight to overcome.

The bulk of the book is taken up by Democratic ideas, such as those surrounding corporations, food regulation, public education, nature, and more, and it basically provides tiny chapters for each (like two to four pages) and gives alternative terms for words commonly used in political circles that the authors think have been hijacked by conservatives. This is where my big problem is. I’m right up there agreeing conservatives have hijacked public dialogue, but the alternative terms they advocate strike me as downright silly. Let me give you examples. On abortion and pro-choice terminology, they argue that conservatives make this a moral argument through their use of their own terminology, so instead of saying “pro choice,” we should instead say “pro-liberty.” Other options include “pro-family” and “family freedom.” They then go on to say, “the terms birth control and birth control pills are disastrous. The real issue is ‘pregnancy prevention’.” That’s right — we should talk about pregnancy prevention instead of birth control. Maybe that makes some sort of sense, but I can’t see society making that shift, no matter how many liberals start employing that term. So too, abortion is a dirty word. We need to replace it with — get this — “development prevention.” Yeah, that’s right. Development prevention. I’m not pro-abortion, nor am I anti-choice, but no one’s going to start saying development prevention. I’m sorry — it’s not going to happen. To sum it up, this is a book of ideas, and maybe it’s a decent conversation starter, but the terminology solutions suggested here seem ludicrous to me and probably to a whole bunch of other people too. I was really disappointed in this book, especially after looking forward to reading it so much. I don’t recommend it.

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