Obama and Gas Prices

Hi. This is my 100th blog post here. Just thought I’d mention it.

Here’s something else I’ve got to mention. Remember last month when Republicans and most of the media were bashing President Obama for high gas prices and the public bought it and his approval ratings dropped? Yeah, I remember that too. Well, now that gas prices are probably close to being a dollar a gallon lower than then, where’s the overdue praise for Obama? Why aren’t the conservatives lauding our president for his great achievements? Why isn’t the press all over this? Is it because our allegedly “liberal” media is actually quite conservative, save MSNBC? I know this — it’s utter hypocrisy and it makes me sick to my stomach! Obama wasn’t the reason gas prices were high in the first place — no president is — and he’s not the reason they’re so much lower now. But I really do think Republican owe Obama an apology for the utter crap they put him through on this.

I guess that’s all for now. I don’t know what my 101st blog post will be yet. Cheers!

One thought on “Obama and Gas Prices

  1. william wallace

    BARACK having broke every promise made / rather than
    protect the rights of the people he has stripped people of
    the few rights they had left. BARACK’s latest drug doped
    illusion is he can have any choice of individual murdered
    if he perceives they are a enemy of the USA govt or USA
    military BARACK claiming such murder not a crime as he
    has classified such murder as “lawful murder” according
    to BARACK putting lawful before a crime makes it a none
    crime “lawful rape” “a lawful beating” ” lawful abuse” such
    but makes a mockery of the courts / a mockery of justice.

    The idea people should make a apology to BARACK but
    generous on your part /its BARACK whom owes apology.


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