Literary Diary Entry

I’ve been posting some diary entries from the 16 old diaries I recently found, dating from 1984 to 1992. This will probably be the last one I post. I don’t see much point in blogging about things that happened 20 years ago. This entry was written after I had moved from Knoxville TN to Tempe AZ. Anyway, here’s the entry:


June 13, 1992

Last night I went down to the Coffee Plantation and, among other things, I met the editor/publisher of Zone, a local-based magazine with a national circulation of about 15,000 — pretty good for a literary mag. To make a long story short, we talked for about three hours and I gave him a lot of marketing ideas. In response, he asked if I was interested in several projects — an article about the L.A. writing scene, an article on the small press scene, and he asked if I could land an interview with Bukowski. Huh. They would also list me as editorial consultant, or something like that. Things to ponder….

Got a lot of things in the mail today. A postcard from Lisa. A few magazine rejections. A couple of acceptances. A small mag with some of my poems in it. A letter of appreciation from someone I recently gave writing advice to…. However, I’m spending a hell of a lot of time writing shit these days. I wonder if I’ve lost the touch. I can’t write prose. Blocks from hell. It’s just too stilted. Haven’t done any decent poems in a couple of months. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of inspiration or a lack of ability or what. Maybe I just don’t have what it takes.

Well, after all that, I actually did get a lot done tonight after all that bitching. Nine new poems, two of which are pretty decent. Yeah! Also met a few strange people. Not a bad day.