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Mountain Bikes

Posted by Scott Holstad on April 25, 2012

I was all excited to write a post about mountain bikes this morning, but I don’t really feel up to it right now. Nonetheless, I think I’ll press ahead.

I had a nice Mongoose I bought in Pasadena years ago for a lot of money. My ex gave it away when we split up. Meanwhile, my girlfriend found a steal on a decent used mountain bike a week or so ago, and is eager to get riding. Well, I want to join her. I’ve been combing Craigslist and other boards for used bikes, as well as looking at places like Dick’s and Academy Sports, etc. I even ran into — and out of — a Trek store. I can’t go for a 10K bicycle. Wow.

Well, it came down to two or three possibilities. One was a new Mongoose at one of the sporting stores. Bare bones, but good enough and what I was looking for. Also, very reasonably priced. However, on Craigslist, I found another bike for sale that looked like a pretty good deal. It was a no name bike in pretty good condition listed at $65, but the owner agreed to come down to $50. We went to see it last night, noted the seat needed adjusting and the brakes needed tightening, but otherwise it seemed fairly decent, so I bought it.

I’m having some misgivings now, however. Sadly. First of all, we adjusted the seat with no problem. Good. Then, early this morning, I tightened the front brakes perfectly. The back ones, however, looked tricky. The cable was broken off and if I didn’t get a hold of it just right, it could slip out of what was holding it and I’d be damned if I could get it back in. Which is exactly what happened. I’ve spent an hour and a half on my knees trying to crimp wires and cables, trying to extend the cable where there was no extension possible, trying to reconnect — all to no avail. I’m going to have to take this no name bike into a good bike store for a new brake cable and repair, surrounded by nice, new, expensive bikes. A lesson in humility.

To make matters worse, I got in a two bike bike rack today. I had ordered it Monday so my girlfriend and I could drive our bikes down to the river to go riding on the path there, among other places. Well, I set it up on my car this afternoon. Had one hiccup, which I fixed. Then I lifted the surprisingly heavy aluminum bike up onto the bike rack, and it wouldn’t fit — at all. The frame is a touch too big and it’s shaped oddly, so it just won’t fit. So I won’t even be able to get this damn bike to a bike store for repair. Now I’m thinking it was a lesson learned and I blew $50. I’m thinking I’m probably just going to go ahead and get that Mongoose I should have bought in the first place come payday. Live and learn, right?

One Response to “Mountain Bikes”

  1. southernhon said

    We’ll get it all together soon. Sorry the experience has been frustrating.


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