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My Books – Crazy Prices

For some reason, a few days ago, I checked out the price being charged on Amazon for one of my old books, Cells. I was shocked to discover a reseller was selling it for an insane $164.13!!! That made me wonder what prices were being charged for that book elsewhere, as well as for any others of my old books. (Of course, since they’re either used or being sold through a reseller, I don’t get a penny from this — irritating — but that’s just the way it works…) I was somewhat surprised to find what some of my other books are going for right now. I took some screen shots and I’m going to post them, just for the heck of it. Cheers!

Cells — up to $164.13 through Amazon

Cells Insanity - Amazon - 06-25-2011

Cells — 1871 rupees in India ($41.59 US)

Cells - India - 06-25-2011

Artifacts — $30 used through Amazon

Artifacts - Amazon - 06-25-2011

Shadows Before the Maiming — up to $26.94 in Germany through Amazon

Shadows Before the Maiming - BookFinder - 06-25-2011

Places — up to $58.36 through Amazon

Places - Amazon - 06-25-2011

The Napalmed Soul– $40.11 new through Amazon

The Napalmed Soul - Amazon - 06-25-2011

The Napalmed Soul– $25 used from Alibris

The Napalmed Soul - Alibris - 06-25-2011

The Napalmed Soul– up to $62.56 to RENT from ISBNS

The Napalmed Soul - ISBNS - 06-25-2011

So, there you have it. Pure insanity, right? Who in their right mind would pay these prices for used books of mine??? Apparently, though, there must be some type of Holstad poetry market, as I’ve seen crazy prices for some of these books here online for quite awhile. I always wonder who the heck buys them, as well as how these dealers got their hands on a personally autographed or “inscribed” copy to sell (ie, which jerk I autographed it for years ago sold it for some cash???). Well, I guess that’s it for now. Cheers!

6 Responses to “My Books – Crazy Prices”

  1. Gretchen said

    Well, this is definitely very cool, except for the irritating fact that you won’t profit from them.

    I think it would be interesting to find out the backstory of the autographed copy. (and a potentially interesting story to share…)


  2. Lesley Lau said

    I imagine that the person on Alibris selling said book has that in their possession. Whether they’re the person who it was autographed for or they managed to acquire it somehow. It’s crazy how much people will pay for books these days. A co-worker was telling me that hard cover first edition HP books are going for $1000 and up (each) depending on condition. Crazy eh?


    • Crazy indeed! A grand, eh? If I had a grand lying around, that’s actually something I’d be tempted to snag, actually. LOL!


      • Lesley said

        Haha. I have the first 2 books in trade paperback and all of the rest were in hardcover (delivered courtesy of Amazon the same day they were released, no waiting in line for this chick). Mentioned this scenario to the same co-worker and she said that just because they are asking some fantastical amount for your book doesn’t mean they’ll get it. Supposedly there is something in place where they have to prove that the book is signed by the author and be able to prove that it is indeed the authors signature. Seems to happen with out of print books it seems. *shrugs*


  3. dweezer19 said

    That is really wild..


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