Library Holdings With Scott C. Holstad

As of July 13, 2022, over 700 libraries of all types spread all over the globe contained some or many works by and publications containing work by Scott C. Holstad. The research that has produced this number and the specific information for each has been very time and labor-intensive and it remains an ongoing, fluid process. This Page on the website is actually being taken from another section because it has grown so large that it threatened to overtake the Select Publications section. That being said, I have little desire to contain making the time and effort necessary to produce data of this nature, if for no other reason than I have countless other things to attend to. As a result, I’m largely lifting what I have already been gathering since late 2021. I was and remain interested in three to four different types of libraries. First and foremost are Special Collections and Archives libraries, often at large or major research universities. I wanted to know how many (and which) carried anything of mine. Second, I wanted to get an idea of other traditional universities and colleges that I could “prove” carried something of mine, but A) not necessarily in Special Collections or B) I couldn’t confirm the location due to access restrictions. Third was all sorts of other libraries that might have works of mine, including numerous city libraries, community colleges, law schools, museums and other less traditional libraries. Finally, the “sign” that one has any prominence — going by Wikipedia or various catalogs like WorldCat, etc. — is IF, How Many and Which State or National Libraries have holdings including your work. I guess if none, then you don’t count, eh? 😉 So these were my primary search targets. One other issue I wanted to stick closely to for integrity’s sake was that IF any library — especially Special Collections — carried anything that published me, such as journals, anthologies, magazines, etc., — that I would NOT include any libraries with merely the series — unless they had issues specifically containing my own work. This entailed my having to compare and check off library databases around the world with my own imperfect records, vita, etc. A reason is many such libraries may have the first few issues, the first year, the last year, a single copy, etc., of any given publication and not necessarily any issue you’re published in. As tempting as it would have been to include many more libraries, if I was published in Volume 18 of a magazine and a library only had the first 10, I sadly did not include it in these records — to my immense frustration at times. That said though, the result is that as best I’ve been able, everything on this list was personally confirmed as having my own individual works and/or works containing some of my material — at the time of discovery and listing. Additionally, I tried to stick to physical objects, which has made it much harder as it seems all libraries are going to digitized databases, so any papers, research, creative works, etc., are often in the ether, so to speak, and they provide ACCESS, but don’t actually have any copies — which makes me wonder what they might actually have and why they even exist at all if they don’t carry crap… Regardless, I’ve been really surprised at the results, which I’ll share here and as noted, this is an ongoing process so more will undoubtedly be added with time. Finally, there are some collections held in various Special Collections libraries — archives of some prominent people and publications — which contain references to me and typically materials of mine that were relevant to the person and their archive and while I’ve been frustrated in knowing I am in the archives of many other people — good friends, etc. — some catalogs list contents while many more don’t, and as a result I kept only to archives in which my name if publicly available and visible to anyone, which really puts a cap on the number, but one has to live with such things. I’ll start with that section as it’s the shortest and then move on. The sections should speak for themselves. I would include more information, but I don’t wish to use that time when I have many other obligations to attend to. Thanks very much. Scott Holstad

Archived Papers in which Scott C. Holstad is listed, cataloged, indexed, etc., in the archives of Other writers, author and publishers, as well as various university special collections archives, etc. [The information and contents in this section are not exhaustive.]

  • Diane di Prima Papers, 1955-2008. University of North Carolina Rare Book Literary and Historical Papers at the Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library.
    • Series 1. Correspondence and Related Materials, 1962-2008.
      • Holstead, Scott C., 1992-1993. Folder 248.

  • Bottle of Smoke Press Records. Archives at Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
    • Box 54 – 2006-2007
      • – Series VII: Submissions, 2001-2015
        • Sheufelt, Heather, Scott C. Holstad, and Patrick T. Nelson, 2004

  • Edward Field Papers. University of Delaware Library, Special Collections.
    • Long Beach Poets Collection, 1969-1994
      • Holstad, Scott C. Dancing with the Lights Out. Long Beach, CA: Big Head Press, 1992.
        • Second printing inscribed to Field by Holstad. Box 7, F262.
      • Holstad, Scott C. Junction City. Phoenix, AR [sic]: Sister Moon Press, 1993.
        • Inscribed to Field by Holstad. Box 7, F262.
    • Personal Correspondence, 1953-1994
      • Holstad, Scott C, 1993-1994. Five letters from this poet. Box 11, F166.

  • Belinda Subraman Papers. University of New Mexico Center for Southwest Research & Special Collections.
    • Collection Identifier: MSS-584-BC
    • 7 Boxes in Collection. Final section (& box) labeled Restricted, 1981-1994. The box and its contents are restricted until the year 2044.

  • Allen Ginsberg Papers, 1937-2017. Stanford University Library, Department of Special Collections and University Archives.
    • Correspondence, Subseries 1.6 1990-1994.
      • Box 334, Folder 13/14: Holstad, Scott C.

  • Cambridge University Library Special Collections, Archives
    • Miscellaneous Accessions Collection (1659-2017)
      • [Unofficially, among letters, correspondence, notes to Marvin Malone (separate and apart from the official Wormwood Review collection)]
        • Holstad, Scott C. c 1972- (poet) *
        • Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS Add.9750/240
    • Holstad, Scott C., c1972 – (poet) *
      • Person
      • Dates
      • Existence c 1972- *
      • Scott C. Holstad, Essayist, Poet, Editor
        • Letter to Marvin Malone, nd [1994-1996]
        • Reference Code: GBR/0012/MS Add.9750/240
        • Scope and Contents Note on reverse of advertisement for Holstad’s new poetry book.
        • Dates: nd [1994-1996]
        • Conditions Governing Access: From the Fonds: Unless restrictions apply, the collection is open for consultation by researchers using the Manuscripts Reading Room at Cambridge University Library. For further details on conditions governing access please contact Information about opening hours and obtaining a Cambridge University Library reader’s ticket is available from the Library’s website (
        • Found in: Cambridge University Library / GBR/0012/MS Add.9750, Miscellaneous accessions

Libraries Holding Various Works By Scott C. Holstad In Their (Permanent) Special Collections, Rare Books, Manuscripts, Special Periodicals, Etc., Libraries and Archives

(In no specific order other than the first university [University of Tennessee] and its Special Collections library, which has maintained more personal holdings of Holstad’s than any other library and in which he is to be a featured poet in the Tennessee Writers Collection.)

  1. University of Tennessee Libraries, Special Collections & Rare Books
  2. Brown University John Hay Library, Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays. Poetry, 1976-2000
  3. University of Buffalo/SUNY Special Collections & Special Collections Poetry Periodical Collection
  4. Yale University Library, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
  5. Cambridge University Libraries, Special Collections
  6. Library Of Congress (LOC)
  7. University of Wisconsin – Madison Libraries, Memorial Library Special Collections
  8. Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Special Collections & Archives
  9. Knox County (TN) Public Library System, Lawson McGhee Library; McClung Collection
  10. LSU Libraries, Special Collections
  11. UCLA Library
    1. SRLF UCL – Building Use Only (Not Loanable): Southern Regional Library Facility, University of California Libraries
    2. UCLA Young Research Library (YRL) Special Collections
  12. UC Berkeley Libraries (Figures as found are current for October 22, 2021.These figures are the minimum; there may be more. These figures do not include or count various papers, reviews and articles available via online access, such as through Taylor & Francis databases, etc.)
    1. Doe Memorial Library: 5 items; 10 copies
    2. Ethnic Studies Library: 2 items; 3 copies
    3. Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF): 15 items; 27 copies
    4. The Bancroft Library Special Collections: 16 items: 24 copies
  13. UC San Diego Special Collections & Archives — Archive for New Poetry
  14. UC Santa Cruz University Library, McHenry Library Special Collections
  15. Princeton University Library 
  16. University of Colorado Libraries, Norlin Library, Rare and Distinctive Collections
  17. Library University of Amsterdam, Special Collections (IWO)
  18. East Tennessee State University Libraries, ETSU Archives of Appalachia – Special Collections
  19. University of Oregon Libraries, Knight Library Special Collections & University Archives 
  20. Michigan State University Libraries Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections
  21. University of Southern California Doheny Memorial Library, Special Collections Library, Rare Books
  22. University of Kansas Archives/MSS/Rare Books, Kenneth Spencer Research Library 
  23. University of British Columbia Library
  24. UConn Library Archives & Special Collections
  25. Emory University Library, Special Collections Department [PIR]
  26. Rhodes College Paul Barret Jr. Library
  27. Harvard Library, Houghton Library & Widener Library
  28. SUNY Binghamton Bartle Library, Maria Mazziotti Gillan Archive & Library Annex
  29. Poets House: 1) Special Collections and 2) Main Library
  30. University of Tulsa McFarlin Special Collections 
  31. Villanova University Falvey Memorial Library
  32. Pittsburgh State University Special Collections & University Archives
  33. University of Louisville University Libraries, Ekstrom Library Archives & Special Collections
  34. University of Miami Special Collections, Kislak Center
  35. National Cheng Kung University NCKU Library國立成功大學圖書館
  36. University of Arizona Libraries Special Collections
  37. University of Texas (Austin) 1) Perry-Castaneda Library (PCL) and 2) Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center Library (HRC) [PIR]
  38. Leabharlann UCD, University College Dublin James Joyce Library, Special Collections
  39. Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens — Rare Book Collection
  40. California State University East Bay University Archives & Special Collections
  41. California State University Dominguez Hills Gerth Archives & Special Collections
  42. Cal Poly Pomona Special Collections & Archives
  43. San Jose State University Special Collections & Archives
  44. San Diego State University Library Special Collections
  45. Berea College Hutchins Library, Special Collections
  46. Northern Kentucky University Steeley Library Special Collections
  47. Appalachian State University Special Collections Research Center
  48. University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections Research Center
  49. University of Georgia Special Collections Library, Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library
  50. Duke University Libraries David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
  51. University of Hawai’I at Manoa Hawaiian & Pacific Collections
  52. UC Santa Barbara Library, Special Collections
  53. Colorado State University Morgan Library, Special Collections
  54. Stony Brook University (SUNY) Libraries, Special Collections
  55. Northwestern University Libraries McCormick Library of Special Collections and University Archives
  56. The University of Melbourne Baillieu Library, Special Collections
  57. University of Leeds Libraries, Brotherton Library Special Collections
  58. California State University Long Beach University Library, Special Collections
  59. Sonoma State University Library, Special Collections
  60. California State University San Bernardino Pfau Library Special Collections
  61. San Francisco State University Library Special Collections
  62. Texas State University Libraries Archives
  63. University of the Pacific Special Collections & Archives
  64. University of Wisconsin La Crosse Special Collections
  65. University College London (UCL), Special Collections Library
  66. Oklahoma State University, Special Collections & University Archives
  67. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Libraries, Special Collections
  68. University of New Mexico Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections
  69. University of Pennsylvania Libraries
    1. Penn Libraries Special Collections, Gotham Book Mart Collection
    2. Kislak Center for Special Collections – Rare Book Collection
  70. Dalhousie University Killam Library Special Collections
  71. Florida State University, Special Collections & Archives
  72. Boston College John J. Burns Library, Special Collections & Archives
  73. University of Denver Libraries Special Collections & Archives
  74. Vanderbilt University Jean & Alexander Heard Libraries, Special Collections & University Archives
  75. NYU Libraries, Special Collections
  76. Simon Fraser University W.A.C. Bennett Library, Special Collections
  77. Cornell University Kroch Library Rare & Manuscript Collections
  78. University of Virginia Library Special Collections
  79. Arizona State University Library, Rare Books and Manuscripts Collections
  80. Naropa University Allen Ginsberg Library Special Collections
  81. University of Oxford, Magdalen College Archives
  82. University of North Carolina Libraries
    1. Davis Library
    2. Wilson Library Rare Book Collection
  83. Brooklyn College Library Special Collections
  84. The Ohio State University Thompson Library, Rare Books 
  85. University College London (UCL) Library Services, Special Collections
  86. University of Victoria Libraries, Special Collections
  87. University of Minnesota Twin Cities Archives and Special Collections, TC Anderson Babbage Institute (Social Issues in Computing Collection)
  88. Keene State College Wallace E. Mason Library, Special Collections
  89. Santa Clara University Library Archives & Special Collections
  90. Salem State University Frederick E. Berry Library, Special Collections
  91. California State University, Office of Chancellor
  92. Johns Hopkins Libraries Special Collections
  93. Washington University in St. Louis University Libraries Special Collections Quarto
  94. University of Michigan Library Special Collections, Ladabie Collection
  95. UC Davis Shields Special Collections
  96. Kent State University Special Collections and Archives
  97. Ball State University Bracken Library Archives and Special Collections
  98. Virginia Commonwealth University Cabell Library Special Collections and Archives
  99. Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen (SUB Gottingen)
  100. University of Rochester Rare Books & Special Collections Library
  101. Wisconsin Historical Society Archives
  102. The University of Western Australia Reid Library Special Collections
  103. Deakin University Library Special Collections
  104. Washington State University Libraries, Manuscripts, Archives and Special Collections

Additional Libraries Housing Works of Scott C. Holstad–Any Special Collections Designation Currently Unknown, Not Yet Determined

  1. George Washington University Libraries
  2. UC Riverside Rivera Library
  3. Queens University of Charlotte Everett Library
  4. University of Edinburgh Library
  5. Rutgers University Libraries, Alexander Library
  6. Columbia University Libraries
  7. University of Washington Libraries, Suzzallo and Allen Libraries
  8. Luther College, Preus Library
  9. University of Liverpool, Sydney Jones Library
  10. University of Tennessee Chattanooga Library
  11. Nelson Mandela University Libraries
  12. University of Houston Libraries, UH/MD Anderson Library
  13. Leeds University Library
  14. Swansea University Library Singleton Park Library
  15. Auburn University Libraries
  16. University of Manchester Library
  17. University of Utah Marriott Library
  18. University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Libraries & the Notre Dame Annex
  19. University of Cincinnati Langsam Library
  20. University of Iowa Libraries – UI Main Library
  21. University of Delaware Library
  22. University of Vermont Howe Library
  23. LaSalle University Connelly Library
  24. University of Rochester River Campus Libraries
  25. Concordia University Library
  26. Davis & Elkins College Booth Library
  27. Southern Illinois University Morris Library
  28. Milligan University Libraries
  29. Mars Hill College Renfro Library
  30. California State University Northridge University Library
  31. Virginia Tech University Libraries
  32. Georgia State University, GSU Library Atlanta Campus
  33. University Libraries, University of Nevada, Reno
  34. St. Lawrence University Libraries, Owen D.. Young Library
  35. Universite de Montreal
  36. University of Montana Mansfield Library
  37. UC San Francisco Parnassus Kalmanovitz Library
  38. Stanford University Libraries
  39. University of Toronto Libraries
    1. Robarts Library
    2. UTL Downsview
    3. St. Michael’s College Library, John M. Kelly Library
  40. Freie Universitat Berlin J.F. Kennedy-Institut
  41. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München University library (of the LMU Munich)
  42. St. Patrick’s College
  43. University of Alabama Birmingham Mervyn H. Sterne Library
  44. University of London Senate House Library
  45. Caltech Library
  46. MIT Libraries
  47. University of Tennessee Martin Paul Meek Library
  48. The Claremont Colleges Library
  49. Christian Theological Seminary Library
  50. Gateway Seminary
  51. Maryville College Library
  52. Medicine Hat College MHC Libraries 
  53. Antioch University Library
  54. Eastern Michigan University Bruce T. Halle Library
  55. Eastern Washington University JFK Library
  56. University of Sioux Falls Mears Library
  57. University of the West Library
  58. University of New Brunswick Libraries
  59. Washington State University Vancouver Library
  60. Baylor University Libraries, Moody Memorial Library
  61. Northwestern College DeWitt Library
  62. Hastings College Perkins Library
  63. University of South Carolina Libraries
  64. Washington State University Spokane Libraries, Spokane Academic Library
  65. University of St Thomas Libraries
  66. Towson University Albert S. Cook Library
  67. Southwestern University A. Frank Smith Jr Library Center
  68. University of Nebraska Dr CC & Mabel L Criss Library
  69. Oklahoma City University Dulaney-Browne Library
  70. Doane University Perkins Library
  71. Chowan University Whitaker Library
  72. University of Regina Libraries
  73. Augustauna University Mikkelsen Library
  74. University of Arkansas University Libraries
  75. Dordt University Hulst Library
  76. Washington State University Tri-Cities 
  77. Southeastern Oklahoma State University Henry G Bennett Memorial Library
  78. Truman State University Pickler Memorial Library
  79. Doherty Library
  80. Simpson College Library, Dunn Library
  81. Texas A&M University – Texarkana College
  82. University of Minnesota Rodney A. Briggs Library
  83. Texas Southern University TSU Learning Center
  84. Washington State University Pullman Libraries, Holland and Terrell Libraries
  85. Arkansas State University Beebe Libraries
  86. University of Alberta Libraries 
  87. Goethe-Institut Dublin
  88. DePaul University Library
  89. USF Health Shimberg Health Sciences Library
  90. Manchester University Library Funderburg Library
  91. University of Southampton Hartley Library 
  92. Hillsdale College Mossey Library
  93. University of the South Library
  94. Washington and Lee University Library
  95. William & Mary Libraries, Swem Library
  96. Agnes Scott College McCain Library
  97. Mary Baldwin University Library
  98. University of North Florida Thomas G Carpenter Library
  99. University of Chicago Library
  100. George Mason University Fenwick Library 
  101. Bucknell University Bertrand Library
  102. East Carolina University Libraries Joyner Library 
  103. Northern Arizona University Cline Library
  104. Western Michigan University Dwight B Waldo Library
  105. Texas A&M International University TAMIU Killam Library
  106. Carleton University MacOdrum Library   
  107. Arizona State University Libraries, West Campus Fletcher Library
  108. Sweet Briar College Library, Mary Helen Cochran Library
  109. Georgetown University Joseph Mark Lauinger Memorial Library
  110. Minnesota State University Livington Lord Library
  111. Western Carolina University Hunter Library
  112. Wichita State University Library, Ablah Library
  113. UNC Greensboro University Libraries
  114. University of North Dakota Chester Fritz Library
  115. University of Victoria Libraries, McPherson Library
  116. Amherst College Library, AC Frost Library
  117. Fitchburg State University Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library
  118. University of Evansville University Libraries
  119. University of Reading Library
  120. Juniata College Beeghly Library
  121. Union University Library
  122. Hamline University Library, Bush Memorial Library
  123. Berry College Memorial Library
  124. Stevens Institute of Technology Samuel C. Williams Library
  125. Providence College Phillips Memorial Library
  126. Graceland University Frederick Madison Smith Library
  127. Tyndale University J William Horsey Library
  128. Rhode Island College Library
  129. UMass Boston Healey Library
  130. New Mexico State University Alamogordo Library
  131. Saint Bonaventure University Friedsam Memorial Library
  132. Rice University Fondren Library
  133. Swarthmore College Libraries, McCabe Library
  134. Saint Francis Seminary Salzmann Library
  135. Queen’s University of Belfast, The McClay Library
  136. University of Exeter Forum Library
  137. Illinois University Library
  138. Avignon Université. Bibliothèque universitaire
  139. Université de Lille Bibliothèque universitaire Sciences Humaines et Sociales
  140. Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut Preußischer Kulturbesitz Bibliothek
  141. Fordham University Libraries
  142. University of Memphis University Libraries
  143. Indiana University Library
  144. American University Library, Bender Library 
  145. University of Wyoming Libraries
  146. UC Irvine Libraries, Langson Library
  147. California State University Chico Meriam Library
  148. Sacramento State University Library
  149. Fresno State University Henry Madden Library
  150. University of Maryland, College Park McKeldin Library
  151. Kentucky State University Paul G. Blazer Library
  152. Centre College Grace Doherty Library
  153. Morehead State University Camden-Carroll Library
  154. Emory & Henry College Library
  155. Davidson College E.H. Little Library
  156. Warren Wilson College Library
  157. Indiana State University Cunningham Memorial Library
  158. UNC Asheville University Ramsey Library
  159. Randolph Macon College McGraw-Page Library
  160. University of Ljubijana Central Social Sciences Library Joze Goticar
  161. National Library Information System of Slovenia, Institute of Information Science
  162. Marymount University Emerson G. Reinsch Library
  163. University of Mississippi Libraries
  164. UMBC Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery
  165. Texas A&M University Evans Library
  166. Palm Beach Atlantic University Warren Library
  167. John F Kennedy University Robert M Fisher Library
  168. Portland State University
  169. Pacific University Oregon Libraries
  170. Memorial University Queen Elizabeth II Library
  171. Hawaii Pacific University Atherton Library
  172. Brigham Young University—Hawaii Joseph F. Smith Library
  173. Chaminade University of Honolulu Sullivan Library
  174. Iowa State University Parks Library
  175. University of New Mexico Libraries
  176. University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP) Libraries
  177. Ocean State Libraries Library
  178. Mount St. Mary’s Seminary & School of Theology Eugene H. Maly Memorial Library
  179. University of West Florida Library
  180. University of South Florida Libraries
  181. Lake Superior State University Kenneth J. Shouldice Library
  182. Florida International University Hubert Library
  183. Latrobe University, Borchardt Library (Australia)
  184. Universitatsbibliothek Tubingen
  185. University of Central Florida John C. Hitt Library
  186. University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries
  187. Boise State University Albertsons Library
  188. Anderson University Nicholson Library
  189. Huntington University RichLyn Library
  190. Texas A&M University Galveston, Jack K. Williams Library
  191. London Metropolitan University Library
  192. University of Groningen Library
  193. Erasmus University Rotterdam
  194. University of Illinois Chicago Library
  195. Southern Cross University Library
  196. University of Queensland Library
  197. University of Canberra Library
  198. University of Aukland Libraries
  199. Boston College Law Library
  200. University of Connecticut Law Library
  201. University of Idaho Law Library
  202. CUNY Law School Library
  203. George Washington University Jacob Burns Law Library
  204. Howard University Law Library
  205. Hofstra Law Library
  206. Brooklyn Law School
  207. NYU Law School Library
  208. Temple University Law Library
  209. University of Pennsylvania Biddle Law Library
  210. University of Pittsburgh Barco Law Library
  211. University of Michigan Law Library
  212. University of Notre Dame Kresge Law Library
  213. Georgetown University Law Library
  214. Catholic University of America, Dufour Law Library
  215. UNC Katherine R. Everett Law Library
  216. University of Tennessee Law Library
  217. Loyola University of Chicago Law Library
  218. UC Davis Mabie Law Library
  219. UC Hastings College of Law Library
  220. Columbia College Chicago Library
  221. University of Denver Libraries
  222. Howard University Social Work Library
  223. Howard University Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library
  224. Ngee Ann Polytechnic Library
  225. 国立台湾大学图书馆
  226. McMaster University Library
  227. New Jersey City University
  228. Mount Holyoke College Williston & Miles-Smith Library
  229. Smith College Libraries, Neilson Library
  230. UMass Amherst Libraries, Science & Engineering Library (SEL); W.E.B. Du Bois Library
  231. University of Bristol Arts and Social Sciences Library
  232. University of Sydney Fisher Library
  233. Sacred Heart University Library
  234. Shenandoah University Alson H Smith Jr Library
  235. Azusa Pacific University Hugh and Hazel Darling Library
  236. Richard Bland College Library
  237. Averett University, Blount Library
  238. Christendom College St. John the Evangelist Library
  239. Virginia Wesleyan University Hofheimer Library
  240. Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Library
  241. Bibliotheek Universiteit van Amsterdam, Boekendepoy (IWO)
  242. Pepperdine University Libraries, Payson Library
  243. Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
  244. BYU Harold B. Lee Library
  245. Texas Tech University Libraries
  246. Universidad de las Americas
  247. Universidad de Puerto de Cayey
  248. Wheaton College Madeleine Clark Wallace Library
  249. University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  250. RIT Wallace Library
  251. Shepherd University Scarborough Library
  252. Hunter College Jacqueline Grennan Wexler Library
  253. Divine Mercy University Mary S. Thelen Library
  254. Hanover College Duggan Library
  255. Westminster College McGill Library
  256. Fayetteville State University Charles W. Chesnutt Library
  257. Virginia Military Institute (VMI) Preston Library
  258. Fairmont State University Ruth Ann Musick Library
  259. Hampden-Sydney College Bortz Library
  260. Earlham College Lilly Library
  261. Lehman College Leonard Lief Library
  262. Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Library
  263. West Virginia University Libraries
  264. Radford University McConnell Library
  265. North Carolina A&T State University Ferdinand Douglass Bluford Library
  266. Spring Arbor University White Library
  267. Victoria University of Wellington Kelburn Library
  268. Wilmington University Library
  269. Concordia University Zimmerman Library
  270. Southern New Hampshire University Shapiro Library
  271. Elon University Carol Grotnes Belk Library
  272. Old Dominion University Libraries
  273. College of Staten Island, CUNY Library
  274. Graduate School of Journalism, CUNY
  275. CUNY Graduate Center Mina Rees Library
  276. Guilford College Hege Library
  277. Wake Forest University Z. Smith Reynolds Library
  278. Indiana Institute of Technology McMillen Library
  279. Pratt Institute Libraries
  280. Brooklyn College Walter W. Gerboth Music Library
  281. John Jay College of Criminal Justice Library Lloyd George Sealy Library
  282. Medgar Evers College Charles Inniss Memorial Library
  283. City College/CUNY
  284. City University of New York CUNY
  285. Queens College Benjamin Rosenthal Library
  286. Spalding University Library
  287. Bethel University Indiana Bowen Library
  288. Fairleigh Dickinson University Libraries
  289. Clark University Robert Hutchings Goddard Library
  290. Catawba College Corriher-Linn-Black Library
  291. Covenant College Anna E. Kresge Memorial Library
  292. Albertus Magnus College Rosary Hall Library
  293. SUNY Oneonta James M. Milne Library
  294. Butler University Libraries
  295. California Lutheran University Pearson Library
  296. Oglethorpe University Philip Weltner Library
  297. Xavier University McDonald Memorial Library
  298. Universite du Quebec a Montreal
  299. University of South Australia
  300. University of Canterbury Central Library
  301. Universite du Quebec en Outaouais
  302. Charles Stuart University Library
  303. University of the Witwatersland Library (SA)
  304. University of Pretoria Library
  305. Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi
  306. Coe College Stewart Memorial Library
  307. Marshall University, John Deaver Drinko Library
  308. Northeastern University Snell Library
  309. College of Staten Island, CUNY
  310. The New School Libraries & Archives
  311. NYU Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
  312. Ohio University Libraries
  313. University of Mary Washington Simpson Library
  314. Hofstra University Library, Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library
  315. University of North Texas Library
  316. Oakland City University Library
  317. United Arab Emirates University
  318. Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht
  319. University of Evansville Libraries
  320. Wesleyan College, Willet Memorial Library
  321. Troy University Libraries
  322. Harding University Brackett Library
  323. Chapman University Leatherby Library
  324. Arkansas State University, Jonesboro Elis Library
  325. University of New Mexico Valencia Campus Library
  326. University of New Mexico – Taos Library
  327. University of New Mexico, Gallup Zollinger Library
  328. University of New Mexico, Los Alamos Library
  329. Mississippi State University Libraries
  330. University of Central Arkansas Torreyson Library
  331. University of Redlands Armacost Library
  332. University of Houston Downtown WI Dykes Library
  333. Wilmington University Library
  334. U.S. Department of State, Ralph J. Bunche Library (NoCL, March ’96)
  335. Penn State University Libraries, Pattee Library
  336. Bloomsburg University Harvey A. Andruss Library
  337. Ursinus College Myrin Library
  338. Golden Gate University Library
  339. Holy Names University Cushing Library
  340. College of San Mateo Library
  341. University of Iowa Libraries
  342. University of Pittsburgh Libraries
  343. UC San Francisco Library
  344. UC Merced LibraryVictoria University of Wellington Kelburn Library
  345. California State University Bakersfield Library
  346. California State University, Channel Islands John Spoor Broome Library
  347. University of the Western Cape Library
  348. University of Bath Library
  349. University of Otago Library
  350. New Mexico State University Libraries
  351. Oregon State University Libraries, Valley Library 
  352. University of Oregon Libraries, Knight Library
  353. Lipscomb University Library
  354. Iowa State University Parks Library
  355. Tsinghua University
  356. University of Alabama Huntsville Libraries
  357. University of Alabama Birmingham Lister Hill Library
  358. Stetson University duPont-Ball Library
  359. Drake University Cowles Library
  360. Universitat Konstanz, Bibliothek
  361. Des Moines University Library
  362. Samford University Library
  363. Alabama A&M University Library
  364. Clemson University Robert Muldrow Cooper Library
  365. Simpson University Library Start-Kilgour Memorial Library
  366. Navy Postgraduate School (NPS) Dudley Knox Library
  367. Texas A&M University, San Antonio Library
  368. Whitman College Library
  369. Sofia University Library
  370. Universitat Konstanz, Bibliothek
  371. Universitats Bibliothek Freiburg
  372. Getty Research Institute Library
  373. American Jewish University Libraries, Ostrow Library
  374. Bibliothek der Freien Universitat Berlin
  375. Universitatsbibliothek Wuerzburg  
  376. Hamline University Bush Library
  377. University of Wisconsin Parkside Library
  378. University of Puget Sound Collins Library
  379. Minnesota State University, Moorhead Livingston Lord Library
  380. Hochschule Augsberg Bibliothek
  381. University of Missouri Kansas City Nichols Library
  382. Max Planck Institute Limnologie Bibliography
  383. Bibliothek FH Wilhelmshaven
  384. Staats & Universitatsbibliothek Hamburg Sabi
  385. University of Missouri University Libraries
  386. Portland State University Branford P. Millar Library
  387. The College of Idaho Library
  388. Grand Canyon University Library
  389. Universitatsbibliothek Osnabruck
  390. Saarbruken, Universität des Saarlandes- und Landesbibliothek
  391. University of Rochester Rush Rhees Library
  392. Israel Institute of Technology
  393. Zefat Academy College, Safed College
  394. University of Hafia Younes & Soraya Nazarian Library
  395. Staats & Universitatsbibliothek Hamburg
  396. Hochschulbibliothek Vechta
  397. Universitatsbibliothek Mannheim
  398. Open University of Israel Library
  399. University of Cincinnati Langsam Library
  400. Evergreen State College Daniel J Evans Library
  401. Philander Smith College Library
  402. University of St Andrews Library
  403. American University of Kuwait Library
  404. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Library
  405. Center for Research Libraries  (CRL)
  406. Manchester Metropolitan University Library [MMU]
  407. University of Gloucestershire Library
  408. Bennington College Edward lark Crossett Library
  409. West Virginia University Libraries
  410. International Institute of Social History (IISG) – international instituut voor sociale geschiedenis
  411. Roskilde Universitetsbibliotek, Fjernlan
  412. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Kunstbibliothek
  413. Emory & Henry College Kelly Library
  414. Thomas More University Benedictine Library
  415. Eastern Kentucky University Crabbe Library
  416. Centre College Grace Doherty Library
  417. Bellarmine University WL Lyons Brown Library
  418. Campbellsville University Montgomery Library
  419. Franklin Pierce University DiPietro Library
  420. Lindsey Wilson College Katie Murrell Library
  421. Western Kentucky University Helms-Cravens Library
  422. St Lawrence University Owen D. Young Library (ODY)
  423. Montclair State University Harry A Sprague Library
  424. Bloomsburg University Harvey A. Andruss Library
  425. University of Windsor Leddy Library
  426. Roger Williams University Libraries
  427. Miami University Libraries
  428. Manchester Metropolitan University Library
  429. Kenyon College Library
  430. University of Albany (SUNY) University Libraries

Select Additional Libraries With Scott C. Holstad Holdings (Generally Not Research Institutions or Specialized Libraries Maintaining Special Collections and Archives, Etc.)

  1. Los Angeles Public Library
  2. Kingsport TN Public Library
  3. Walters State Community College
  4. Cleveland State Community College
  5. East Baton Rouge Parish Library
  6. Memphis Public Library
  7. Lee County Library System
  8. Jacksonville Public Library
  9. Cleveland Public Library
  10. East Side Freedom Library
  11. Georgetown Township Public Library
  12. Baker & Taylor Inc Library
  13. Ybp Library Services Yankee Book Peddler
  14. Nashville State Community College
  15. Northeast State Community College
  16. Cleveland Museum of Art Ingalls Library
  17. New York Public Library
  18. Boston Public Library
  19. Boise Public Library
  20. Chicago Public Library
  21. Nashville Public Library
  22. Mendota Mental Health Institute
  23. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology University Library
  24. Washington County Public Library, Chatom, AL
  25. William Leonard Public Library District
  26. Kansas State Historical Society
  27. San Francisco Conservatory of Music, SFCM Music Library
  28. Maricopa Community Colleges
  29. Irvine Valley College Library
  30. Highland Park Public Library
  31. Waukesha Public Library 
  32. Alexandria Library
  33. Queens Public Library
  34. Brooklyn Public Library
  35. Guilford Technical Community College Libraries
  36. Bucks County Community College Newtown Campus Library
  37. Schaumburg Township District Library
  38. Vancouver Public Library
  39. Toronto Public Library
  40. North Central Kansas Library
  41. Grand Rapids Public Library
  42. Vermont College of Fine Arts Library
  43. Manhattan Public Library
  44. Indianapolis Public Library
  45. Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design Library
  46. Public Library of Cincinnati
  47. Duval County San Diego Public Library
  48. Cincinnati History Library, Cincinnati Museum Center
  49. Lexington Public Library
  50. Southern State Community College Library
  51. Ashland Community and Technical College Mansbach Memorial Library
  52. Madisonville Community College
  53. Seattle Public Library
  54. Santa Rosa Junior College
  55. Corvallis Public Library
  56. Torrance Public Library
  57. Nevada County Library
  58. Oakland Public Library
  59. San Francisco Public Library
  60. Lewis & Clark Law School Boley Law Library
  61. Red Deer Public Library
  62. East Orange Library (NJ)
  63. Contra Costa County Library
  64. Boaz Public Library (AL)
  65. Lee County Library System (FL)
  66. Nassau Library System (NY)
  67. Suffolk Cooperative Library System (NY)
  68. Free Library of Philadelphia
  69. Bucks County Free Library
  70. Brown County Library (WI)
  71. Anne Arundel Community College Library
  72. Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
  73. Mt Jacinto Community College Libraries
  74. Windward Community College Library
  75. Bergen Community College
  76. Mercer County Public Library (KY)
  77. Glendale (CA) Community College
  78. Lord Fairfax Community College (VA)
  79. J Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Downtown Campus Library
  80. Kingsborough Community College Robert J. Kibbee Library (NY)
  81. Broward County Libraries
  82. Salem Libraries
  83. Vance-Granville Community College Libraries (NC)
  84. Mohawk Valley Community College Libraries (NY)
  85. San Diego Public Library
  86. Long Beach City College Libraries
  87. Waubonsee Community College (IL) Todd Library
  88. Muskegon Community College Hendrik Meijer Library (MI)
  89. Nicolet Area Technical College Library
  90. Madison Area Technical College Libraries
  91. Tulsa Community College Library
  92. Windward Community College Library
  93. Fresno City College Library
  94. Bishop Museum Library (HI)
  95. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (DC?) ) (NoCL, March ’96)
  96. National Endowment For Democracy (NED) (NoCL, March ’96)
  97. California Energy Commission Library (Txt St Can)
  98. Modesto Junior College Library
  99. Central New Mexico Community College Libraries
  100. California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)
  101. Pasadena City College Library
  102. San Bernardino Community College District Libraries
  103. Des Moines Area Community College Ankeny Campus Library
  104. Medical University of South Carolina Libraries
  105. Google
  106. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Research Medical Library
  107. University of Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health Library
  108. Chemeketa Community College Library (OR)
  109. Mohave Community College Library
  110. Portland Community College Library
  111. Detroit Public Library
  112. Seattle Public Library
  113. Wisconsin Historical Society
  114. Normandale Community College
  115. North Shore Community College Library [MASS]
  116. Duluth Public Library
  117. Minnesota Historical Society Library
  118. Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
  119. Art Center College of Design, James L Fogg Library (Pasadena)
  120. Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)
  121. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
  122. Grant County Public Library [Williamstown KY]
  123. Buchanan County Public Library [Grundy VA]
  124. Kenton County Public Library [Erlanger KY]
  125. Carroll County Public Library [Carrollton KY]
  126. Boone County Public Library [Burlington KY]
  127. Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
  128. Madison County Public Library [Richmond KY]
  129. Lexington Public Library
  130. The Filson Historical Society [Louisville]
  131. Davies County Public Library [Owensboro KY]

National, State and International Libraries With Scott C. Holstad Holdings (Often or Typically Not Available to the General Public)

  1. Library of Congress (LOC)
  2. National Library of Australia
  3. National Library of Scotland
  4. National Library of Finland
  5. State Library & Archives of Florida
  6. State Library of Ohio
  7. State Library of Tasmania
  8. Tennessee State Library & Archives
  9. Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL) – State Library of Oklahoma
  10. National Library of Wales — Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru
  11. South African Reserve Bank
  12. Biblioteca Nacional De Espana – Madrid – (National Library of Spain)
  13. Bibliothequen nationale de France
  14. State Library of South Australia
  15. State Library of Louisiana
  16. State Library of NSW
  17. State Library of Queensland
  18. National Library of Ireland — Leabharlann Naisslunta na hEireann
  19. New York State Library
  20. Danish Union Catalogue and Danish National Bibliography (
  21. Library and Archives Canada
  22. California State Library
  23. The British Library
  24. The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)
    1. British National Art Library
  25. Bibliothèque Kandinsky – Centre Pompidou
    1. Bibliothèque Kandinsky – CentrePompidou [French National Museum of Modern Art] [HR]
  26. Det Kongelige Bibliotek (Royal Danish Library)
  27. Deutsche Nationalbibliothek – (German National Library) – [HR; Gangan]

Scott C. Holstad: Languages in which his work has been known to have been translated and/or published.


  1. Finnish
  2. German
  3. Dutch
  4. Japanese
  5. Flemish
  6. Russian
  7. French
  8. Swedish
  9. Hindi
  10. Tagalog
  11. Norwegian
  12. Chinese
  13. Korean
  14. Bulgarian
  15. Italian
  16. Spanish
  17. Arabic
  18. Greek
  19. Polish
  20. Czech
  21. Serbian