Entrepreneur. Active with startups over the years. Former poetry editor for Ray’s Road Review for nearly six years. Author/editor of about 35+ print books (before the current digital self-publishing trend; back when agents were required), although I’m no longer sure anyone actually knows the number because aside from the books published under my name and aside from the various anthologies I’ve appeared in and aside from the various textbooks I’ve had chapters in, written and edited, and aside from the books I’ve been contracted to co-author for others or even for major companies’ non-commericial uses and aside from the books I’ve ghostwritten and aside from the books I’ve edited and/or published and aside from… Well, you get the picture I guess. It’s somewhere between 25-50 most likely. And thousands of individual works published in hundreds/thousands of print journals in over 35 countries & at least 19 languages, as well as online globally via web-based publications now (so I guess it does no good to count specific countries anymore). Lots of other stuff in that arena. Some can be found on my nearby Scott C. Holstad: Select Publications page.

I’ve always been interested in pretty much everything and even though I finally stopped going to university to pursue and/or obtain certificates and degrees, I persisted in taking classes, doing post-grad research, etc., as my ultimate goal was to learn everything in existence before I died. Sadly I don’t think I’ll meet that goal. Heh. So some places I spent time included the University of Tennessee, California State University Long Beach, UCLA & Queens University of Charlotte with some additional law school thrown in and some study/research at MIT, Stanford and Michigan. Too much…

Fans of lots. Decades long Pen & Steelers fan, SEC football fan (and men and women’s basketball — Vols), but enjoy watching UCLA, Cal State Long Beach and pretty much any decent game in most sports in general. My LinkedIn page and my Poets & Writers directory profile mention a few other things, such as writers, etc.

People always ask me about my (former) career(s) and I don’t know how to answer because, I’m not a specialist in any one particular area. I guess I am what one might call a Polymath. Some say “Generalist,” and I say forever curious. So I’ve done a ton of different things, also viewable on my LinkedIn page.

Extremely severe health problems. Have Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia Type 2, very rare, among many other conditions. PTSD. Ataxia. EPI. Hundreds of TBIs. More. Moved 32+ times. Favorite place lived: Los Angeles. Missing SoCal. Had been living in Chattanooga with an amazing wife & two sweet, co-dependent cats for 15 years (sadly, now one). Relocated to the Gettysburg PA area in 2020, the worst decision we ever made for more reasons than I have time to write. So. It’s been a crazy life for so many reasons. And I’m stopping here.

You can find my Google Scholar page here.

[And you can find more oddities about me on my Wikidata listing (Q101075855).]

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