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Entrepreneur. Active with startups over the years. Former poetry editor for Ray’s Road Review for nearly six years. Author of 31+ print books, before the current digital self-publishing trend; back when agents were required. Thousands of works published in hundreds of print journals in over 30 countries & at least 12 languages, as well as online globally via web-based publications. Additional media publishing included anthologies, newspapers, academic/scientific/technical journals & internationally distributed commercial magazines in numerous genres. Longtime Finland-based fan club. Longtime columnist on writing & publishing for various publications. Had a number of academic/technical published papers & articles reprinted in major publishing house’s textbooks, as well as digital media such as CDs & DVDs. University of Tennessee, California State University Long Beach, & Queens University of Charlotte alum. Additionally, attended UCLA for over five years and was two classes shy of a degree in Computer Engineering when I found that with virtually no warning, I had to quickly relocate right before finishing that degree.

Pittsburgh Penguins & Steelers fan. (SEC) college football fan (Vols). Major Bukowski fan. Beat writers fan. Philip K Dick & Terry Pratchett fan, as well as David Weber. Collector of personally autographed books. (Among my prized possessions are books autographed to and for me by Charles Bukowski, Lawrence Ferlinghetti & William Burroughs.) Additional collector of fine art, rare vinyl, select certified sports collectibles & computers, with special fondness for custom-designed, custom built high-end computers. Primary current one is a Falcon Northwest MACH V. Loved tech but am tiring of it now in my old age. First computer in 1980, first programming class in 1983, first email in 1983. I never looked back after that.

Eclectic musical tastes. A bit of an audiophile, or at least audiophile-tendencies. Close to 12,000 albums in various formats, & some quite rare. Appreciate quality audio systems & components & hunger for a pair of $130,000 Sonus faber speakers I’ll never have. My computers tell me I have music in over 115 genres.

People ask me about my (former) career and I never know how to answer them because unlike many these days, I’m not a specialist. I guess I am what one might call a Polymath. So I’m never sure how to answer that question, I’m just going to paste part of my LinkedIn About section rather than trying to redo the wheel.

Problem solver. Facilitator. People connector. Fixer. (DO NOT PITCH ME. Please READ MY STATUS by my name.) Diverse combination of executive, tech, management, research, analysis & communication skills. Industry background in research, writing/editing/publishing, academia, technology, engineering, security, government, defense, politics, foreign affairs, healthcare, policy, ops, risk management, advising, etc. Author/editor of 31+ traditional published books (pre-current digital self-publishing; agents were required). Extensive entrepreneurial experience.
Skills/Knowledge: Leadership, research, risk management, business continuity, contingency planning, emergency preparedness, writing/editing, communications, ops, termination facilitating, systems engineering, networking, security, space warfare/doctrine, quantum field theory, philosophy, history, ethics, political campaigns, nuclear proliferation & NPT, geopolitics, political consulting, exec coaching, teaching business/tech communications, military, national defense, foreign policy, foreign affairs, China/E Asia, analysis, counseling, healthcare/policy, TBI/neuroscience, etc. TN Type2. PTSD. I collect fine art, rare vinyl, sports collectibles, customized knives & custom designed/built high-end PCs.

Well, I guess that sounds snobby enough. I actually don’t wish to come off snobby but some people interpret me that way or make assumptions without even talking to me. It doesn’t help that I have serious health problems that sometimes cause trouble in my remembering to respond to some people, etc.

Lastly, I guess one major component of my life is near-total understanding of fascism, fascist history and fascist tactics and I will never, ever allow Sawstikas to be officially planted on American soil without giving my life to defend the first working democratic experiment in world history, no matter how bumpy it is at times. I am 100% antifascist. My family did not fight, bleed and die on foreign soil, trying to both free millions AND to defend the rest of the world against fascists only to have that vile shit end up here. This are challenging times for many. I fear they will remain so and likely get worse.

I am also a recovering hard core Calvinist. Recovering? No, not really. That damn nightmare has led me to a special bitterness, jadedness, hatred, pessimism, absolute disgust for evangelicals and others like them whom I feel are the biggest hypocrites in the world, and whom I think pose the greatest threat to humanity in world history. I could go on for years about that and I can destroy any Abrahemic’ believer’s every argument without breaking a sweat, but one grows tired of listening to them get so mad at you they devolve, as always, into shrieking about faith, which is utterly meaningless, and calling me names, which in juvenile and yet so typical of their lack of critical thinking and intellect.

Extremely severe health problems. Have Trigeminal Neuralgia Type 2, very rare, among many other conditions. Also PTSD. Hundreds of TBIs. Much more. Moved 31+ times. Favorite place lived: Los Angeles. Missing SoCal. Have been living in a Chattanooga TN suburb with a wonderful, amazing wife & two sweet, co-dependent cats for 15 years. Relocated to the Gettysburg PA area in 2020, which was the worst decision we ever made because I was looking for a cute, safe little village, and it might have been if it weren’t for the fact that this has the most inbred rednecks we’ve ever seen in our lives, 24/7/365, ALL of home think the main residential street we live on is NASCAR Alley or the Indy 500 and they scream through here at insane speeds 24 hours a day with no stop, and they hit people – one bastard went out of his way to speed up and aim for me as I was crossing the street – but the local officials don’t care at all, which is why I’m about to start contacting state and federal officials I know. So. It’s been a crazy life for so many reasons. And I’m stopping here.

You can find my Google Scholar page here.

[And you can find more oddities about me on my Wikidata listing (Q101075855).]

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  1. Dan Harris said

    I nominated your blog for Versatile Blogger. Do with this what you will!



  2. indytony said

    I have just nominated you for a “Very Inspiring Blogger” award. To discover the terms of acceptance and see what I wrote about your blog, visit –


    Don’t feel obligated to follow the conditions of acceptance, though. Just know that I found your blog inspiring and keep up the good work.


  3. dweezer19 said

    Oops, apologies to Toby. I assumed she was a he and referred to her in the masculine elsewhere. That’s not going to improve her mood much I’m afraid. 😉


  4. dweezer19 said

    Ahhh.well, then, thats where grumpy begins..lol good luck with the move Toby!


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  6. dweezer19 said

    Hi Scott! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award and you can read about it here if you would like. Hope you have had a good weekend!


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