New Bukowski & the Beats List

For any and all Bukowski and/or Beat poets & writers fans out there, you may want to check out the new List I created on Goodreads today, very brilliantly titled “Best Books by Bukowski and the Beats.” I’ve gotten it started with 99 titles that present a pretty decent mix, I think, and should have something for everyone. It now has 102 books and 2 voters. The list’s description reads:

A list devoted to the “Best” books and publications by Charles Bukowski, any Beat-centric writers and those affiliated. “Best” is loosely defined and can be interpreted as “Recommended.” People are welcome to add their favorites and look for others they may not have read yet.

If you’ve been on Goodreads at all, you’re probably familiar with its Listopia feature. If not it’s very simple. One can create a list on practically any topic, provided the same one doesn’t already exist, and there are basically two main points as I’ve seen it. One, people can “Vote” on books in the lists and the more votes a book has, the higher it rises toward the top, so yes, it’s a popularity contest to see what people like. The other is what I personally value. Anyone can add books to the list and the more the merrier so if enough people find it and some add books, ultimately you’ll run across books others have added you’ve either not known of or have not read, so it’s a great way to find introductions and options in areas of your interest! I’m encouraging any and all to please visit the list and A) feel free to Vote for anything existing on the list as the popular ones will eventually show themselves, but especially if possible, B) please add some more books to the list yourself as that can only make the list a better resource and more fun for the fans!

The URL for the Best Books by Bukowski and the Beats list is

Please don’t forget to check out my Goodreads author profile. There’s a lot of info and other stuff there and I’m always tinkering with it. I have over 30 library shelves people can check out, including some labeled Horror, History, Autographed, Poetry, Science, Military History, Sci Fi and Personal Author Friends among many others. I have over 5,200 books listed with about 1,800 reviews and there are quotes on the site (by me and many others), Q&A with me, and I’m thinking about starting a Give Away (but that’s not happening tomorrow). Thanks all and have a good weekend!


Screenshot of the top part of the Best Books by Bukowski and the Beats list on Goodreads. All are welcome.
Screenshot of the top part of the Best Books by Bukowski and the Beats list on Goodreads. All are welcome.