Republicans Can’t Be Christians — Sorry!


Oh, holy shit! If this doesn’t discredit ALL CHRISTIANS in everyone’s eyes, than what will? Trump a disciple of Jesus? Trump EVERY disciple of Jesus rolled into one? Are the Christians going totally insane now? At this point, with 81% of all white evangelicals having voted for Trump, it’s obvious to me that today’s Christians have sold out, have sold their souls to the Republican Party and to Fox News, do not care about Jesus or his teachings, especially about “love,” “the poor” and caring for them, loving your neighbor as yourself, treating everyone — including immigrants!!! — as equals (Remember the story of the Good Samaritan they always teach in church? Do the Christians ever learn anything from that, considering the Samaritan was from a group of unacceptable immigrant types Trump and his Christian/Republican friends would have thrown out of the country by now, showing their great Christian love and compassion?), about healing the sick — for free, dammit! — and healing the sick occurs a lot in the New Testament, but apparently Christians/Republicans must skip over those parts of the Bible … if they ever actually read their Bibles. What about believers of other religions? The Old Testament God would have had his Israelites go kill all of them. He was permanently pissed off, in a bad mood, and ready to kill everyone who was on his shit list. That’s why so many fundies like OT God. But see, I don’t believe in OT God. Not anymore. I was brought up to believe in him. I was brought up to “love” (hate) and fear (yep!) him. That’s how the “Church” controls you, controls the Christians in its clutches. But I threw that out the window decades ago. There’s no room in my life for brain washing, mind numbing, soul destroying bullshit like that. I feel that God, if there is a god — and I often wonder — created all people and if he does love people, he loves them all equally, no matter what their color, gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or anything else like that is. And I really think Jesus would support that. He said the most important commandment was to love your brother like yourself. He didn’t say white brother. He didn’t say straight brother. He didn’t say that person must definitely be a male. Yet, our wonderful Republican Christians pretty much hate all other religions, and if you go by Trump and his followers, and 81% of white Christians do, then they all hate Muslims especially, even though there are two billion of them in the world today. Hating two billion of God’s children is sure to make God proud of you, his personal representative on earth, showing the rest of us just how great it is to be a Christian and what a loving, tolerant religion it is. Not. Christians, I’m not convinced God would approve of you actively hating two billion of his children and acting to work against them in one way or another, at a minimum, to keep any of them from entering our country, a nation of immigrants, a nation where each and every one of our families have come from other countries through immigration, something we’re now trying to deny people of a different religion, and most of them a different ethnicity, just because they’re not white Christians and therefore not acceptable. I’m becoming more and more convinced that it is literally impossible to be a current Republican, especially a Trump Republican, and a true Christian at the same time. No true follower of Jesus and his teachings would ever endorse what Trump and the current Republican party stand for. They simply clash too much. Today’s Republicans stand for hatred, not love, helping the rich and hurting the poor, screwing the sick, starting or sustaining violence and wars, something Jesus symbolically taught Peter he wouldn’t have supported on the night of his arrest, Republican oppression of women, while it’s clear in the New Testament that some of the most important disciples to help Paul were women and the first people to be given knowledge and proof of a risen Jesus were women, Republican hatred, repression of and oppression of virtually all minorities, especially black people, while New Testament Christians had members of all races, including Jews, obviously, other Middle Easterners, Africans, Romans, Greeks and other Europeans, even Asians and apparently far Eastern people. Jesus welcomed people from all demographics. God made everyone, let’s not forget that. It seems that most of today’s Christians/Republicans have, unless he did it to create slaves for them? Cause I honestly don’t know what their thinking is regarding God’s motivation for creating minorities since they obviously hate, resent, repress, oppress, and abuse them so brutally and have for centuries. How do today’s Christians justify this? Cause I just read an article yesterday that basically said that it was white, rural, Christian, mostly poor voters who just put Trump in office, as well as many of these other Republican freaks who want to destroy the country and the world, and that pretty much every single one of them are white Christian racists, whether overt or not, as well as anti-education (did God tell us he wanted us to be stupid?), anti-“liberal,” (cause obviously *I’m* the bad guy here, right? Cause I’m an educated liberal “elite.” Shit. Pretty much every Republican political leader has an impressive college education. Trump has an Ivy League education!). But I’m getting off topic. Today’s Republicans can’t be Christians because they all want revenge and vengeance for everything. Long jail terms! Stiffer prison sentences! Three strikes! Death penalty! Hell yeah! Oh, what did the Bible say? Vengeance is mine says the Lord? Judge not lest ye be judged? I often wonder if today’s Christians have ever read the Bible. My bet is, maybe a few Psalms, some books of the Old Testament, cause God is pretty pissed there and a pissed God is pretty rad. Maybe a couple of key New Testament verses. Not much else. Of course they’ve all had Sodom and Gomorrah drilled into their heads all their lives, so they hate gays more than anything on earth, homosexuality, the controversial and debatable alleged sin in Sodom thought of as the abominable sin. But do they ever stop to think about how many times Jesus mentioned homosexuality in his teachings? Zero. Never. Paul did. A couple of times.Paul was somewhat sex obsessed. Paul had issues, IMO. Jesus never brought it up. Also, how many times did Jesus condemn abortion, the other major Christian topic of hatred? Zero. None. Never mentioned it. It is mentioned in the Bible, I believe, although I’m willing to be wrong on that, but the Jews had/have an interesting take on things like that and things like the question of when does life begin. Republican Christians have been fighting for decades to get the courts to make it the law of the land that life begins at conception. But that’s not what Jews God’s chosen people, believe. And remember, they base ALL of their religious/moral/ethical beliefs on what is written in the Torah/Old Testament, etc. Jews believe life does not begin until a baby is actually born, has come out of its mother’s body and has taken its first breath on its own. With that first breath on its own, life has then begun for that baby. And not a moment before. Think about that. Jesus wasn’t a Christian. They didn’t exist at the time, obviously, and he didn’t come to earth to start a new religion anyway. Paul founded the Christian religion, based in large part on the teachings of Jesus. But Jesus had nothing to do with it himself. He was a practicing Jew. He worshiped in the synagogue on Shabbat. Thus, he would have shared this belief. For Jesus, life would have begun at birth, not conception. Therefore, abortion is acceptable to Jews. It always has been. I’m no religious historian, but I’m under the impression that this stance dates back centuries, possibly and probably pre-dating Jesus. If so, he would have known of this Jewish stance on abortion and since he never once mentioned it or certainly spoke out on it, it’s safe to assume he agreed with it and endorsed it. My point is that at a minimum, topics like helping the poor (the most frequent topic Jesus ever spoke about), taking care of the sick and the helpless, healing others, PAYING TAXES!, praying, faith, giving one’s wealth, riches, and possessions away to follow God, having the right priorities, forgiveness, peace, doing away with religious hypocrites (like current Republican Christians), and compassion were all infinitely more important to him and his teachings and followers than trendy conservative Christian hot topics like homosexuality and abortion, as well as many other current Christian topics that I don’t think represent Jesus or his teachings.

An aside. Not a day goes by when I don’t hear some quote or two coming from that absolute insane “Christian” leader, Pat Robertson. I think if there was ever a famous public figure claiming to represent God in current times who consistently just gets it WRONG every single damn time, it’s him. For decades, he has advocated conspiracy theories of all types, no matter how crazy. He has called for our country to assassinate another countries’ leaders. (Seriously??? WWJD? Does he really think Jesus would approve of that? If so, why? Where in the Bible did he get that idea?)  He has called for violence against abortion doctors, for overt sustained discrimination against gays, crying out for Christian backlash to the Supreme Court’s ruling allowing gay marriage. He constantly makes pronouncements like God is going to destroy America because we allow homosexuals to marry or God’s going to allow one country or another to attack or invade America as a way of punishing us for our love of gays or every time there’s a natural disaster, such as Katrina, Robertson’s on TV announcing it’s God’s judgement on America for one sin or another and oh yeah, this is great, every time there’s a mass shooting, he’s right there on TV doing God’s will, blaming it on America’s failing morals, how we don’t pray in schools anymore – – I can see Republican God getting so pissed off at no prayer in schools that he sends gunmen to schools across America for mass shootings to pay back the damn liberals running this country, even though it’s a Republican Congress, a conservative Supreme Court, a mostly Republican country in terms of Red states and governors, etc. Yeah, it’s the damn liberals in charge. You know, the same ones who can never pass common sense gun laws that might stop these sorts of things and save dozens of lives because powerful groups like the Christian Republican NRA and its politicians all over the country constantly block any law of any sort from ever passing that would ever help save lives and stop mass shootings. Cause Republican Christians know that Jesus would undoubtedly carry an AR15 with him if he were around today. One of his dozens of guns he would own. The fact that he was unarmed while alive and told his followers to put their weapons away when he was threatened apparently is meaningless to these people. Jesus was not a passivist. He would kick ass and take names!  — Anyway, Robertson. An example to America, at least the rest of us, of what today’s Republican Christians are and have become over the years — crazy, violent, hateful, intolerant, bigoted, spiteful, vindictive, mean spirited, and someone who shows no desire to follow Jesus’s teachings to care for the poor, to feed them, to heal them, to care for them, cause Obamacare is obviously of the devil himself since a black Democratic president came up with it, even though it was originally inspired by rich, white, religious Republican governor with great success. That doesn’t matter, because the president who made it a national program and law is a Democrat and, even worse, black. Therefore, it’s evil and must be repealed. Even though it pretty much does what Jesus called for us to do. That’s secondary. There are more important things at stake here. To Robertson and his ilk.

Anyway, Jesus did mention feeding and caring for the poor dozens and dozens of times though. And he did mention how hard it would be for rich people to get into heaven. Like practically impossible. Which makes me feel pretty good about Trump’s ultimate destination. And Robertson. And all other well off Christian Republicans. Cause although they’re convinced they know where they’re going when they die, I’ve got a pretty good idea they’ll end up surprised. Cause I don’t view them as Christians. And I don’t think God does either. In the end, it will be Jesus who will say, “Get away from me. I don’t know you.” New Testament, by the way. In case you’re a Christian. I assume you haven’t read that part of the Bible, since it’s not about getting rich or hating people or attacking our enemies or hurting as many people as we can. Yay Christians! Yay Republicans! Enjoy each other’s company. In hell.

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  1. 👏🏻😀Wll said, Scott. Sounds like me when I get to overfill here and rant to my husband. I will add one more thing. I want to make up tee shirts that say,”Jesus was NOT a Christian. Hr was a Jew.” He was gone (if he existed as the rewritten King James version Bible represents him) before Peter and Paul decided to use his name to begin their respective religions and start the battle of the Bibles. My own mother was very devout but even she always told us the Old Testament was more of a historical document and that Jesus’ message was really to rebuke all the old teachings and practices. That is why he was such a threat. Honesty, unconditional love, acceptance, releasing judgement-all abhorrent ideas to conservative, self righteous men in search of power and wealth. What is further appalling to me, as a woman, is all the sell out women who have supported, made excuses for and turned their heads over the atrocities the The Donald has committed against our gender while saying Hillary Clinton isn’t fit for office because she stayed with an adulterous husband so therefore can’t be very smart. WTF???
    My heart, my soul, aches for this country, for the world, my children and grandchildren and the only real natural inhabitants of this land as they try to protect its natural resources.
    Every day I am forced to be subject to the opinions and attitudes of the patients that we see without the freedom to speak my own mind. I would never just spout off my thoughts to others as if they would naturally agree with me but those conservative, gun toting, Bible thumping, self righteous sheeple just do it, as though their ideas are the only right ones-and of course everyone must agree!
    How are you doing, healthwise?

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    1. Good post! I agree. Especially with your conclusion. And if you’re like me, it aggravates the shit out of me. I don’t understand why the conservatives/evangelicals think they can be so bloody obnoxious about it all, as though everyone obviously agrees with them, but God forbid you dispute them. It’s all over then! Geez!

      My health couldn’t be worse, thanks. No more strokes lately, so that’s good. And my back pain isn’t too bad either. But my head pain has been horrible. And my neurologist is going to be testing me for MS. Worse, my severe stomach problems continue to be a nightmare. I’m in constant agony and can’t eat much of the time. I have been able to eat one baby food and one yogurt over the past two days. I can’t remember anything else. I’ve lost four pounds over the past two days. I’m in massive pain most of the time. We’ve concluded that after 18 months of this shit and after one internist and four GI doctors in two states and many prescriptions and eight tests that have shown at worst gastritis and an ulcer, but nothing serious like cancer, the problem is not my stomach, so it’s got to be something else. So I’ve talked to my PCP doctor about it and last week to my GI doctor about it. He sent me for my ninth test of the year of Wednesday, a grueling, painful eight hour nightmare test from hell that hopefully will provide some useful information. He’s also having me undergo yet another test in a couple of weeks, number 10 on the year. (Meanwhile, my neurologist is giving me test #11 next Wednesday, for MS.) And I have three tests lined up for January. Yay!

      What this means is there are now some more, oh, “rare” or unusual diseases, disorders, etc, that could be the cause of my problems and we’re at the end of our ropes and having to consider things like these now. Among them include Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, EPI — Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, and Pancreatitis. However, now there’s another one! Yesterday, I got a call from the doctor’s office giving me the lab results. There were a few problems, one of which was low cortisol. They’re referring me to an endocrinologist. Gretchen and I both researched this and it is associated with something called “Addison’s Disease.” It has many symptoms, about 19 or so. And I have at least 14 of them! That would explain so damn much. I mean, it would seriously explain a lot about a lot. I don’t know if this will be it. With my luck, it probably won’t be. But all I’ve wanted for over a year is a name. A name of a disease or disorder of whatever is plaguing me so I’d know what the hell is wrong with me and then know how to then begin to treat it, if that’s possible, and with this, it is.

      Look at these symptoms:

      The symptoms of low cortisol, or hypoadrenalism, include:

      ** Mental and psychological ailments such as depression
      ** Faintness and dizziness
      ** Weakness and fatigue
      Heart palpitations
      ** Emotional hypersensitivity
      ** Inability to cope with stress
      ** Social anxiety
      Muscle weakness
      Headache, scalp ache, or general body ache
      ** Severe or dull lower back pain
      ** Extremely sensitive skin
      ** Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting
      ** Abdominal pain and hunger pain despite an empty stomach
      Extreme craving for salty foods
      ** Anxiety and jitters
      ** Clumsiness and confusion
      Motion sickness
      ** Insomnia and dark circles under the eyes
      ** Low bladder capacity and symptoms of IBS

      I’d say I meet quite a few of the criteria. So, I’m not saying this is it, but it seems suspiciously possible, even plausible. But then, those other four previously mentioned all have symptoms that I match too, so who knows? I hope to find out though and the sooner the better. As I said, this has been going on for over 18 months and the pain, nausea, inability to even eat, weight loss, and all of the other side effects are becoming way too much to handle. They did a long time ago. Anyway, I guess that’s it. More than you wanted to know, right? 😉

      How are you these days? I certainly hope you’re much better than me!


      1. Oh Scott I am so sorry to hear this. Of course I am sending healing thoughts/energy your way. Since you have some suspected diagnoses and a very definite list of symptoms, have you also researched any homeopathic resources? Doctors are often, at best, body mechanics, running through their course book of symptom/diseases in order to find what the mechanical difficulty is with the machine that is your body. After nearly 20 years of suffering with debilitating allergies, inflammation in my hip and hands and bouts of depression, I have found my own way out of that terrible hamster wheel. I am happy to say, except for a recent short lived upper respiratory problem, it has been over four years since I have had a serious allergy issue. I used to have them so badly they mimicked strep! It may not cure you if there is a disease process which requires extreme or surgical treatment, but it may help you to feel more in control if you are abke to do something for yourself. All my best to you and do keep us posted on how your tests turn out. BTW, which particular corner of this Southern Bible belt do you guys live in? I am very much a Southerner myself. Hell, I was baptized in a river. That was during our exile days from the Southern Baptist church we belonged to, our family along with others following a charismatic Jim Jones-ish type preacher to a “new” church. It didn’t last long for us when they began insisting everyone must speak in tongues to be a true Christian and chastising anyone who didn’t join the fervor. After that we became Methodists which, while more subdued, did nothing for me. I have not belonged to any organized religion since, preferring to embrace the Christ mindedness that exists at the heart of most all religions. I don’t need a mediator to talk to God. It exists within every living molecule.
        Take care my friend.


  2. Sorry the text was visually to tiring to read it easily. We hope when you are talking about Christians you are only pinpointing at American Christians, and we even have the idea you may only be directing your words to conservative (teaparty and republican) christians.

    Normally a Christian should be a follower of rabbi Jeshua, who was himself a coloured man, who preached peace and tolerance to all sorts of peoples. In English speaking countries the false name Jesus (Hail Zeus) has become the favourite name of the master teacher and lots of Americans who claim to be Christian, meaning a follower of that Kristos or Christ, do lots of things which are against the teachings of that master teacher. So, in fact you better would call them false Christians. By already taking Jesus as their god they do already something against the Jewish teacher his believes and will. Next by keeping all those heathen festivals and taking part at those pagan festivals and actions, they not only do something against the wishes of Jesus but worse, also against the Will of God. Like Jesus only wanted to do the Will of his heavenly Father we should follow Jesus, who is the Way to God, by doing the Will of God. One element of it is to respect the creation, i.e. plants, animals, and all sorts of people God allows to be on this earth. There is no place for racism at all in Christianity not in the world of God’s People.

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    1. Hi! Sorry for the generalizations and any misunderstandings. I use the term Christian loosely, which isn’t really fair and I know it. When I use it, I’m actually referring to American evangelicals and fundies, virtually all of whom are conservative Republicans and virtually all of whom I both disagree with and can’t stand. Part of the reason is I grew up in that environment and was indoctrinated and essentially brainwashed until I became an adult and grew old enough to go to college, take some interesting classes in religion and philosophy, meet some interesting people, get involved in some interesting discussions, do a lot more reading on my own, and then basically reject pretty much everything I had been taught growing up and form new life beliefs and philosophies.

      Meanwhile, over time, evangelicals have basically taken over the term “Christian” in America, viewing themselves as the only real ones (of course mainline ones — liberal ones aren’t real Christians and are destined for hell. This is what I was taught growing up.). They’ve also grown immensely in cultural influence and political power and this annoys me and frightens me, as I think their agenda poses a danger to our culture and society because pretty much anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe won’t be accepted or viewed as acceptable and, if they get the power they seek, will be potentially penalized/punished/banished/screwed/shit on/take your pick/etc. And while I’ve lived all over North America, I’ve spent a great deal of time in the southern Bible Belt, where I’ve spent the past decade and for certain reasons, while I want to move away desperately, I can’t and I fucking hate it here because virtually everyone is a Republican Bible Thumper and they all feel free to loudly express their conservative political/religious sentiments anywhere and everywhere in public, such as at the grocery store or at the pharmacy, etec., but God forbid you ask them to keep it to themselves or you disagree with them because then a whole crowd of people while likely surround you, possibly threatening you and your safety might be at stake. I’m not exaggerating. There was a story and picture in the paper a few weeks ago about a young female Democrat who saw an older Trump supporter wearing a Trump hat to the polling place, which you’re not supposed to do, and she protested, and he basically told her to fuck off and eventually virtually everyone there was surrounding her and she got assaulted. Nice. Jesus would so approve. But obviously I know this doesn’t represent all Christians. In fact, my wife and I have gone to a couple of local mainline churches over the past few years and the people there aren’t at all like that. There are people of all ages, ethnicities, gay people, even gay married couples, etc. A number of these things would never be condoned by the evangelicals, which is disturbing and angering. Per my post, in my opinion, assuming there’s a god, he presumably made all people of all colors no matter what god they have chosen to worship and no matter what sexual preference they are born with (sorry conservative Christians, but that’s the way it is no matter what you say!). Should rich, white, Republican Christians (again, evangelical, fundie) choose not to accept or acknowledge this, then they are saying that they Bible is wrong, which is no surprise to me, since they tend to blow off much of the Bible anyway, as I said in my blog post. They claim to be the “real” Christians and Republicans claim to be the party of “family values,” which is a joke, because not a month goes by when a male politician isn’t forced to publicly apologize and resign because even though he’s married with kids, he’s caught in a sexual affair, quite often with men, shockingly often with boys. And yet these Republican family value hypocrites are never prosecuted, which has always left me confused and pissed off. Combine that with the numerous famous, influential Christian hypocrites like Josh Duggar and it’s clear to me which party is the true party of family values. Yet every time this happens, the so-called “Christians” gather round these assholes and say things like people aren’t perfect, everyone’s a sinner, people can be weak, the devil attacks people, he has prayed for forgiveness and asked his family for forgiveness and is turning his life around and we need to support him. However, if it were Michael Moore, or even lesser known liberals, Democrats, progressives, non-Republican politicians, or God forbid, agnostics or atheists, the Republican Christians would have their claws out attacking such a person with such venom that some of the most evil criminals in American prisons would be proud of their fervor and venom. Fox News would definitely crucify such a person, repeatably, day after day for God knows how long. Geez, they went after Hillary for Benghazi, even though she was officially cleared, for fucking YEARS!

      Well, I’m rambling here. Sorry. You make valid points and I certainly can’t argue with you on any of them. I’m sure I agree with you on all of them. There are many, oh, valid (?) Christians around the world, and that’s awesome. Unfortunately, in America, Republican evangelicals and fundies have taken that term for their own and they have taken control of a whole lot of political power in this country and I’m terrified at what they’re going to do to this country over the coming years.


      1. At continental Europe we also do have the impression that very conservative evangelicals and Pentecostals have taken over religious America and even trying to dictate other believing and no-believing people to follow their footsteps and to have them to submit to their way of life and customs. As you and your wife may have noticed lots of American churches seem to have gone far away from the Bible text and/or even do not use Bible readings in their service. We also can only notice how hypocrite many of those conservatives, Tea-party and Republican members are, some of them even not hiding their way of life, not being in agreement with the Biblical commandments.

        To be honest, many in Europe think you shall have good reason to be terrified at what those so called Christians are going to do to your country over the coming years, but we are also afraid to what such people could do to endanger the world. We hold our hearts. …..

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        1. Hi. Thanks for your comment. We completely agree with your statement about not only fearing for the future of our country, but the future of much of the world as well. Many politicians in the Republican Congress are “war hawks,” with many advocating starting a war with Iraq, which Trump as also endorsed publicly, as well as others mentioning Syria, perhaps as you’ve heard, Trump’s public promises to bomb the shit out of ISIS until they no longer exist, which is a damn stupid thing to both say and attempt, because in my opinion, America has tried that strategy a number of times, and it’s largely failed every time, ie, Vietnam — prime example. There are those who want to start a war with Russia, which would be insane. Trump and others have talked smack about attacking North Korea. Shit, we’re seriously worried about these idiots starting WW3!!! Of course, we believe our country is simply going to be demolished. Trump is naming people who have virtually no political experience, but who have one thing in common — they’re all KKK-inspired publicly admitted racists with a racist agenda, to head the most important and influential federal agencies and departments in the government. The new Attourny General, a lawyer from
          Alabama, is well known for his decades of public statements showing complete disdain for black people, as well as poor people. His new senior adviser is well known as a massive racist, speaking out for years against blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and probably anyone who’s not of Western European heritage. And there are many more. After Trump was elected, his new nominee for the head of Homeland Security, a major position, stated publicly that he believed that all of the protesters should be killed. This is someone in charge of all law enforcement in the country! Jesus! Some Congressmen have already called for re-starting House Un-American committees, like 1950s McCarthy, which would certainly target many/most liberals, progressives, and Democrats in general. I literally worry we’re going to wind up in concentration camps with these insane politicians controlling the country. My wife and I have looked into moving to other countries, obviously Canada being the first option, but the immigration laws are so stringent in virtually every country except New Zealand that it’s impossible to do so. So, we’re stuck, simply waiting to see what will happen. Good luck to all of us.


        2. Thank you very much for your clear overview of the present disastrous situation for the U.S.A. and the dangers of the rest of the world.

          We wish all Americans wisdom and patience as well bravery to act in time and to take the right measures as a speaking community not willing to have them destroyed by some weapon-lovers.


    1. Hi! We’re staying really busy these days with all sorts of projects. It’s amazing, really. And I’ve still got my health issues. I’ve had three more tests over the past few weeks, two for my stomach, one on my brain to see if I have MS. I’m already scheduled for several more tests over the next six weeks. So, last year I had 8 minor surgical procedures and 14 tests, as well as 2-3 doctor appointments a week. It was insane. And even though I went to a ton of specialists about my severe stomach pain and other stomach problems, like my inability to eat for days, specialists in multiple states, no one can figure out what’s wrong, so it’s very frustrating. But we’re plugging along. What about you? Did you have a good holiday season? How have you been?

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      1. Good to hear from you! I continue to pray for you!
        I had a wonderful Christmas with all the kids and grandson here!

        Cooper got very ill right before Christmas and had a lot of vet visits. He took 4 different medications and seems to be well now. He had a severe case of colitis. I didn’t know dogs could get that! 😦

        I continue to deal with all my health issues. AND I have my next cancer check and testing on the 18th. BUT, I have so much to be grateful for! 🙂

        HUGS!!! 🙂


  3. Dear Scott are your statistics right? It looks an incredible lot: 81% of all white evangelicals having voted for Trump, which would be a disaster and a real blemish spot on American Christians. For you it may be “obvious… that today’s Christians have sold out,” in America (we presume) because when those ciphers are accurate it looks like they “have sold their souls to the Republican Party and to Fox News” and have gone in company of the adversary of God (by many Americans called Satan).

    We in Europe also have looked with Argus eyes to the American presidential election and what nobody thought possible happened, in the same way like the Brexit vote came through. We can only hope that the majority of voters, who seemed to have voted for Clinton, she having more votes than trump, and for minor parties, shall join hands to make the Trump voters to see how he not only bullied lots of people but also told lots of leis in the presidential election period and before as well now as president elect.

    We in Europe worry already a long time about the American citizen not willing to share with others and as such therefore also not wanting to show solidarity in sharing in the Obama Care. We do understand tha the majority of American citizens have a holy fear for anything that smells social or in their eyes even communist. They forget that Jesus could be called a communist avant la lettre. He was a preacher of peace and solidarity for the ancillary man.

    For the real Christians in Europe it is no wonder that the American citizen came astray. In our own regions we felt already the pressure of those trinitarian Christians who even made the Baptist churches their leaders go over to other denominations, because the Souther Baptist Union their pressure for Trinitarianism was to big. We also saw the Pentecostal and conservative Evangelist churches running high and attracting people with their entertainment churches, more interested in making mega-churches instead of concentrating on the Word of God, having their focus on God, instead of Satan, hell and non biblical teachings. Luring the people away from the Biblical Truth made them not following their so called master Jesus Christ. In many American Churches we see that they do not care about Jesus or his teachings, especially about “love,” “the poor” and caring for them, loving your neighbour as yourself, treating everyone — including immigrants, as equals and respecting them as creatures of Gdo, all created in the image of God! their blindness is the problem of our world today and creating the problems of tomorrow.

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  4. Miss you AND Sweet G around here.
    How are you doing?

    Oh, BTW: Happy Pi Day to you and everyone (human and furry) at your house!!! 😀
    3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279+ HUGS!!! 😛
    I wonder when it is Pie Day?!?!? 🙂


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