A Review of Lightwing

LightwingLightwing by Tara K. Harper
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I was really trying to make a go of this book, but something kept bothering me and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Until a couple of days ago, when I came to the necessary realization and put the book aside, unfinished. As I read about 90 pages or so, I got quite a way through it before giving up but by the time I did, I was so sick of the book, or more accurately, the characters, that I just wanted to throw the book through my front window.

In this book, Kiondili Wae, an entity with high Esper ability (to read and manipulate minds and things with her mind, i.e., telepathy), lands a seemingly good research job at Corson Station, where she will hopefully be researching FTL technology and theory and where her boss is perhaps the most famous and respected researcher there, Dr. Stillman.

However, things start to go bad from nearly the beginning, with people getting in her face and starting crap with her on day one to meeting her flighty boss, who immediately sends her on a bizarre errand to find an alien researcher elsewhere on station (a Dhirrnu) and give him some information, info that will enrage the alien and make him Kiondili’s permanent enemy. Gee, nice damn boss. Thanks for doing that to me, boss, especially during my first 30 minutes of working for you. Asshole!

I quit reading this book because I have never read a book with so much latent and blatant hostility between characters in it before in my life! I don’t know what the author was trying to accomplish, but whatever it was, they went overboard. Big time. Everyone pretty much hates everyone else. People, including Kiondili, idiot that she is, plays vicious practical jokes on everyone else and some of these people are aliens with killer instincts. Kiondili can basically read minds, for all intents and purposes, she gets bombarded with hostility at all times, flooding out at her from all sides, but especially from certain characters who hate her from the moment she arrives, all for no good reason. It’s like they’re emotionally arrested high school students who never matured. And these are the leading researchers in the galaxy, treating her like jealous, juvenile asswipes. It’s bizarre! It makes no sense.

Kiondili gets put on a backup crew for a new test ship, so she’s excited, but there’s so much bickering amongst the crew and one of them hates her so much that he tries to sabotage her career by accusing her of stealing someone else’s research through her mental abilities – it’s just too much. If I want that much tension in a book, I want some pressure relieved by seeing some people or ships blown away! This nonstop building of tension page by page is murder. It’s also not overly realistic, in my opinion. Yes, some work situations are extremely difficult. I’ve had horrible jobs. Yes, co-workers can make your life hell. But this is fucking ridiculous!

So, basically I hated this book. I kept waiting for it to improve, for the hostility to dissipate. It just continued to get worse. Great. I could go on and on, but why bother? I got a third of the way through and quit. I had better books to read. This one was aggravating me too much and wasn’t worth it. I don’t want to come away from a book with higher blood pressure and feeling stressed out. One star and not recommended.

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5 thoughts on “A Review of Lightwing

  1. I always appreciate your honesty Scott. I hope someday you will read my book. Ill def pass this one up. Did you ever read Menagerie by Rachel Vincent?


      1. It is only on my blog right now. I am finished though But wait until I put all the chapters in one place. Ill let you know! I think you’d like Menagerie although I hoped for a bit “more” with the ending. Very easy to connect and visualize the characters. Also Im reading You Only Die Twice. So far so good. A bit like Stephen King!


        1. Oh! OK. Well, then I have read some of it, at times a bunch of it, and then I leave for awhile and come back later. Am eager to read the whole thing together in one setting. Yeah, keep me posted. Will you be seeking a publisher? Or self publishing? Thanks for the recommendations!


        2. Yes I will. Am. I just posted the last chapter a few days ago. With this story it is important to read the first and last chapters. Prelude for the second book. It eill be a lot more action packed and interactive. I think I may have done the new Chapter One after you started reading. All of the can be found under Forever Never on the blog. Id be interested to know what you think even of Chapter One. Its The Traveler/The Question, I hope you enjoy the other books I mentioned. Im kind of picky about books since I have so little time to read. Thanks! Happy hump day!


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