A Review of The Amazon Legion

The Amazon LegionThe Amazon Legion by Tom Kratman
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Wow. This is truly pathetic “military sci fi.” Remind me to never read Kratman again. This book centers around a division of female warriors defending their country against a bigger, tougher, stronger, richer invader, and presumably how they overcome their weaknesses in kicking ass. I guess. All I got out of the first few pages was, “Oh, look at the baby. How cute. Who’s going to take care of the baby. Oh, it’s good that she was hired to take care of children and babies. She may be a grandmother, but she’s damn good for the military. And my baby does so well with her.” And on and on. Jesus.

Needless to say, I didn’t get far. There was another reason too, and this is a pet peeve of mine. It’s the 24th century, I believe. Colonies have been established by Earth, spaceships/warships abound, technology has come far, right? So, why the HELL are we still fighting with 20th century weapons??? Most sci fi writers invent new types of weapons as technology in the future advances, certainly, lasers being the easiest and most popular. Plasma weapons are also quite popular. Asimov had his neuronic whips, and he wrote these in the 1950s. So, why the HELL do some authors, including this so called one, persist in using antiquated weaponry like M-16s and AK-47s, 1911s and RPGs? Is it not possible that the defense industry, the most heavily financed industry in America, could advance its technology just a L I T T L E bit in the next 300+ years? Is that too much to ask for? To me, authors like Tom Kratman, desperately trying to prove their military sci fi legitimacy, do just the opposite in writing their military units using antiquated weaponry like that. Every now and then, I’ll read an author that includes some “slug throwers” with lasers and the like and to me, that’s acceptable because at least they’re mixing it up, but when everything is exactly as it was in the Vietnam War, screw that bullshit!

Furthermore, this information comes from reviews I read online, but it appears that about 70% of this book is taken up with basic training and with the “Amazonian” warriors trying to have all sorts of lesbian encounters as often as possible. I have nothing against lesbians. I have several who are good friends. It’s just when you use that to get your rocks off without advancing the plot that it makes me suspect that you’re a shitty writer with no talent whatsoever.

Finally, the only thing actually “sci fi” about this novel is it happens upon another planet. Otherwise, it might as well happen upon Earth. There’s no sci fi in this book. This book is an imposter to sci fi. The author is a fake, a fraud, and should be called on it. I’m doing that right now, as a matter of fact. It’s just a shame he’s written other similar books because I’m certain that if they’re like this, they’re equally as bad and shamelessly fraudulent. Most military sci fi writers have a bio on the backs of the books, usually inside the back cover. He does not. Perhaps it’s because he was never in the military and therefore knows nothing about which he speaks. I certainly wouldn’t attempt to write a military sci fi book. I’d criticize one though, because I know good ones and bad ones when I see them. David Weber is the standard by which all great military sci fi writers are measured. Kratman is the antithesis of Weber. Avoid this book. It’s truly horrible and at times, simply laughable. One star. Definitely not recommended.

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