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I’m considering switching blog domains because I’m sick to death of all of the disgusting ads WordPress has been littering my blog pages with. I know why they are doing it and it’s working. They want me to upgrade from free to a paying premium account and that’s exactly what I’m probably going to do. I don’t intend to leave WordPress. I used to be on Xanga for a decade or more, but that’s a thing of the past. I have a book review blog on Blogger, but I’m unimpressed with that blogging site, so I have no interest in migrating there. Don’t care at all for Tumbler. Don’t like Typepad either. I’ve looked at a couple of others over the past several months, but WordPress seems like the only viable option for me and since I’ve been blogging here since June 2011, it would be a hassle to leave. So I’ll most likely upgrade to premium. Which means I’ll have a new domain name, one without “wordpress.com” in it. I assume it will be something like “hankrules2011.com,” unless for some strange reason that one is already taken, but I can’t imagine it is. Anyway, if for some reason you attempt to locate this site and cannot and if this site does not redirect you automatically to the new site in the next day or so, hopefully you will have read this and will be on the lookout for it. Just a heads up to save us all from those damn awful ads. Cheers!

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  1. Hi Scott. About two years ago I went with the upgrade to have my domain name “belong” to me. I can’t say I own it because, well, I have to pay a fee every year. I haven’t done the whole permium upgrade though, not sure what all that would give me. I hadno problem with anyone losing my site and all the forwarding links worked. In fact a few problems miraculously went away! 😉 Good luck with it all


    1. Did it. Remarkably easy. Glad to be rid of those annoying ads. Don’t really think I’ll be using most of the features though. I don’t change my themes, as you know. I don’t ad video or audio to my site. Oh well. It was worth it just to rid of the ads and now I have my own domain. Thanks!

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