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My First WP Post Anniversary

Posted by Scott Holstad on June 20, 2015

Today is my fourth anniversary of my first WordPress blog post! Yay! I migrated over from Xanga to WordPress, a little unsure of things, but eventually found my way around and the rest is history. I’m going to post my first post from June 20, 2011. It’s short.



Hello world!

Posted by Scott Holstad on June 20, 2011

Hi there! My name is Scott Holstad. I’ve been blogging on Xanga since February 2004, and while I am still there, I have decided to try a new, different blog over here on WordPress.

Let’s see … what should I say about myself? I was born in Boston and have lived in several states and two countries. I have moved roughly 26 times. My favorite place I have lived has been Los Angeles. I’m now living in the Chattanooga TN area. (I moved up here from an island I was living on. By the beach. Across the street from the bar I frequented every night. Sweet living. Good times….)

I’m a professional student and teacher. Thirteen years of college at six academic institutions, resulting in three (underused) degrees. Taught at three academic institutions.

More importantly, I’m a professional writer and editor, with decades of experience to my credit. I have experience in the newspaper, magazine (print and online), and book publishing industries. While I have authored 15 published poetry collections over the years, I have generally supported myself through technical writing and editing, project and program management, and consulting.

I am currently serving as the poetry editor for Ray’s Road Review, an excellent online literary journal founded by a fantastic fiction writer named Chris Duncan. He is also serving as the fiction editor. Please stop by the site and read. If inspired to do so, submit as well. We’re eager and open to submissions.

I guess that’s enough for now. If anyone stumbles across my new blog and wants to say hi, please leave some comment telling me about yourself. It’d be greatly appreciated. Cheers!


There! That was it. Not very impressive, was it? Still, my first effort. My first effort on Xanga back in 2004 was even worse. My next effort was better. I might reprint that in another day or so. Thanks for reading.

6 Responses to “My First WP Post Anniversary”

  1. SouthernHon said

    Happy WPversary!!! I still miss Xanga so much.


  2. dweezer19 said

    Congrats. I really want to submit some poetry this time around just haven’t had time to egt to it. Hope your next year is terrific!


  3. Happy WordPressiversary, Scott!!! 🙂
    🎈 🎈 🎈 🎈
    I found Xanga in 2005 and then found my way to WP about 3 1/2 years ago. I miss the old Xanga. But it is gone with the wind and I think WP is better than the new Xanga. So, I’ve found fun and a home here! 🙂
    May your next WP year be filled with joy and fun and friends! 🙂
    HUGS!!! for you and SweetG!!! 🙂


  4. kamikazezealot said

    Congrats! Happy WPversary! And let’s look forward to many many more!


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