I don’t know how my wife would/will feel about me writing about this, but I hope she’ll be understanding because I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t write something about this. Okay. Late last week, my wife got a letter in the mail from a government investigator telling her she was being investigated for “intentionally” ripping off the government. But she’s never done anything like that in her life! She’s never even gotten a speeding ticket! A few years ago, when neither of us were working and we were both looking for work, we got some government assistance, but that changed with time and employment and was eventually terminated. Fine. Who’d think anything would come of that? Well, the government did. They told her she had to come in for a meeting to be held before a hearing before a judge to be held at a later date. She freaked out! She spent the weekend getting no sleep, sweating about getting prosecuted and going to jail. I told her there was no chance of that, that they wouldn’t have offered her the chance for this meeting, for this hearing, for the offer of restitution, which is what they wanted, if they were going to prosecute. She spent a lot of time researching and came to the same conclusion. Nonetheless, she wanted this meeting moved up, so she called this investigator first thing Monday morning and got the meeting moved up two weeks to this past Tuesday morning. She was nervous, but prepared. And apparently he was a nice guy. And apparently I was right, as was the research she had found. He just wanted her to sign some papers and start paying the government back the money they had given us for their assistance we had received. I thought it was cheap and tacky, but better than the alternative. He eased her mind by explaining that they had no intention of prosecuting. So, that’s that. We have a long, very long, time to pay this off. And it’s a lot to pay off, certainly a lot more than I ever realized we had gotten. I guess it adds up. Between this and my bitter feelings about my experience with Obamacare, I feel pretty disgusted with the government. Really disgusted. But I’m glad it’s behind us and grateful we can now move on.

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  1. I feel your pain Scott. A similar incident involving my husband’s retirement Social Security is what brought us home from Costa Rica. Apparently its no problem for the filthy rich to retire with their millions and still get full benefit; but if your uninsured son has an accident requiring $10,000 worht of surgey that your oarents have to pay for in cash, you have to give up your benefit if you want to make money working at a real job. Im glad she got oit sorted out.


  2. Humor_Me_Now

    That is awful. I don’t even know what to say. I cannot imagine what you and you wife went through emotionally. I said a prayer for you two. This just seems so wrong and unfair.


  3. I had no idea they could do this! Wow. I feel like Frank…I find it unfair and wrong.
    And, like you, I’m disgusted with our gov’t.
    AND that they would send such a letter and then make you wait so long to find out what is going to happen. 😦
    I’m sorry for the emotional stress and anxiety you two had to go through. 😦
    Prayers and (((HUGS)))


    1. Yeah, we didn’t either. Big shock to the system. Major disgust. We pay our taxes. We try not to cheat the government. We didn’t know we were doing anything wrong. Dang. Thanks for your kind words.

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