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Man, I’ve been sick for several days now. Not violently ill or anything. Just sick. As in a bad cold. Or bad allergies. Or something. For awhile now, I’ve been getting sore throats and earaches. I made an appointment to see my doctor, but they couldn’t fit me in for two freakin’ weeks, so I’ve been waiting to see them. Meanwhile, on Friday I got much worse. My throat started feeling incredibly sore, very, very sore. My ears hurt. My head started pounding. I started sneezing. And I was both congested and blowing my nose, violently, if you can believe that. Over and over again. I was wearing the Kleenex out. I talked to a different doctor who thought it might be allergies, although I don’t think that’s what it is. I’ve never had allergic reactions like this to anything. Anyway, she suggested I start taking Allegra and Mucinex, so I did. Gretchen also put me on some natural stuff. I also took Advil and vitamins. And Ricola for the throat. I couldn’t sleep. I had to blow my nose every 10 minutes, so I literally couldn’t sleep. Friday night, I got about an hour and Saturday night, again about an hour. I was up by 1 each morning. I was miserable. I tried taking naps during the day, but had the same problem. Last night, I was able to sleep a little, until 2. I’m feeling some better. My earache is gone. My throat has improved. My head still hurts and my nose is sore as hell and is still bothering me like crazy, but even it’s improved some, so I think I’m through the worst of it. However, I may have given it to my wife and that’s a disturbing thought. She started feeling poorly yesterday. I truly hope she doesn’t come down with this. Meanwhile, our two year marital anniversary is coming up in a week, so that’s exciting! We both better be healthy for that, darn it! I guess that’s it for now.

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  1. kamikazezealot

    A lot of people are getting sick like this lately. I’m going through that right now. I had to stop taking my new allergy medication because it’s working TOO well.Long story short, body can’t expel the mucus and snot as fast as my body is producing it and as fast as the meds were making it all gooey and drainy. Just listened in on a podcast last night where one of the co-hosts was worse off than I am – and I sound live I’ve sucked on a helium balloon for a while.
    Sleeping propped up at about a 45 degree incline helps some, and on your back. Not on your side. Helps with the drainage (doesn’t make it go away, but at least gives your a little bit more relief from the pressure and slows down the drainage enough to sleep a little.)
    And if you don’t have any vapor rub, a eucalyptus scented candle can help, too. eucalyptus only. any other scents mixed in and the effect is lost. if you have a humidifier made to use vapor drops, getting some wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
    as for drinks and foods to help ease the throat i’ve found slightly frozen pudding is perfect. it’s soft and cold.
    grape juice helps ease the pain in the throat a bit, and has vitamin c.
    hot tea with honey and lemon also helps soothe the throat. honey is also a natural antiseptic, so it’s got that going for it, too. the heat helps thin out the mucus as well.
    and lastly, coffee. with allergies or a cold that’s bad enough it makes it difficult to breathe, use the old asthmatic trick of using caffeine to open the airways. the heat helps thin out the mucus, and the again, the caffeine helps to open up your airways. espresso works best for this, but regular coffee is perfectly fine.
    I know you said you’re jut coming out the other side, but these are pretty much helpful tips for any time you’ve got a really hellish cold or allergy bout.


  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been so ill, Scott! 😦 That is the pits! 😦

    I have had bad allergies, asthma and sinus infections my whole life.

    This Spring (so far…”knock on my wooden head!” 😀 ) I’ve avoided it somehow. Nasal spray seems to help me. As does breathing in steam. Drinking lots of liquids, hot teas or juices. Hot broth to drink. And I always tell everyone, “I’m sure ice cream would help me!” 😉

    I hope you are completely well soon! And hope Gretchen doesn’t get ill! Prayers for both of you!

    Early Happy Anniversary to both of you!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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