RIP Sir Terry Pratchett

Yesterday, the world lost one of its funniest and best writers ever — Sir Terry Pratchett. He was a fantasy writer, but a satirist too, perhaps the best ever. His wit was sharp, his jokes hilarious. He wrote a long series called the Discworld series, over 30 books, about a world riding on the backs of four elephants which were in turn riding on the back of a giant turtle hurtling through space. The times were largely medieval, but he made them relevant to our own. He had trolls, dwarves, werewolves, vampires, igors, goblins, witches, wizards, and more. His City Watch mini-series was much beloved. I’m reading the last Discworld book right now. Pratchett came down with Alzheimer’s eight years ago, still managing to publish two more books, but sadly died yesterday at the young age of 66. It’s a real tragedy. He sold over 85 million books. I wrote reviews of some of his books that I read. You can read them here:


5 thoughts on “RIP Sir Terry Pratchett

  1. SouthernHon

    He was definitely too young. Even though fantasy isn’t my genre of choice, I can certainly appreciate his unique writing style. He will be missed.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear of his death. 😦
    Thank you for this tribute in his memory and honor.
    It’s wonderful to know that he and his work will live on for many more generations through his words.


  3. kamikazezealot

    I’d heard of him, of course. You can’t go into the fantasy section of any bookstore without seeing a row of his books. (Or at the very least, in the uncivilized bookstores in the wilds half a shelf of his work.) I hadn’t read anything he had written other than the book he co-wrote with Neil Gaiman (no time. there’s never enough time to do much reading for me!) BUT – I did manage to see some of the films based on his work (my personal favorites thus far are Going Postal and The Hogfather!) and the first one I ever watched (The Accidental Tourist) made me fall in love with the Discworld and it’s many strange inhabitants. When I found out about Sir Pratchett’s death, I was saddened. My husband nearly wept (he’s the one that really loves his works!)
    The world has lost one of it’s most imaginative, creative, and downright funny people. He will be most sorely missed, but his memory and his genius are immortal through his work.


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