Before I launch into today’s post, I want to acknowledge my last post and what happened with that. In my last post, I whined pretty pathetically about not getting comments or likes from my 406 followers. So I was stunned to get tons of comments AND likes on this post, most all of them from people who didn’t follow me! Including my own responses to various comments, there were 73 comments and dozens of likes on this post. And not too many took me to task. Most made the point that I needed to be more interactive in order to gain comments, as in I needed to make the rounds of other blogs and make more comments myself in order to get people to my site. And that’s probably true. So point taken. I shall try to do that. It was also nice to hear from some other ex-Xangans. And instead of offending followers and losing bunches of them, I actually gained some new ones. Bizarre! I wondered how people found my post. Apparently several people found it, somehow, and re-blogged it and people found it that way. I’m not sure why they felt compelled to re-blog it, but there you have it. So that’s the story. Thanks.

OK, so today is our beloved late cat Toby’s one year anniversary of his death. We still sometimes can’t believe he’s gone. We still miss him so much. We still feel like he was cheated out of a good life. You may remember that he was only six. That he died of kidney failure. That we had to have him “put to sleep,” which is a nice way of saying we had him killed. He had been getting sick and we were getting concerned. We took him to the vet as early as the preceding October. She put him on a special diet, but it was too little, too late. He really went downhill his last two weeks. It was really sad to see. During his last 24 hours, I thought he could be saved, as he had perked up a bit, so I took him home from the animal hospital and he seemed better, but that didn’t last long and he was obviously ill again within hours. So the next morning, I took him to the vet and my wife later told me she thought that would be the last time she’d ever see him. I can still remember him looking at me as they took him in his kennel into the back room. When they called me later to recommend euthanasia, I was devastated, but not horribly surprised. We had him cremated. We keep his jar of ashes next to my old cat, Rocky’s, ashes.

Toby used to like water. A lot. He liked to take showers with us. He’d drink out of the bath water with my wife every night. He’d get in the sink and drink out of the faucet every morning. He also used to like to get us up in the morning. It didn’t seem to matter that I have insomnia. He’d hang out with me in the office from 1 or 2 til 4 or 5 and then start wailing at the bedroom door, trying to get my wife up. I’d have to chase him up the hallway to try and quiet him down. He could also sleep with the best of them. Never met a cat that could relax so much. He really loved Gretchen’s Ravens blankie. He made it his own. He also loved shoes and loved sleeping with his face in them. I know — gross. Still, it was cute. He was a big cat — 22 pounds. He was tubby. He loved to eat. We’d put him on diets, but they never worked. Our other cat, Henry, is 15 pounds. Henry always let Toby eat first. Heh.

Toby died the week we were supposed to move. It was very stressful. We were moving from a crime-ridden neighborhood, to a nice peaceful neighborhood where we’d all be happier. We felt cheated that Toby never got to see the new house, never got to run around it, see the new neighborhood. Time went on. Meanwhile, Gretchen wanted a new pet, one to call her own since Henry is sort of my cat. He’s been with me since he was a tiny little kitten and often seems to favor me over others. It’s always been that way. Gretchen wavered between a dog and a cat and we went to adopt a dog one day, only to find it had already been adopted. We took that as a sign, so the day after Thanksgiving, we went to the local shelter and adopted a four month old tabby Gretchen named “Ace,” who’s a real cutie, albeit a crazed little monster who beats up on poor Henry constantly. Gretchen really seems to love him and I’ve even grown somewhat attached to him, although he’ll never take Toby’s place in my heart.

So I guess I’ve said enough. I just wanted to commemorate Toby today. It’s been a year since he died. That was an awful day. A lot has happened since then. We’re in a new house now, Toby. You would like it here. You’re sorely missed. RIP.

Toby and me
Toby and me











Toby on a scale
Toby on a scale











Toby in a scarf
Toby in a scarf












14 thoughts on “Toby

  1. Great post buddy. I know how you feel. We call these critters our pets, but they are truly a part of our families. I wish I had met Toby, I am a cat person, or cats think I am. Keep your chin up. Toby has a legacy in your heart. Thanks for the fine post.

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  2. kamikazezealot

    Well, as I said (I think) in my comment on your last post, I was just browsing the Xanga tag here on WP. That’s sometimes a treasure trove.
    My little sister had a cat who loved water that much. She especially loved to take showers with me. Would sit at the end of the tub and happily let the water beat down on her and get her clean. Rather strange cat, she was. My mother in law has (or had, dunno if she still has him or not) a male calico. Apparently they’re something sort of ultra rare or something. The guy weighed A TON. But proportionally he looked rather fine and healthy. Just had a few skin issues (he’d break out in stress hives when his environment changed or he had to go outside for any reason. Cat was agoraphobic, too.) Really strange cat that one, too.
    Currently, we are a dogs only household.


    1. Sounds like you’ve encountered some cool cats yourself. If my wife had her way, we’d include dogs in our household, but I’m not too big on the idea and I’ve been able to talk her out of it most of the time so far…. They’re just so much care and you can’t go away for the weekend.


      1. kamikazezealot

        With a well trained dog, you can go away for a weekend and not need to worry. Unfortunately, the majority of people who get dogs to begin with don’t take the time to properly train them. Not even a little. Instead they let their dogs train them!
        Sometimes, it also helps if your dog is species confused and thinks they’re a cat. Our dog doesn’t just act like a cat and have cat-like characteristics, she actually THINKS she’s a cat. Which is kind of funny sometimes. (When we lived with my mother-in-law, she used to try and hump all of the cats. Was kind of funny. Then, she tried to take over care of kittens, going so far as to push the momma cat out of the way, get in the box, and be their momma cat herself.)
        It’s especially funny trying to see a medium sized dog try to get up a floor to ceiling cat post. – As strange as our Mary is, love her to death though.
        Oh! Random fun fact about female cats! – If they aren’t fixed, they go into heat every 2 weeks following having their first litter.


  3. Your last post was excellent…you touched on things we’ve all pondered and struggled with. And we learned from each other in your comment section! 🙂 Thank you for doing that post! I found it by typing “Xanga” in the tags section on my Reader page. If anyone has the word “Xanga” in their post the post comes up. I have found some Xanga friends that way! 🙂 I do that every couple months just to see if any “old” Xangans have come to WordPress.

    Aw. 😦 I remember when Toby passed. It is always so very sad to lose a furry family member. 😦

    I love your sweet memories of him! Thank you for sharing them with us! 🙂 He was such a handsome fellow! May he continue to rest in peace.

    HUGS to you and Gretchen today!!!
    ❤ , Carolyn

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    1. Hi Carolyn. Thanks for your nice words on my last post. I’m also glad to know it comes up under the “Xanga” tag. That’s very cool.

      Thanks re Toby. We’re sad, but trying not to be. Thanks for your kind words regarding Toby. He was indeed handsome. Very photogenic, we always thought. RIP.

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