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  1. Apparently, it’s password protected. Sorry about that. I’m going to print the entirety of her post here with the hope that she won’t mind.

    “We attend a small Episcopal church here in the Bible belt. We came to the decision to attend this church after we both tried different churches after we got together 3 years ago. I attended a Unitarian Universalist church and we both went to my mother in law’s tiny Evangelical Presbyterian church until we could no longer stand it.

    During our time at St. Thaddaeus, we have seen a great decline in the number of parishoners attending services even semi-regularly. When we first started attending there, there were few families with young children and now there are none. I have even been recruited to man the nursery a couple times a year. That’s laughable! The only time children attend church is Christmas and Easter and they are always relatives of the faithful few who do attend regularly.

    This week, another parishoner died. I didn’t know her. During our 2 years attending, there have been at least 5 funerals and 1 wedding, which was our own wedding. I don’t remember any baptisms or confirmations. Our church is literally dying and it has me seriously considering finding a place of worship which better suits our demographic.

    We have a handful of friends there, but we are the youngest ones in the group. I have nothing against older people. Hell, I’m 50 years old myself. However, our friends are our parents’ ages and we just don’t have that much in common with them. There is also the issue of the dwindling population. We are being asked to do more and more for the life of the church and we have the least amount of time to do these things.

    I really don’t relish the idea of finding a new church, but I think it’s going to be a necessity sooner rather than later.”


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