Dustin Jeffrey signs with Pittsburgh Penguins

Dustin Jeffrey signs 1-year deal with Pittsburgh Penguins – ESPN.

Wow, I knew we had lost Jarome Iginla to Boston in the off season, but I didn’t know we’d also lost Brenden Morrow and, more importantly, Matt Cooke. I feel especially bitter about Cooke, who had been a thug until two years ago when Pittsburgh told him to clean his act up or get out — and he did. And he’s been a very productive player. I thought he’d be a Penguin for life. I’m really bummed about it. I can’t believe he signed with Minnesota as a free agent. What was he thinking? Pittsburgh was his home! Damn!

All I’ve got to say is that goaltender we drafted a few weeks ago better turn out to be world class, and soon, because we need another Stanley Cup and we need a world class goaltender to get it. Our two goaltenders are good, but not that good….