Xanga Revisited

Well, I see Xanga is still fighting for it’s survival. I guess that might be a good thing, but I do think it’s a losing effort. They’ve extended their deadline for continued existence by two weeks to the end of July. They’ve raised 38K to keep them going, although they still need close to 65K, which I don’t see them getting. And then there’s this idea of migrating to WordPress. They still haven’t said exactly how that will play out. They say they’re building Xanga 2.0 on the WordPress platform and that they want to keep the things that have made Xanga unique, such as simplicity (as in Friends Lock), community (blogrings?), and privacy. That’s all well and good, but how is that going to work on WordPress? Will there  be Xanga-only WordPress blogrings now? I miss Xanga blogrings. WordPress only has tags to enable you to find other bloggers, and it pales in comparison to Xanga’s blogrings, but I don’t see how Xanga can have them on WordPress. Magic, perhaps? And Friends Lock? I guess that’s possible. I feel good about not having Friends Lock or Sign In Lock here anymore though. This way, anyone can read your blog and that’s the way it should be. If you want a private journal, don’t share your URL. I read that Xanga is trying to implement these, as well as Protected Posting, in Xanga 2.0 here on WordPress, but they still don’t say how this will work. And if I’m correct, I think they intend to charge for blogging on Xanga 2.0, which will kill it for me. Frankly, I lost interest in Xanga two years ago when I migrated here myself, because nearly all of my friends had left Xanga. I think Xanga’s trying too little too late, which is a pity. They had a good thing there for awhile. Part of me hopes that Xanga won’t make it because I think Xanga 2.0 will be a shell of itself, a sad reminder of what was, and not for free at that. Part of me wants to see Xanga make it, just for nostalgic purposes. I wonder what WordPress is getting out of this? They must be charging Xanga an awful lot for this service migration. I would if I were them. That’s a lot of new users to add at one time. Oh, how I miss the old days on Xanga. But I’m committed to my WordPress site here and I look forward to meeting new people here all the time. Cheers!

8 thoughts on “Xanga Revisited

  1. southernhon

    Xanga used to be the first place I’d log into in the morning. I do miss it, but there’s no way it’s going to make it and that’s sad.


    1. It was the first place I logged into every morning and the last place every night. It was awesome. Then everyone left and they didn’t upgrade their features and waited years to get a mobile app and got left in the dust. Everyone left, just about. It’s a real shame. It was such a happening place. Now the blogrings are empty. Pity. Here’s to WordPress!


    1. True, they definitely should have given more notice. They might have gotten the necessary funds and, who knows, other things could have happened to save them if people had only known. It’s a shame.


  2. I’m starting to get a picture of what Xanga 2.0 will be if it even opens and it’s not very enticing to me. Right now Xanga has become almost a ghost town. So many people have left and aren’t blogging there anymore. The posts on Top Blogs now have less than 10 comments. Very sad. And the new Xanga will have even less people blogging and if that’s the case, I’m not interested. I’ll be on here and fb.


  3. Xanga was good to me. I hate to see it change or “die”. 😦 But, I’m finding my way here on WP and finding some other Xangans and good friends to interact with. So all is good. 🙂
    I guess we can post public and private here…and even password protected posts…so that’s cool. Some different features than Xanga.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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