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It didn’t take long for the hate to emerge

Posted by Scott Holstad on June 2, 2013

It didn’t take long for the hate to emerge.

via It didn’t take long for the hate to emerge – Cross Checks Blog – ESPN.

This game was a disaster! Malkin fighting with his gloves off? Is that what we’re doing now? We had many more penalty minutes than Boston and they got the better of us. We had outshot them significantly going into the third period, but they ended up outshooting us for the game 30-29. What a disappointing start to the series. We have to hit their goalie hard in the next game. He was impenetrable. It was maddening. I don’t mind the fights and penalties too much, but if it hurts the team effort, you’ve got to do something differently. If we don’t start scoring in the second game, though, I suggest that we pound the hell out of them to get their better players off the ice and into the locker room. I’ll win any way I can. Go Pens!

One Response to “It didn’t take long for the hate to emerge”

  1. southernhon said

    I find it confusing that certain kinds of fights are considered off-limits and subject to penalties while others are a-okay. I guess I just don’t know the rules well enough yet. Anyway, now that the Pens have a feel for how this is going to go down, they can step it for the next game!


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