The Super Bowl and More…

Finally, it’s Super Bowl time! It’s very exciting, especially since my fiance’s team, the Baltimore Ravens, are playing in their first Super Bowl since 2000 and second all time. San Francisco’s a very good team, perhaps better than the Ravens, but we’re cheering for Baltimore and I think the retirement of Ray Lewis will be the X factor in leading the Ravens to a big win tonight.

We’re going to a Super Bowl party to watch it. I normally don’t enjoy these because I want to watch the damn game and everyone’s always talking, but hopefully this one will be good. There should be about 10 or 12 people there, which might be the right size group to watch. We just don’t know what to bring with us, though. Dilemma.

Speaking of the NFL, I’m really ticked about the announcement of the new NFL Hall of Fame members. I don’t begrudge most of them for making it, but I’m livid about Pittsburgh’s Jerome Bettis not making it for the third straight year! He’s got the 6th most yards rushing in NFL history and he can’t make the Hall of Fame. Meanwhile Chris Carter does? Did he ever win a Super Bowl? Larry Allen and Jonathan Ogden I can kind of see making it. Warren Sapp I’m not convinced of though. Over Bettis? Why the hell isn’t Bettis in the Hall of Fame? He got cheated by Curtis Martin last year, and now this. I’m really upset.

I’m also upset that Peyton Manning won the Comeback Player of the Year award while Adrian Peterson won MVP. I think it should have been reversed. Peterson had an outstanding year, but so did Peyton and he got his team the best record in the NFL. I’m not going to say he got cheated, because Peterson clearly deserved some attention for his outstanding effort, but I do think Manning should have been MVP.

So back to the Super Bowl. My fiance and I have prepped by watching Super Bowl DVDs. SIX Steeler Super Bowl DVDs and one Ravens Super Bowl DVD. And she was a good sport the whole time, I’ve got to say. Well, we’re ready for a second Ravens Super Bowl DVD to be made, now, tonight, and I’m predicting a 27-24 Ravens win.

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