Wedding Announcement Etiquette

My fiance and I are getting married in April. Since it’s not our first marriage for either of us, we’re going to have a simple ceremony with just a few family members and friends in attendance. The bride is not wearing a white wedding gown; I’m not wearing a tux. We just sent our few invitations out this weekend. I have a question though, and it’s about wedding announcements. Since we’re inviting literally about 20 people and since we have many friends and family members we’re not inviting for various reasons (distance being one of them), how should we handle sending out wedding announcements? I’ve done some research and it seems most people send them out after the wedding. However, I want to send them out before the wedding! I want family and friends spread around the country who may not know of the impending wedding to find out in advance, not weeks or months later. I kind of think that’s rude. Sending it before would indicate that while we can’t invite too many people, these other people are in our thoughts. Isn’t that a good thing? Wouldn’t people want to know? Maybe they could send us a card to congratulate us. And how much information should one put on an announcement? Just the fact that we’re getting married on this date or more, and if more, what? I’ve seen several examples and have been dissatisfied with most.

I’ve also had fun setting up our wedding registry on Amazon. You can find it here. It’s been a bit of a challenge, because we already have stuff that most couples would register for when getting married for the first time. I mean, we have two sets of dishes, we have tons of coffee mugs, plenty of glasses, a few towels, etc. etc. However, with Gretchen’s help, I’ve been able to get 24 items on the list so far. And considering that we’re inviting about 20 people, that should be more than enough. I do want to get a few more cheaper items on the list though. About half of the items are pretty cheap, one fourth medium priced, and one fourth somewhat expensive. A few more cheap things would be good. Shoot, I wonder if we’ll even get anything? Maybe people don’t give gifts for second weddings?

We’re really looking forward to the honeymoon too. We almost never take vacations, so this will be special. We’re going to go to Gulf Shores, AL. It’s a nice beach in the Gulf of Mexico just down the road from Florida. Very pretty beach. Gretchen loves beaches, so hopefully the weather will cooperate. Since it’ll be April, the weather should be good. We’re going to be staying in a friend’s condo, so that’s very helpful for the wallet.

Well, I guess I’ve written more than just about wedding announcements. Still, if anyone has advice, I’m open to hearing it. I’d like to get announcements out sometime in the next two weeks. I just need to know what to say on them…. Cheers!

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