Another Surgery Coming Up

I have another surgery coming up a week from today, next Monday. It’s a neurological procedure I’ve had done three times previously, most recently on August 13. It’s a temporary pain blocking surgery for my trigeminal neuralgia, and it’s a bit disappointing to have to have another so close to the last one, but it was the same last year, so hopefully this one will work longer than the previous one did. Ever since I got the symptoms — long before I was diagnosed — I was prescribed the strongest Percocet possible to deal with the pain. Usually several of them worked by the end of the day, although I’d typically have what I called a “Percocet hangover” the following day. Very draining. Now the Percocets don’t seem to be as effective as they once were, so I’ve moved up to a stronger Roxicodone. It helps with the head/facial pain pretty well, but it gives me morning headaches (ironically). Hopefully after next week’s surgery, I won’t have to take too many, at least not for awhile. If this surgery doesn’t work out, the next one will be one called radiofrequency oblation. I’m somewhat familiar with what it’s supposed to do, but whenever they’re messing with the biggest nerve in your brain, it’s a bit iffy, in my opinion.

My fiance is going to take me to the hospital, and my parents will later come to get me and drive me home. The procedure itself isn’t a terrible ordeal, but it often takes me as long as a week to overcome the effects of the anesthesia. That’s very wearing. It’s nice to have loved ones to take care of you.

People ask me about TN. From what I know, only about 14,000 people in America have it — not very many. I have Type Two, which is pretty rare and hard to treat, even with surgeries. The only cure is a brain surgery called MVD, and many neurosurgeons won’t perform it because of fatalities. It also takes a very long time to recover from it, like up to a year and a half. That’s a last resort surgery. All of the other surgeries are temporary pain blockers. So, it is what it is. Next Monday. It’d be nice if my priest came to visit me.

One thought on “Another Surgery Coming Up

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