I use an iPhone diary app called Flava. It’s pretty nice, cause you can track what you’re reading and listening to, where you go, etc., in addition to writing text. Friday they released version 2.0 and they made radical changes that make it SUCK! I can’t sync or back up to Evernote or Dropbox anymore. There’s no lock feature anymore. They took the calendar feature away, so you can’t search entries by date. It doesn’t even post to Facebook or Twitter anymore and just gives you a message in Japanese when you try to. The new version is getting trashed on iTunes and I sent them an email. This is what I sent them:

Dear Flava,

I utterly HATE the Flava 2.0 update! I can’t tell you just how much I hate it. I think it’s the worst app update I’ve ever seen.

I am ticked that you can’t back up or sync with Evernote or Dropbox anymore. Flava Cloud is NOT something I want, and 200 MB is nothing. The reason I sync to Evernote in the first place is because I’ve got well over 1 GB of Flava material. I’ve made 7 Flava entries today, and it’s already taking up 14 MB of my 200 MB. At that rate, I’ll have used it all up in three weeks! And then I’ll have to pay for more? Ridiculous!

I also hate the fact that the calendar feature is gone. I really relied on that and now it’s useless. Also, how could you take the lock function out? That’s stupid!

Your FAQ sucks too. Your English is terrible. Get a translator, please. Also, when I try to post to Facebook or Twitter, I get an alert with Asian writing (Japanese?). I can’t read it at all. When I press OK, nothing posts to Facebook or Twitter. Nothing happens. Again, useless in this regard.

I also hate having to title my posts now. When I’ve forgotten to title book or album posts, the default titles are stupid. Additionally, having to create an account is annoying. I hate having to remember tons of passwords. What was wrong with the old Flava??? I had asked for tag features and I recently got an email telling me you had completed this. Well, I can create tags now, yes, but I have no idea how to look them up or search for them, and it’s not in your FAQ, so that’s useless too.

Frankly, you screwed your users and you’ve seriously downgraded a once-great app. It’s too much like Path now, and that’s annoying. I guess I’m going to have to go back to boring-but-trustworthy Momento. You really messed up.

I don’t know if my email will have any effect, or if the negative iTunes reviews will either, but if they’re smart, they’ll do something — and quickly — to satisfy their user base because they’re about to lose a whole lot of people….