A Review of Weird Christians I Have Met

Weird Christians I Have MetWeird Christians I Have Met by Philip Baker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a cute little book to read, pretty lightweight, but intentionally so. It provides some Christian archetypes and gently reminds us of why these types of people could use some balance in their lives. Among the types of people we are introduced to here are Pentecostal Pamela, Judgmental Jill, Prosperity Patricia and others. I saw so many people I’ve known and met in these characters! I wish the book had been a bit heavier and could have done some significant in depth analysis, but it’s meant to be whimsical, so you get what you get. One of the really bizarre and funny things is that there are pictures of these characters in the book. Obviously, these are model/actors. Guess who Demonic Dave is? Napoleon Dynamite’s John Heder!!! I’m not kidding. There’s no doubt at all. This is an Australian book that was published in the mid-90s, so Heder was probably just trying to break in before his fame arrived and he posed for photos for this book. How hilarious is that??? I bought the book used for $1.50, which seems to be about the right price for the book. Chances are if some of the archetypical Christians written about in the book were to see it, ideally they’d recognize themselves and seek some balance, but I seriously doubt that’ll happen. Pity. Fun book, but not essential for one’s library.

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