Finding My Old Diaries

While unpacking boxes today, I found 16 old diaries of mine dating from September, 1984 to October, 1992. Wow! Cool, yet embarrassing, I’m sure. I’m going to take my time going through them to see if I can even remember the things I wrote about. I’m really glad I found these. Blogging can be a form of diary writing, but with blogging, you share everything with the world. These were private thoughts. And in glancing through the first few pages of each of them, I can recall that I was interested in girls, sports, and music. Man, not much has changed over the years. LOL!

It’s been really interesting to see old friends mentioned, some of whom I’m still friends with, many of whom I barely remember. And the classes, nightclubs, sporting events, relationship drama, etc., et al. Pretty cool. Boy, I was a young, superficial twit though! I had some growing up to do. But bear in mind that these diaries are from ages 18 to 26, so I was young and immature. I guess many people can relate to that….

I’m think I’m going to do something stupid and crazy. And probably boring, frankly. I think I’m going to post a sentence or three from the first entry in each of these 16 diaries in chronological order. Yeah, humiliate myself. Why not?

  1. 9/23/84: Came back to school today from home. Had a good time over the weekend. I got about $1,000 worth of clothes for my birthday on the 19th.
  2. 2/3/86: Jane is my girlfriend of 11 weeks as of tomorrow. It’s almost a record for me…. I live in an apartment at Papermill Square Apartments with Donnie and his girlfriend, Kim. It’s a unique situation.
  3. 5/12/86: I’m working on a Religion paper due tomorrow. Jane, my girlfriend, is at work. I’m listening to The Beatles and Mott The Hoople. Tomorrow, I have a meeting with my psychologist, Ed.
  4. 8/13/86: I don’t care for her like I once did. She hurt me too much. She showed me who she really cared about this summer. Ed says there’s no way I should get back with her. Everyone else thinks the same.
  5. 11/21/86: Jane and I are going to go see An American Tail tomorrow night. It’s an animation film. Looks cute.
  6. 3/4/87: I’m going to be sold in the eligible bachelor auction on the 20th. I hope I do well.
  7. 7/29/87: This summer, Jane has gone to the beach, I’ve been up to Pennsylvania to see my friends, I started going out with Beth P and enjoying it, and going to weddings. That’s about it.
  8. 10/28/87: I still can’t believe I wouldn’t kiss her back last night. I wish she would act this way as much when she’s sober as when she’s drunk…. I have no idea as to how she’ll be in the morning, if she’ll even talk to me. I hope we can both apologize to each other and go on.
  9. 11/17/87: I saw Valerie B; she came right up and talked to me. I couldn’t believe it! I acted like I’m 16. We went to high school together, although she’s a year younger than me. She was an All-American cheerleader. Even though I was fairly popular in high school, there were some girls who wouldn’t talk to me….
  10. 12/31/87: Well, it’s the last day of the year. It’s really been a pretty good year. A lot of things happened — Jane, Serena, Chip & Laura, school, Pennsylvania, Sherrie — a ton of things. It was a hell of a lot better than 1986….
  11. 2/9/88: After classes, I went up to Dan M’s office to do some work for him. It was quite productive, actually.
  12. 5/11/88: Amy, Christy, and Vicki came to see me today. Next week, I’ll be working in other departments to pick up extra hours…. Suzanne hasn’t been in a great mood the past two days….
  13. 2/11/89: Last night, I went out with Karen, John, and Robert. We went to the Lap and to the Annex. It was only the third time I’ve been out this semester — 1st: Slamming Watoosies, 2nd: the circus. 
  14. 12/23/89: I got my grades yesterday. I worked my ass off this semester, probably spending six hours a day in the library. I got a 3.5 and High Honors…. I’m just too damn picky. There are a number of girls who would go out with me, I’m sure. There’s just something about them that makes them unattractive to me….
  15. 10/7/90: I apologized for viewing her in a brotherly way. She’s used to it though. I don’t know why I’ve never been able to feel romantically attracted to her. Too bad for me, I guess.
  16. 6/6/92: Big Head Press is still getting odd things in the mail. Strange submissions — something from a movie producer in L.A., request for info from a small press in Rhode Island. My own submissions keep going up and down…. Phoenix Amy called and asked if I wanted to go out tonight, but I declined. I’m just not sure if it’s the best idea for she and I to be alone… I just sense a strong undercurrent of sexual tension….

So, was I vapid, or what? Truly trite material. Still, it should be fun for me to read through all of these journals and relive some hazy memories. I think I wrote about girls too much though. LOL! I guess that’s it. Cheers!

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