My First YouTube Video

Hi! Sorry for the extended absence once again, but I’ve been generally pretty ill and haven’t had the time or energy to do much writing or much of anything in general, unfortunately. But I’m going to put something up today, dammit!

I just wanted to share with those of you who run across this blog that I finally, finally caved and started my own YouTube channel this week. And I think I’ve got a pretty diverse and cool bunch of playlists, but then I’m biased, right? LOL! Still, my new YouTube channel can be found here. The playlists I have so far are:

  • Goth
  • Industrial
  • Alternative
  • Favorite Classics
  • Bands I’ve Seen Live
  • New Wave
  • New Rock
  • World
  • Goth-Doom Metal
  • Indie
  • Poetry

Yeah, that’s right — I’m totally hip! LOL!!! I’m still adding to it and intend to as much as possible, so please feel free to check it out.

Anyway, I’ve got two kitties, Henry & Toby. They’re both SO co-dependent, it’s amazing! Worse than dogs. Henry comes when he calls. Toby takes showers with me. They’re the darnedest cats I’ve ever seen. So, I’ve used my iPhone to make a few little videos of Toby doing goofy things over the past couple of months. And after I started this YouTube channel, I wondered what would happen if I attempted to upload one of these. I looked around and saw that YouTube has a Pets category and when I looked through that category, I found videos ranging from 11 seconds to 7 minutes and everything in between, but many were quite short. The one of Toby I wanted to upload was only 25 seconds, but I think it’s funny as hell and I thought, what the heck, why not, so I did it a few days ago. I called it Toby’s AM Ritual and you can find it here. Spoiler alert: He likes to get in my bathroom sink when I shave in the mornings and drink out of the faucet. I’ve never seen anything like it and I think it’s hilarious, especially since it’s such an important routine for him, so I uploaded it. Only then did I find out there are apparently a trillion cats just like Toby, who are thirsty and go for faucets, so what I thought would be an original humorous little video is just one of many, and it hasn’t gotten very many views at all. Like, an embarrassingly low number. So, if you’re reading this, please go view the 25 second video because it IS cute and Toby needs more exposure. LOL! I’ve got another I’m thinking of uploading next week. Short but cute too, in a different way.

I guess that’s about it for today. There’s so much going on in my life right now, and so much craziness, that I wish I had the time and energy to just write it all out, but I don’t and I can’t, so thanks for bearing with me and I’ll try to write a writing-related blog post again sometime soon, ok? Cheers!