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A Review of Deconversion: a Journey from Religion to Reason

Posted by Scott Holstad on March 5, 2018

Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to ReasonDeconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason by Seth Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fantastic book! Seth Andrews lived my own exact life growing up, and we were both traumatized by the same types of things (the movie, “Thief In The Night!”), and we were both fundies/evangelicals for much of our younger lives before we both started asking ourselves some questions, before asking others, and began reading and researching, and while Andrews reached his conclusions and belief system before I did, I admire his resolve and his courage for “coming out” as an atheist in a strong Bible Belt city, because I live in the biggest Bible Belt city in America (I believe it was so named last year…), and unless you’re a Red State Republican bible thumper here, you don’t really feel very welcome in this city, and while I haven’t spent years as an out and out atheist as Andrews has, I may as well, because when I’m not on my feet “praising the lord,” I stick out like a sore thumb, and it can make one very uncomfortable. Yes, there there are “liberal” Christians here, as well as a few Muslims, about 25 Jews, possibly a few Hindus, although I haven’t seen any, some agnostics, some atheists, but no place to really gather and not be in church, because the only alternative is the Unitarian CHURCH, and while it’s a catchall for all beliefs and while they tend to make fun of fundies, it’s still called a “church,” so that kind of defeats the purpose. I’m reading Dawkins, Hitchins, Barker, George W Smith, and others right now, and it’s been really refreshing, and for the first time in my life, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, like I’ve been liberated, and I have Barker and Seth Andrews to thank in many ways, because unlike Hitchins, they’ve BEEN there, they understand, they know what it’s like to “deconvert” and how traumatic that can be for so many reasons, and I have found this book very helpful and very freeing and I recommend it for anyone going through a similar process or who has questions, doubts, etc. It helps fill it the holes, or flesh out the holes one finds gaping wide open in the christian bible. And the stress is not on what one believes, but what one doesn’t believe, unlike what many people think. Atheism is merely “a lack of belief in a god” or supernatural being, etc. It’s NOT a philosophical antithetical belief system, although individual atheists can choose to have antithetical beliefs or any belief they want; it pushes no life agenda, just ration, reason, being a good person, and a lack of belief in a god. That’s it, that’s all. It’s very simple. If there is no rational evidence to convince you that a god exists, you are thus not obligated to believe in a god, nor should anyone else. Very simple. Sure, you can go full blown philosophical and George W Smith does that, but it’s not necessary, and you can find out why by reading most of these authors and finding out in less than 10 minutes. In any event, I’m elated I came across this book and now I listen to the author’s podcasts and have found help, comfort, and entertainment in them. Strongly recommended for those encountering spiritual doubts….

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On Making of a Murderer

Posted by Scott Holstad on February 1, 2016

One place we will never, ever visit — the most evil, vile, vindictive, disgusting community/county in America, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. We spent the weekend binge watching the 10 part documentary series, Making A Murderer on Netflix and it was stunning, depressing, and horrifying. Like watching the most terrifying train wreck one could possibly imagine. One Steven Avery’s life was ruined, and that of his 16-year-old nephew (Brendan Dassey) and family, by Manitowoc’s law enforcement, DA, judges, juries, the FBI, the state of Wisconsin, etc, et al, and these two men are serving life in prison and 43 years in prison respectively for a murder, rape, and other crimes they most certainly didn’t commit and for which they most certainly were framed by the police. It was simply stunning how deep the corruption and conspiracy reached, how much circumstantial evidence and actual evidence the defense lawyers presented, how on Day One of Avery’s jury deliberations, seven people voted not guilty, three voted guilty, the rest were undecided, then one had to step down for a medical emergency, then after an alternate juror was found, bam, guilty! The nephew, with a 69 IQ, dumb as a rock and with the cops and his own lawyers telling him what to say in confessions he was forced to write, had no clue what he was doing or saying. These people were dull idiots, but they were not rapists and killers just cause they were simple rednecks. We felt really sorry for them and their families, who were harassed constantly by the police and the county. They were arrested in 2005, convicted in 2007, appealed, were turned down, appealed to the state supreme court, were turned down, lost their lawyers, are totally screwed, and as of this month, Obama has told Avery he can’t help him because Avery’s case is a state case and Obama just has federal jurisdiction in pardons, sorry, and I can’t help but think that the president of the US, if he really wanted to, could do *something* somehow, but this guy and his nephew and his family are outcasts and are totally and completely fucked unlike any people I have ever seen or heard of in my life. This, after Avery spent 18 years in prison for a rape he was proven not to have committed, and was released from prison in 2003. This alleged murder in 2005 occurred three weeks after three sheriff’s deputies were deposed in his $36 million civil lawsuit against the county, DA, and sheriff. Coincidence? I think not. We think not. We think he and his nephew are 100% innocent and we’ve never seen anyone set up so obviously and so blatantly and this is scary as hell. The evidence was obviously planted several visits after the original visit to his place, and in the case of a “damning” bullet fragment, four months after people had searched his garage numerous times. All of this damning evidence found after numerous searches was found after these two same cops accessed these locations and in fact they themselves “found” some of it which it seems they most obviously planted at the time they “found” it. Stunning. In fact, I got up at 11:30 tonight after spending an hour trying to go to sleep and being unable to do so because I was obsessing about this documentary and this poor family, this family of dullards and inbreds their own original defense lawyers called evil who needed to be wiped out as they worked for the prosecution. Fucking unreal. I’ve never seen a documentary like this and I used to like Wisconsin, until Scott Walker, but even then, I still thought the people in the state were still somewhat decent. Now I know better. That is one fucked up state with some serious fucked up people and I know there are a number of fucked up states out there, notably Texas and Kansas, my own Tennessee, etc, but now I seriously fucking HATE Wisconsin and having been there several times before, I never want to go back there again and certainly never want to go near that fucking evil county or town for fear of being locked up for life if I breathe the wrong way, those bastards. If you want a wake up call to true injustice, watch this documentary. It’s engaging, enthralling, frightening as hell, and a real eye opener.

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Senate rejects expanded gun background checks – CNN.com

Posted by Scott Holstad on April 17, 2013

Senate rejects expanded gun background checks – CNN.com.

It’s ever so nice to know we have the NRA looking out for our rights to get slaughtered in cold blood by assault weapons. The next time there’s a massacre, and there will be one, I’m writing every NRA official and congressman I can think of to personally assign blame for the blood of the victims. The NRA is vile and so are the politicians that support them.

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