Family Jewels (Central Intelligence Agency)

This. The infamous series of reports officially admitting to & describing secret illegal activities conducted by the CIA between 1959 and 1973. Most of these were declassified & released in 2007 due to FIFAs filed by the National Security Archive. These are copies of the original photocopied "secret" level memos & reports compiled at the …

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Marilyn Kallet: How Our Bodies Learned

A Review of Marilyn Kallet’s How Our Bodies Learned

Marilyn Kallet: How Our Bodies Learned How Our Bodies Learned by Marilyn KalletMy rating: 5 of 5 stars Superb. Everything Marilyn Kallet produces is consistently at the very highest levels of quality and craft, something one can say about few others. Indeed, if there is one certain area where you can count on inconsistency, I'd …

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An Announcement Regarding Some Of My Books

Announcement! Some of my out-of-print books will soon be available for purchase again. Watch here for more info. Also, TREATS! Screenshots of some pirate sites ripping me off & a slideshow of over 20 of my books, textbooks & anthologies for people to amuse themselves. Hey, some of the covers are pretty funny!

On Thomas Ligotti’s Book, Death Poems

I'd been told I would love this book, I guess because I’ve had some “horror poetry” books published over the years. I do like the themes, tone, morbid world view, but that doesn’t make this guy a good writer nor this poetry remotely good, professional or successful in accomplishing what the author appears to be attempting. It fails, but is salvageable. Read to discover one area Ligotti falters in while successful authors with some similarities are mentioned as differentiations that could inspire Liigotti to up his game, improve his writing and hence his poetry and become more effective at what he does without losing "his voice."

Reflections on Lyn Lifshin’s Cold Comfort: Selected Poems, 1970-1996

Cold Comfort: Selected Poems, 1970-1996 by Lyn Lifshin My rating: 5 of 5 stars I love this book. I've known Lyn personally going back to the 1980s and as "Queen of the Small Presses," I saw her in every damn magazine I came across for decades. And I would buy, obtain or she'd send me …

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PNAS: Neuroscience

I realize that I'm likely the only person looking at this page who will find this topic interesting because it seems to matter what the platform, as soon as I dive into either 1) neuroscience or 2) quantum gravity, etc., any conversation dies and people try to creep away unnoticed. And I get it, truly …

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